How to change the default Android progressbar color

How to change the default Android progressbar color By default, the indeterminate progressbar is white. If the background of the container is white, the progressbar is invisible. Fortunately, Android comes with some reverse styles. You can use one

Android -- textview how to implement unlimited scrolling display

First, you can use textview to implement the Scroll display in the form of a drive lamp. You only need to set two attributes for it: Android: ellipsize = "marquee" Android: marqueerepeatlimit = "marquee_forever"   However, there is a premise

Popupwindow in Android responds to the Return key and closes the problem

Popupwindow is different from our activity, because we do not inherit the PW structure, but are new.Therefore, you cannot use methods like onkeydown () to override PW to intercept Keyboard Events.Fortunately, the features of PW make it easy for us

Question about resource ID when Android exports lib

When you needAndroidWhen exporting as a jar package, if it is useful to resources, such as R. layout and R. IDProgramWhen this package is introduced, the ID cannot be found. This is because the R. ID in the jar has been replaced with an int

Practical Android skills: viewstub applications

When developing an application, you will often encounter such a situation and dynamically decide which view or layout to display based on the conditions during running. The most common idea is to write all the views that may be used on it, and set

Practical Android skills: Data Storage

Data is the core of Shenma platform, Shenma development environment, Shenma software program. For the development platform, if you have good support for data storage, it will greatly promote application development. Generally, there are three Data

Practical Android skills: How to nest listview in scrollview

A few days ago, due to project requirements, another ListView should be placed in one ListView, that is, another ListView should be placed in each ListItem of one ListView. However, at the beginning, we will find that the placed small ListView is

Practical Android skills: use original resource files

Background Like applications on other platforms, apps in Android also use various resources, slice, and strings and place them in the corresponding folders of the source code, such as/RES/drawable, /RES/XML,/RES/values/,/RES/raw,/RES/layout

Android tricks: How to decompile an APK File

While learning how to program, it is inevitable to turn to reverse engineering, to learn the way that how others solve problem. there is no exception when learning development on Android platform. here we talk about three mainMethods to decompile an

Android traffic statistics

For Android traffic statistics, you can easily obtain the trafficstats class added to Version 2.2. In fact, the trafficstats class also reads the text of the file object system type provided by Linux for parsing. In the trafficstats

How to get the screen size of a mobile phone in Android

Public ClassTestactivity extends activity { PrivateTextview TV; PrivateButton BTN; // Get the mobile phone numberScreen Resolution class PrivateDisplaymetrics DM; Public VoidOncreate (bundle savedinstancestate ){ Super. oncreate

Handler and callback mechanisms in Android

Http:// Handler is mainly used for communication between threads. If the activity or service needs to accept messages from other threads, the handler. Callback interface must be implemented in the

Android imageview summary [reprinted]

Android imageview summary [reprinted] I. Introduction Imageview is used to display any image. You can customize the display size and color. Ii. xml attributes Android: whether adjustviewbounds maintains the aspect ratio. It must be used with

Android intent used to open various files

Import Android. App. activity; ImportAndroid. content. intent;Import Uri;Import Uri. Builder;Import java. Io. file;Import Android. content. intent; // Customize the android intent class,   // You can obtain

Make full use of Android predefined styles

Font Size For controls that can display text (such as textview edittext radiobutton button checkbox chronometer), you sometimes need to control the font size. The Android platform defines three font sizes. "? Android: ATTR/textappearancelarge" "?

Android obtains the context instances of other packages.

Http:// Android has the concept of context, which must be known to everyone. Context can do many things, such as opening activity, sending broadcast, opening folders and databases under this package, obtaining

Android gets the device model

Android gets the device model:Import Android. OS. Build;.....Build BD = new build ();String Model = BD. model;Android obtains device ID and other information:You need to add permissions in androidmanifest. xml.Telephonymanager TM = (telephonymanager)

Android. Intent. Action

String add_shortcut_action: Add a shortcut to the system .. "Android. Intent. Action. add_shortcut" String all_apps_action: lists all available applications. Input: none. "Android. Intent. Action. all_apps" String alternative_category type:

Four main components of Android applications

For an android application, it is made up of four construction blocks. The four construction blocks are as follows: ActivityIntent receiver er Service Content Provider However, not every android application requires these four construction blocks.

In Android, you can set full screen !!!

Http:// During development, we often need to set our applications to full screen. Here I know two methods. One is to set them in code, another way is to change it in the configuration

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