Who moved my traffic? It was the traffic of Android smartphones.

Last month, the Android mobile phone defy ran out of the mobile network package traffic of 50 m for a month without explicit use, and WiFi was enabled when I went to work at the company, when I did not want to access the Internet this week, I

Comment: Android upgrade policy

For Android systems, the upgrade involves two aspects: system upgrade and application upgrade.Program. It is troublesome to upgrade the system. The usual method is to flash the machine. Although you have heard that you can upgrade the system through

Practical Android skills: common development FAQ (continued)

When a vendor customizes Android, it is inevitable that new API interfaces will be added in frameworks, whether to add new interfaces to existing classes or new classes, be sure to mark it as "@ hide". Otherwise, you need to perform

Android development FAQ

Android is very popular now. Its So-called openness and free open source have attracted a large number of mobile phone hardware manufacturers to enter the android camp. Another reason for its popularity is its platform application development. As

Android 4.0 released

We are looking forward to the release of 4.0 for a long time. If you don't talk much about it, let's take a look at the main features of Version 4.0 and the upgrades from previous versions! These contents are all referenced in SDK 4.0! You can also

Tool: Android Local Code Generator

When developing with androidndk, it is annoying to create a local code folder, generate a local code file, and create a compilation file for the local code. Especially when implementing local methods, it is also annoying because the local method

Practical Android skills: communication between components-intent and intentfilter

Understanding intent and intentfilter -- Understanding intent and intentfilter Intent (intent) is a very important component in Android. It is a bridge and link connecting different applications and also enables component-Level Reuse (activity and

Miscellaneous: Android problems to be solved by Google

Android has reached a very successful stage today, and it is still getting better and better. Smart mobile devices have also seen apple, Microsoft, and Google in three different parts of the world. Of course, the share of Microsoft is still a little

Practical Android skills: Use the pull method to parse XML files

The pull parsing method gives the application full control on how the document should be parsed. Android provides APIs that support the pull method, mainly org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParser;org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserFactory; Xmlpullparser and

Practical Android skills: Summary of Android Learning Resources

If you want to understand a technology, master a technology, or become a master or expert, learning is an inevitable way. In my opinion, there are two factors that determine the learning efficiency and Achievements: one is the learning method and

Practical Android skills: define complex strings for the right-to-left Language

The language we use, whether in Chinese or English, is read from left to right ), therefore, we are very accustomed to reading from left to right ). Once you encounter a right-to-left reading, you will be very unaccustomed to it, even more

Android tricks: the ideal way to write try/catch clses

Exceptions and exception handling are an important part in most applications. and Modern Programming Languages Support exceptions very well. Most of them provide try/catch/finally clses for developers to handle exceptions.Here we talk about how to

Android messagequeue mechanic

Android messagequeue mechanic Core classes: Handler-the operator, user apps use this to operate the messages: Send messagewith postrunnable, sendmessage etc. And process messages in handlemessage. Message-the container for the data

Comment: function keys of Android phones

In addition to the numeric keypad, traditional mobile phones also have many function keys, such as the call key, the phone key, the OK key, the cancel key, and the direction key. In the new era, some smartphones continue this tradition, represented

Topics on Android MMS: Draft Management

After editing a piece of information, if you exit the editing page without sending it, the information is automatically saved as a draft. That is, if onstop () of composemessageactivity is not sent, workingmessage. savedraft () is called to save the

Android MMS topic: MMS support

Composing and editing The specific implementation form or data structure of MMS in the android MMS application is slideshowmodel, which is an arraylist with each node as slidemodel, and slidemodel is a list of models, that is, it can receive

Brain disability design in Android

Trackball This is a bit similar to the mouse on the PC and can be used for navigation. Therefore, focus is available, but the actual operation is not significant, because the whole screen is touch and what else to do with navigation, do you need to

Android Mms topic: Contact Management

The contact is very important to MMS, because the recipient of each conversation is a contact. When creating information, you can enter any information of the contact, such as the number or name, MMS can send the information to the corresponding

Android MMS topic: Dialog List Management

The conversation class mainly refers to the data structure of the conversation. It holds all the relevant information of a thread, such as recipients and threadid, and is also used to manage the thread, such as querying the thread, deleting the

Android MMS topic: compose details

Composemessageactivity (composer) in MMS is one of the most important components in mms. It is responsible for editing information, sending information, managing information, receiving information, and interfaces with external applications. In MMS,

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