Google Android is "one more action", definitely not!

  Recently, I saw an article on the Internet that commented that android shouldn't appear.ArticleAs follows: Open-source software experts say Google Android "one more action"Google Android overlaps with other booming mobile development projects,

How does Android display operation options by means of Long-pressed list?

Protected void onlistitemclick (INT position ){Final int Pos = position; Alertdialog DLG = new alertdialog. builder (this ). settitle (R. string. team_change ). setitems (items, new onclicklistener () {@ overridepublic void onclick (dialoginterface

Android starts an activity by using the package name

Recently, because of project requirements, apps cannot be displayed in the Application List and can only be started with their own starters. Basically, the results are achieved, but it is quite different from my plan. Private void runapp (string

Several 3D games developed on Google Android!

  OpenGL ES 3D technology will become more and more widely used in mobile phones in the future. On the Google Android platform, we have now developed an exciting 3D game. Architecture of these games:   Super-G stunt flight game:

Collection of Android website resources (constantly updating)

Turn:  Android Website Resource Collection Daquan (continuously updated) Android Developer ForumHttp:// Google main site:Http:// E DocumentHttp://

Another clever trick for Android: compatible with iPhone apps

 Google AndroidAfter Mobile Phone development for a long time, we still cannot see machines that can be put on the market. At a meeting named ecomm, rich miner, a consultant for Google's mobile platform department, said the Android Market was not

Limo Mobile Phone platform and lips Mobile Phone standard attitude towards Android mobile phone platform

There are several circles in the Linux mobile phone ecosystem: CELF, limo, lips, Oma, and Oha (Android) Android is a new force and fierce. Google is the leading person. 11.5 When the Android platform was launched, the attitudes of several circles

Android finally released the source code

I am very happy to see the source code published by Android, although this proves that my question about the openness of Android is wrong (other ideas are retained ). Http:// Android is now available as open

Compile android on ubuntu7.10

Document directory 2.1 Python and JDK 2.2 "Fatal: git 1.5.4 or later required" 3.1 install dependent Software 3.2 installation script Repo 3.3 initialize the code repository 3.4 "Fatal: git 1.5.4 or later required" SOLUTION 3.5 download

Can Android beat Linux phones?


Document directory 1 android 2 Linux mobile phone 3 openmoko 4 frameworks 5. Who does Android affect? 6 conclusion I spoke with a friend on MSN yesterday. Their company was originally working on a GTK-based Linux mobile phone framework.

Implementation and serializable of the android pop-up window

public void save() {@SuppressWarnings("rawtypes")File file = new File(SYSSETPATH);if (file.exists())file.delete();try {ObjectOutputStream objOutPutStream = new ObjectOutputStream(new

Use flurry to collect the android program running status in real time

  1. Register   2. Create an application in flurry   3. Download The flurry SDK   4. Add flurryagent. jar to your classpath   5. Configure the androidmanifest. xml file and add Android. Permission. Internet   Android.

Android applications of the third cloud computing Conference

  To welcome the victory of the third cloud computing conference, piaolankeke and I developed the Android Application of the third cloud computing conference and presented to the cloud computing conference. Users at all levels of csdn are welcome

Android ndk preliminary 1

Ndk is always troublesome, but it is also a tragedy not to use ndk.After reading what others have done on the Internet, the ndk is a little different from JNI. The ndk is a little simpler. Ndk R7 does not need Cyg, the company does not go to QQ, it

Android sync source code Solution

I have been very busy and busy. I used to say that I had to write something when I had time, and I have been very busy recently. I have had a lot of things to do with my thesis and new projects, the android source code was downloaded a long time ago.

Android APK package obfuscation Encryption

Write down and share it. It is too easy to decompile androidapk. If your SDK is old enough, you can bypass it. If the SDK is new, okay. Obfuscation of APK. It does not mean that ndk should at least encrypt Java, if it is not an open-source project.

Android ndk R7 installation and Problems

The ndk R7 was released a few days ago. I'm so excited that it can be used directly after the download .. PS: Don't look at some of the descriptions in the ndk. Some of the descriptions are too old, not that you didn't find them, but that something

Android 4.0.3 compilation Summary

I wanted to go to Xidan for Christmas. I still stayed in the dormitory to compile the 4.0 source code. Currently, the hardware LINUX partition is 80g + 4G swap, memory is 4g, and I5 is 2430. The environment configuration is available here. The

Android debug and release

When packaging, you should change debugable to false. In fact, this has been improved in SDK reversion 17. Because debugable is false by default, and above is mine. Obviously, DEBUG = true. During debugging and release, you can change the debugable

Solve the Problem of obfuscation of third-party jars after Android SDK R17

Since Google upgraded the SDK to R17 or later. The proguard rule has been modified. problems may occur after export using third-party jar. If the export package is not configured, the system will prompt-libraryjars and add it to the JAR file. After

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