Broadcast of Android

Broadcast is divided into two different types: normal broadcast (normal broadcasts) and ordered broadcast (ordered broadcasts )". The former is completely asynchronous, and all receivers (logically) run at the same time. This is a good practice for

In Android, clicking the listview button and clicking the button inside cannot take effect at the same time. Problem Solving

Today I encountered a problem:In Android, clicking listview and clicking button inside cannot take effect at the same time. The reason is: When the listview starts to draw, the system first calls the getcount () function to obtain the length of

Add, delete, modify, and query an android address book

* * Get the current mobile phone number */ Public String getlocalnumber (){ Context context = getapplicationcontext (); Telephonymanager tmanager = (telephonymanager) Context. getsystemservice (telephony_service ); String number = tmanager.

Android internationalization 2

What about internationalization and localization? It is to create files of different national languages in the resource folder res. The naming rules of these national languages are stipulated. For details, see Table 6-1. When the user sets the

How to call the system front camera in the Android system

The method is to use mediastore to call the system's native camera. 12345678 Intent intent = new Intent(MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE);        intent.putExtra("camerasensortype",2); // Call the front

How to translate Android decompilation into readable source code

 Reading the source code is the best way to learn. Let's take Angry Birds as an example to see how to decompile an android game into a readable source code. (China Software Network News) Reading source code is the best way to learn. Let's take Angry

Android learning notes in JSON.

  What is JSON 1. JSON: JavaScript Object Notation 2. JSON data is a collection of key-value pairs. 3. JSON has been accepted by most developers and is widely used in network data transmission. 4. JSON is easier to parse than XML   JSON and XML 1.

Android uses JSON for Network Data Transmission

Network data transmission and resolution are used. Here, the JSON method is used. Compared with the traditional XML parsing method, this method has some advantages. First, it is more lightweight than XML, and writing an XML file is annoying, while

Android thread pool management.

  Threadpoolexecutor The thread pool class is Java. util. Concurrent. threadpoolexecutor. The common constructor is as follows: Threadpoolexecutor (INT corepoolsize, int maximumpoolsize, Long KeepAliveTime, timeunit unit, Blockingqueue

Android instance-one of the personal financial management tools startup interface implementation

Go to restart. Interface effect:The interface is very simple. How does one imageview and one textview vertically center two views? I cannot center vertically or horizontally using linearlayout. later, we used relativelayout to solve the problem of

Android intent application, open web pages, install programs, call, open maps, and other functions

  1. Search for content from GoogleIntent intent = new intent ();Intent. setaction (intent. action_web_search );Intent. putextra (searchmanager. query, "searchstring ")Startactivity (intent );   2. Browse the webpageUri uri = URI. parse ("http://www.

Android gridview drag item

Public class draggridview extends gridview{Private string tag = "draggridview ";Private int dragposition; // The position to start dragging.Private int dropposition; // The Position of the end dragPrivate int dragpointx; // The X coordinate relative

XML parsing in Android

Like other systems, android can parse XML in three ways: sax, Dom, and pull. This document mainly records the PULL mode. Pull parses XML in an event-driven manner. When pull reaches a tag, it can return an event. We parse the entire XML document

Experience added to Android knowledge points after completing the first Android Project

First, the Framework layout is one of the simplest and most efficient layout types. The child widget of the frame layout is drawn relative to the upper left corner of the layout. If multiple child views exist in the frame layout, they are drawn

Relativelayout of Android Layout

Today, I learned the relativelayout example on the official website. However, due to my limited level of English, I have seen a good Chinese version on the Internet to explain the usage of relativelayout attributes. Go to

Happy days for programmers (17th) iPhone, Android, and

In this rich and handsome world, no matter how hard we work, we cannot catch up with them. black fungus will always belong to the rich and handsome guy.   This article is totally vented. I am in charge of the development of the j2's program in the

Configure the android Development Environment offline

Every time I change my computer or reinstall a system, I have to reinstall an android development environment. I am so bored. I will record it today and I will not check it later. First, install JDK and then install eclipse. If you don't need to

Cursor for Android Database

CursorIt should be no stranger. If you are engaged in. NET development, you can understand cursor as data set in is equivalent to datareader. Today, I will talk about it separately to deepen my understanding of Using cursor in

Android reads server JSON data

With Arrays: The data format returned by the server is: {"calendar": {"calendarlist": [ {"calendar_id":"1705","title":"(\u4eb2\u5b50)ddssd","category_name":"\u9ed8\u8ba4\u5206\u7c7b","showtime":"1288927800","endshowtime"

Real portal application of Android Program

  I have been in touch with Android for some time. I always thought that the entrance of the android program is the activity specified in the configuration file. I recently read an open-source project and found that the Android Application

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