Android image scaling and image rounded corner Processing

/** * [Image Scaling] * [function description] * @ Param bitmaporg * @ Param dstw * @ Param d...... * @ return */ Public static bitmap resizeimage (Bitmap bitmaporg, int dstw, int d......) { bitmap resizedbitmap; int srcw = bitmaporg.

Android reads the contact name and number.

/**** [Read contact number 1.6] * [Function description]*/Public void readcontact16 (){ Contentresolver = This. getcontentresolver (); Cursor cursor = contentresolver. Query (phones. content_uri, null, null,Null, null ); Log. E ("Ray", "" +

Android reads images from assets

bgimg0 = getimagefromassetsfile ("cat_blink/cat_blink).png "); /** * read images from assets */ private bitmap getimagefromassetsfile (string filename) { bitmap image = NULL; assetmanager AM = getresources (). getassets (); try { inputstream is

Android receives SMS messages and shields notification notifications

Package COM. ISS. test; Import android. content. broadcastreceiver; Import android. content. context; Import android. content. intent; Import android. OS. bundle; Import android. telephony. smsmessage; Import android. util. log; public

Android ANR exceptions and Solutions

  Anrs ("application not responding"), which means "application has no response".   Android reports an ANR error in the following cases: -The main thread ("event processing thread"/"UI thread") does not respond to the input event within 5

How to block the input box on the android keyboard!

During layout, you may find that some of the input boxes are blocked and displayed completely, but the system comes with the SMS interface.You can see the text message source code and modify the input mode. The source code is as follows:Code

Development of the android File Browser

Contains detailed file browsingSource code. For more information, see./M. D1 {% zr5gim3, but unfortunately there are no file-related operations. I usedFileBut for createnewfile, mkdir, and so on, I don't know why. 3 geye $ 'I # kn-N # @/3geye1x) ka,

My first Android multimedia demo

Author: Wuhua Space: htt: // Reprinted please keep the above information (please respect knowledge products) Thank you Package com. ucweb. player; Import java. Io. ioexception; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. content.

Android memory overflow

  Although Android automatically manages the memory, Java also has the garbage collection (GC) memory recycle mechanism. However, if the program opens several M files in one operation, the following error message is usually displayed. 02-04 21:46:08.

Android resolution screen adaptation

In general, we may only consider qvga, hvga, WVGA, fwvga, and dvga. However, if we leave the phone blank, we may use a tablet like wsvga's 1024x576 and wxga's 1280x768. Qvga = 320*240;Wqvga = 320*480;Wqvga2 = 400*240;Wqvga3. = 432*240;Hvga = 480*320;

Android viewpager usage

This is a software package officially provided by Google that is compatible with Android devices of lower versions. It contains APIs that can only be used in Android 3.0 and later versions. Viewpager is one of them. We can do many things, from the

How does Android logcat output Chinese characters?

1. Output tag ADB logcat-S system. Out: or ADB logcat login my myname *: s multi-flag 2. Output location ADB logcat> F:/1.txt Android logcat output is UTF-8 encoding, to correctly display Chinese, you need to set the encoding settings in the Windows

Android memory overflow Solution

Java. Lang. outofmemoryerror: bitmap size exceeds VM budget exception occurs when gallery is placed in an image on the simulator. The image size exceeds the RAM memory.The simulator Ram is relatively small and only has 8 MB of memory. When I put a

Android developer tutorial 1: implement a logon dialog box

Turn:   Difficulty:Suitable for: Android Developers Brief description: for network applications, the "logon box" is quite common. There are no complicated items in the Code. It

Android language 3

[Android] three methods of application language switching   Android has done a good job in international and multi-language switching. An application only needs to name the values-[language] folder of the corresponding language family, you can

Android language settings

 The android source version corresponding to the Code involved in this article is 2.3.3, codenamed gingerbread. In the past two days, we have investigated the language settings in the setting program of the Android system. The specific locations

In Android development, how does one package an android project into a jar project?

ReprintedJuapk Android developer community In the DOS window, run the command under the bin \ Classes file of the project. CD file directory1: If your project needs to introduce data files (slice, TXT files, etc.), first put these resource files

Android decompilation tool ApkDec-Release-0.1

(1) Help 1. select All to compile the jar, XML, and other resource files. select jar to decompile and compress it into a jar package. decompilation after you can use jd-gui.exe view source code (2) JD-Gui free Java decompilation viewing tool, "http:/

Android tutorial (2.1) activity details

This article from the csdn blog, reproduced please indicate the source:   [Body] Activity is the most important class for developing Android applications. This class has a lot of

Android instance-one of the personal financial management tools startup interface implementation

Go to restart. Interface effect:The interface is very simple. How does one imageview and one textview vertically center two views? I cannot center vertically or horizontally using linearlayout. later, we used relativelayout to solve the problem of

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