Settings of the android heap memory

  We all know that the upper-layer applications of Android are based on Dalvik virtual machine. The Dalvik VM is characterized by registers. Compared with Sun's JVM (based on stacks, there are no registers), theoretically there are fewer

Android SDK path:

Android getSDCardPathMethod:Public String getsdpath (){FileSDDir = NULL;BooleanSDCardexist = environment. getexternalstoragestate (). Equals (Android. OS. environment. media_mounted); // determines whether the SD card exists.If (sdcardexist){Sddir =

Android SDK r00000.3 and ADT 00000.3 released

Platform Package Size MD5 checksum Windows 90379469 bytes Cd895c79201f7f02507eb3c3868a1c5e The installer_r20.0.3-windows.exe (recommended) 70495456 bytes

Install Android driver in Windows 7

I don't know about Window XP. I haven't used XP for a long time.   1. Connect the device to the PC through USB cable. At this time, the system will automatically install the driver, but the prompt is not successful; 2. Open the Device Manager

Android: how to disable/enable auto sync and background data)

 How to turn off and on auto sync and background data on androidadmin On Jun 23,201 1- 1 comment In this article we will give you a tutorial how to turn off auto sync on Android or Google phone. But before that, we will explain to you about auto

Android uploads image files through HTTP POST

Sending images can be done using the httpcomponents libraries. download the latest httpclient (currently 4.0.1) binary with dependencies package and copyapache-mime4j-0.6.jarAndhttpmime-4.0.1.jarTo your project and add them to your Java build

Android horizontal listview

Android horizontal listviewposted by Paul on march7, 2011 Due popularity, I have decided to create a GitHub Repo for this project. Please Checkout the code:Http:// pull requests are welcome! Licensed

Global variables of application in Android

In Android programming, the term "application" seems to be so uncommon, but more familiar to everyone is activity, intent, provider, broadcast, and service. But in fact, the application in Android also has its own use. Open the manifest file and you

Android UI design textview attributes

Android: autolinkSet whether to display clickable links when the text is URL link, email, phone number, or map. Optional values (None/web/email/phone/MAP/All) Android: AutoTextIf this parameter is set, the spelling of the input value is

Android phone interceptions

Today, let's talk about how to intercept the call log in Android. In Android, like text messages, there is also a set of message (broadcast) mechanisms. We only need to register a receiver to receive broadcast related to Android phones, the

Android intercepts and receives text messages

Previously, I made some simple analysis on the text message database in the Android system and wrote some simple code to operate the text message database in the Android system. For details, see:Analysis on reading Android text message from Android

Android system boot screen Modification

The boot screen of the Android system is divided into the following three phases: 1. Boot Image: the android kernel is based on the standard kernel and familiar with Linux, especially those who have transplanted the Linux system on the Development

Android determines whether cmwap is connected

  Android determines whether cmwap is connected to IOT platform. If cmwap is connected to IOT platform, proxy is required. If other devices are connected to IOT platform, Direct Connect is used. This is the last modification of today's version and

Android code performance optimization skills (1)

We all know that For Android 2.2Of JITPerformance has been substantially improved, but for older versions of Programs JavaExecution efficiency also has many language features, In Java 1.5Then there will be significant improvements. The following

Horizontal screen switching for Android Simulators

Many users who have not purchased a real machine do not know how to switch the android simulator to the horizontal screen display. The regular display is HVGA-P (port), that is, the resolution is 320x133 if you use landscape screen (land ). If the

Static Keywords of Android static variables

Today I was trying to test a question by creating a subthread in activity. Then stop activity a quickly. I want to know if this sub-thread will continue running. The answer is yes. This child thread is like having nothing to do with activity A. It

13 tools and resources for Android Developers

  1.Free Android developer ebook: andbook! This is a free ebook. It provides Android Developers with an entry-level programming guide. 2.Free Android developer ebook: Professional Android Application DevelopmentThis is a user manual that provides

10 open-source Android projects are recommended

 1. sample projects provided by the android teamIf you do not start by learning the sample code provided by the android SDK, there may be no better way to master the development on the android framework. The core development team of Android provides

Application global variables in Android & the problem that you cannot exit when using the tab page

  In Android programming, the term "application" seems to be so uncommon, but more familiar to everyone is activity, intent, provider, broadcast, and service. But in fact, the application in Android also has its own use. Open the manifest file and

Keep the screen normally on Android

Document directory Method 2: Use the window flag flag_keep_screen_on Required objectPowermanager. wakelock; Enable the always-on screen functionWakelock = (powermanager) getsystemservice (power_service )).Newwakelock (powermanager.

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