Android: ADT 17.0.0 released

Revisions The sections below provide notes about successive releases of the ADT plugin, as denoted by revision number. For a summary of all known issues in ADT, see Http:// ADT 17.0.0 (March 2012)

Android support package R7 released

Revisions The sections below provide notes about successive releases of the support package, as denoted by revision number. Support Package, Revision 7 (March 2012) Changes for V4 support Library: added extends

Use of .9.png in Android assets

Button button1 = (button) findviewbyid (R. Id. bt ); Inputstream stream = NULL; Try { Stream = getassets (). Open ("button_compiled.9.png "); } Catch (ioexception E1) { E1.printstacktrace (); } Bitmap bitmap = bitmapfactory. decodestream (Stream );

Android system permission

The first method is simple, but it needs to be compiled using make in the environment of the Android system source code: 1. Add the manifest node in androidmanifest. xml of the application Android: shareduserid = "android. uid. System. 2. Modify the

Android reads, writes, and deletes Short Messages

Android receives and sends text messages1. Android sends text messagesThe android API provides the smsmanager class for text message processing. The sendtextmessage (Num, null, content, pend, null) function is to sendText message method. The first

Android's understanding of callback Functions

I personally think callback is like polymorphism. For example, a boss calls an employee to eat, but each employee may eat different foods. However, the callback is for the interface. In short, object a calls its own method A, and method A receives

Android read/write serial port

Android read/write serial port (friendlyarm) Import com. friendlyarm. androidsdk. hardwarecontroler; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. OS. Handler;Import Android. OS. logoff;Import Android. OS. message; Public

Modify APK for Android

How to modify the APK file [APK file modification, icon, beautification, advertising] Full tutorial How to modify an APK file? For example, the English version is simplified to Chinese, beautify, modify functions, icons, Modify text

How to Use the amarino toolkit to connect Android phones and Arduino

Intelligent Robot Introduction: Amarino is an interesting application platform that enables connections between Android phones and Arduino. Currently, there are many plug-ins Based on amarino to solve various problems. And it is an open-source

All layout properties and UI controls of Android

1. Android relativelayout attributes // Relative to the given ID Control   Android: layout_above: place the bottom of the control on the control with the given ID;   Android: layout_below: place the bottom of the control under the control with the

Android SDK tools R17 released

Revisions The sections below provide notes about successive releases of the SDK tools, as denoted by revision number. to determine what revision of the SDK tools you are using, refer to the "installed packages" listing in the android SDK

Android getchildat (INDEX) returns NULL. solution)

1 Handler handler = new Handler(); 2 handler.postDelayed(new Runnable() { 3 public void run() {4 // TODO Auto-generated method stub5

Menu processing in multiple Android activities

// Oncreateoptionsmenu is called once when the system starts.@ OverridePublic Boolean oncreateoptionsmenu (menu){Menu. Add (0, 0, 0, R. String. menu_about). seticon (Android. R. drawable. ic_menu_info_details );Menu. Add (0, 1, 1, R. String.

Android untitled dialog and dialog style forms

After the normal method of a form without a title dialog or dialog style in Android pops up alert, a small part of the height will be displayed when the title is canceled. This will be better: first define a style Res/values/styles. xml When

Perform the Drawing operation on the camera preview of Android

From anddev Import android. app. activity; import android. content. context; import android. graphics. canvas; import android. graphics. color; import android. graphics. paint; import android. hardware. camera; import android. OS. bundle; import

Android layout tricks #2: reusing layouts (Android layout skills 2: Reuse layout)

25 February 2009 Android layout tricks #2: reusing layouts Android comes with a wide varietyWidgets, Small Visual Construction blocks you can glue together to present the users with complex and useful interfaces. However applications often need

Android layout tricks #3: optimize with stubs (Android layout Tips 3: Use stub optimization)

30 March 2009 Android layout tricks #3: optimize with stubs Http:// Sharing and reusing layouts is very easy with Android thanks to tag, sometimes even too easy and

Android layout tricks #3: optimize by merging (Android layout Tips 3: Use merge optimization)

03 March 2009 Android layout tricks #3: optimize by merging In the previous installmentAndroid layout tricks, I showed youHow to UseTag in XML layout to reuse and share your layout code. I also mentionedAnd it's now time to learn how to use

Android: Window backgrounds & UI speed (background and UI speed)

05 March 2009 Http:// Window backgrounds & UI speed Some Android applications require to squeeze every bit of performance out of the UI toolkit and there are always ways to do

Android: unified key store access in ICs)

Document directory New in ICS: keychain Accessing System key store Credentials Unifying key store access in ICS posted by Tim Bray on 13 March 2012at9: 15 am [This post is a group effort by Tony Chan, Fred Chung, Brian Carlstrom, and Kenny root.-

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