The android compilation cannot find the resource ID.

The android compilation cannot find the resource ID. Generally, the ID cannot be found for the following reasons: 1. ID Mismatch 2. xml not compiled 3. The compilation sequence is incorrect. 4. The correct resource package is not imported.

Voice in android game development

In game development, I learned from materials and books that two formats of playing audio can be used in our game development: mediaplayer and soundpool! PS: Of course, there is another jetplayer, but the format of the file to be played is quite

Android custom control (7) onmeasure () measurement size

The last time the custom control refreshes any part of the screen. If a textview is placed under the custom control in XML, this textview cannot be displayed, the previous custom controls are Why? Onmeasure () Override the onmeasure Method Based on

Android exception and Error Accumulation

Please post, but please note the address: Thank you 1. socketexception: noroute to host Just re-open the WiFi. 2. Failed to install xxx.apk on device '040398FE1701701F': Unable to open sync

Android custom controls (5) custom composite controls

Turn from code to write for yourself Objective: To combine textview and imagebutton. You can set attributes of custom controls in XML. Set custom control attributes through code or XML 1.

Android webview usage Summary 1

Share common items in webview To load a page with webview, just webview. loadurl (""); of course don't forget to add network Permissions Click the hyperlink in the webpage. multiple browsers will pop up, but to open it in our

Android engineering implements wallpaper change function

In recent work, we need to implement the small wallpaper function and make the code into a demo. The zip format is not used for skin replacement, because only an image background is replaced. 1. Put the three images into drawable-hdpi. I put the

Android custom control (6) Refresh

Three methods to obtain linearinflater A. layoutinflater Inflater = getlayoutinflater (); B. layoutinflater localinflater =(Layoutinflater) Context. getsystemservice(Context. layout_inflater_service ); C. layoutinflater Inflater = layoutinflater.

How does Android prevent a service from being killed?

1. re-write the following method in service. This method has three return values. start_sticky indicates that the service is automatically overwritten after it is killed.@ OverridePublic int onstartcommand (intent, int flags, int startid ){Return

Android obtains the contact name, phone number, and other information in the system in its own activity.

  Public class contracttest extends activity { Private Static final string tag = "u0fly contracttest ==> "; Private Static final int pick_contact = 3; @ Override Public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate ){ Super. oncreate

Tips for Android browser Development

My friends and I have made a browser for some time. I will share some tips, write some of them first, write them slowly, and advertisement our browser. Our browser is coming online, called sofa Browser 1. Right-click menu on the webpage Public

Android launcher widget Configuration

Android launcher widget Configuration the first screen is determined by the number of screens. Screen [0] indicates the first screen. second screen Here is a widget. Its attributes include package name, class name, screen ID (the second screen

Default wallpaper for Android Configuration

Below this file: Frameworks/base/CORE/RES/values/config. xml @ null Replace @ null with the wallpaper service you want to configure. Eg: com. Android. wallpaper/. galaxywallpaper Here, Com. Android. wallpaper/. Galaxy.

Android gets GPS positioning,

/*** Obtain the location information.*/Private void getlocation (){// Obtain the Location Management ServiceLocationmanager;String servicename = context. location_service;Locationmanager = (locationmanager) This. getsystemservice (servicename );//

Android inputtype attributes

The software virtual keyboard function is added after Android 1.5, so the corresponding soft keyboard mode will be displayed in the input prompt.In Android, The inputtype attribute plays an important role in the style of the virtual keyboard started

What android must know

1. Description of important packages:Android. app: provides high-level program models and basic runtime EnvironmentsAndroid. Content: contains various classes for accessing and publishing device data.Android. Database: browses and operates databases

Android lyrics Synchronization

The principle of lyrics synchronization is actually very simple: The display of the lyrics is a thread. During music playback, a thread synchronizes the display progress of the lyrics with the playback progress. The standard lyrics of the network

Android gets Mac

(1) Call the android API networkinterface. gethardwareaddress () The API level is 9. This API is available only for Android 2.3 and later versions. (2) method for calling Java: NBTSTAT/ARP Android generally does not support these two commands. (3)

How to modify the system time in Android

How to modify the system time in Android (the application obtains system permissions)Systemclock is provided in the android API. setcurrenttimemillis () function to modify the system time. Unfortunately, no matter how you call this function, it is

Android recording and getting volume

Class recordthread extends thread {Private audiorecord Ar;Private int BS;Private Final int sample_rate_in_hz= 8000;Private Boolean isrun = false; Public recordthread (){Super ();BS = audiorecord. getminbuffersize (sample_rate_in_hz,Audioformat.

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