Android cannot play the keyboard

Today, when I clicked edittext, I couldn't pop up the soft keyboard, and it didn't work for him to get the focus. Later, Google + Baidu finally solved the problem. I used the windowmanager obtained by getsystemservice, and added the edittext to the

Improved transition3d flip fix in Android apidemos

Let's briefly describe how to import apidemos. It is very simple to use Juno and later versions of eclipse. Click new -- Other and select the android sample project under android. Reprinted please specify reference address:

Android bitmapfactory must be used with caution, which may cause OOM

Bitmapfactory must be used with caution, which may cause OOM Bitmap bitmap = bitmapfactory. decoderesource (getresources (), R. drawable. xx ); I use bitmapfactory to convert drawable into bitmap, causing OOM to be loaded multiple times, so use it

Android custom control (4) methods in view

Onfinishinflate () is triggered when all the child controls in the view are mapped to XMLOnmeasure (INT, INT) determines the size of all child elementsOnlayout (Boolean, Int, INT) is triggered when the view allocates the size and position of all

Template mode and Policy mode of Android Architecture

The template method mode is one of the most common patterns in the gof design mode. In many popular frameworks (such as spring and struts), we can see the wide application of the template method pattern. The template method pattern is mainly used in

Start android game development

Unconsciously, I have been in the next semester of my junior year. I will start looking for a job in two more semesters. I am a bit confused about finding a job. Although I have been working on projects with my teacher in my sophomore year, I always

[Translation documentation] Android Dialog

Disclaimer: This article is translated from Guide/topics/UI/dialogs.html In the android SDK documentation.   A dialog is usually a small window in front of the current activity. When a dialog is displayed, the activity partially covered by the

Introduction to Android preferenceactivity

Reprinted:   In Android, apidemos often encounters the class preferenceactivity, followed by addpreferencesfromresource (R. XML. * ******); (Appendix: This ****** is an XML file, taking

Android WiFi-System Architecture

Document directory 1.2 wifimonitor 1.3 wpa_supplicant 1.4 WiFi Driver Module 1.5 WiFi Power Management Module 1.6 WiFi procedure 1.7 WiFi module code 2.1 status changes 1. System Architecture The android WiFi system introduces

Android Network Status

Telephonymanager is a telephone function-related class in Android, which defines many constants.To obtain the following information, you must specify the permission in androidmanifest. xml. I. Data Connection statusGet data connection status: int

Implementation of running underlying Linux External commands on Android

Implementation of running underlying Linux External commands on AndroidThe underlying layer of Android is actually the Linux kernel. Of course, you can run Linux commands in the shell environment, especially for Android systems that are processed by

Android ndk (1) hello-JNI

1. download the ndk-r7b, because R7 and later versions inherit cygwin, (make GCC), so after downloading and unzipping, even if the environment is configured, it is best to restart the installation of the next CDT, to facilitate the compilation of C

Android custom controls (3) Custom Attributes

Book connection Create attributes in XML, and use typedarray in Java code to obtain these attributes. After obtaining the attributes, use them to do something. For example, get the color in XML and assign it to paint. 1. Create attrs. xml under

Android custom controls (1) Official Document Translation

Build Custom Components In Android, your applications have a fixed connection with the view components, such as buttons, textviews, and edittext ), list box (listview), check box (checkbox), single button (radiobutton), scroll bar (Gallery), spinner

Android changes textview and edittext Text Selection

Please post, but please note the address: Thank you Recently, due to project requirements, the image selected when edittext is changed and the network search fails, so you can view the source code. There is nothing in

Android open-source components-non-UI

1. Android-universal-image-loader Https:// It is recommended to avoid OOM of images to a large extent. 2. afinal Https:// I personally think that there are too many

Android dynamically hides the headerview and headerview controls of listview.

Requirement: you may need to dynamically adjust the header and footer of the listview, for example, using the header as the display board.Difficulty: The listview. addheaderview () method must be called before the setadapter () method; otherwise, an

[Android] viewpager solution for getting NULL pointer of current view

As required, I need to obtain the current view of viewpager. So I used the following statement: View currentview = mviewpager. getchildat (mviewpager. getcurrentitem ()); Then I took this view to do other things, but after sliding more than

Managing APN settings on Google Android

  An APN (Access Point name) is the information needed to establish a GPRS/EDGE/UMTS cellular packet data connection on a mobile device. usually the device can be configured by the operator, the OEM, and users with an APN address such as WAP.

Android game development

In today's article, we will show you how to create, manage, and useAndroid. In the first section, we will demonstrate the basic methods for encapsulating Code related to sound management. This method works normally when you have a typical

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