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3G mobile Internet is not only another spring of open source software, but also the next gold mine mined by enterprises. There are huge business opportunities and a subtle game of multiple forces!In terms of software, Google builds an Android mobile

Android releases image resources in memory

Recently, many images are used in projects, and memory overflow often occurs. Andorid limits 8 MB of image memory. If it exceeds this limit, the image resource in the memory needs to be released in time. My previous practice was to simply set NULL

Ubuntu 12.04 Android build

/Usr/bin/ld: cannot find-lgl After the system is reinstalled, It is synchronized.CodeAfter the error is reported, it cannot be compiled, and the book cannot be installed with N-card drivers. I don't know if there is a problem with the driver

Solve the Problem of obfuscation of third-party jars after Android SDK R17

Since Google upgraded the SDK to R17 or later. The proguard rule has been modified. problems may occur after export using third-party jar. If the export package is not configured, the system will prompt-libraryjars and add it to the JAR file. After

Android notification disappears after display

After studying the problem in the afternoon, I still saw the synchronization problem of the mckochi notebook. After a long time, his notice disappeared after the following. After a long time, I had to worry about it. Is it not reliable to use a

Android gradle include so libs

Gradle finds that native cannot be packaged. stackoverflow finds the script and adds a script. task copyNativeLibs(type: Copy) { from fileTree(dir: 'jni', include: '**/*.so' ) into 'build/native-libs'}tasks.withType(Compile) { compileTask ->

Android backup APK

/** Backup APK demo */ public static void backApk(Context context) {String dstPath = "/sdcard/update/";//save path dirString apkNameString = null;String packageInfo = context.getApplicationInfo().sourceDir; // The sourcedir document describes the

Google Maps Android API V2 Android Google map v2

Getting the Google Maps Android API V2 is now upgraded to V3 by Google map API. V2 is popular. V1 has been marked as obsolete. The Demo code is located in SDK extras/Google/google_play_services/samples/maps Google CodeConsole address First

Android gradle build

It is troublesome to compile an ant script from the school. It is not very simple and the dependency is okay. The speed is good. A long time ago, Daniel wanted me to recommend gradle, which is much better than ant. Now, it is true that gradle was

@ And? In the XML file of Android? Usage

A reference to another resource, in the form"@ [+] [Package:]Type:Name"   To a theme attribute in the form"? [Package:] [Type:]Name" Example:   xmlns: Android = "http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" Android: Id = "@ + ID/text1"

Android USB Host Usage Details

I must declare that this article was recently migrated from my own X-level space, not plagiarism. [Nonsense]Some time ago, my team developed an android host system, which requires an external USB Fingerprint machine, card reader, and USB flash disk.

Android paint settings

/*** Paint is the paint brush, which plays an extremely important role in the drawing process. The paint brush mainly saves the color, * style and other drawing information, specifying how to draw text and graphics, there are many ways to set a

About how to judge scrollview scrolling stops in Android

To do Android today, You need to determine whether scrollview scrolling is stopped, but you haven't found this method for a long time. Fortunately, there is still a way to determine whether to use the thread listening method, that is, to determine

Android activity loading completion events

Many people want to process the event when the activity is loaded. For example, if a popwindow or another window is displayed, but the oncreate method processes the time, the program will report an error: the general idea is that the activity has

About how Android calls the system image browser and returns the image path

The method for calling the system image browser is as follows: Java code Intent intent = new intent (intent. action_pick, Android. provider. mediastore. Images. Media. external_content_uri ); Startactivityforresult (intent, image_select

How Android reads local or network images

For Android projects, we often need to read images from the local or network and convert them to bitmap images for use. The following describes how to read and convert local images:Java code /** * Obtain the absolute path of the bitmap

Android adds the file opening method. After searching for a long time, I finally found it. Add it to favorites.

For example, when you open a text file in the document viewer, a list of software that can be opened is displayed;How can I make my software appear in this list? You can set the androidmanifest. xml file: The first tag is available in every

Tips for using the android call Platform

The Android operating system can call the mobile platform to implement some specific functions, such as webpage display and email sending. Today, I have summarized several application skills for Android calling platform functions to help you

Transplantation process of at9g45 Development Board android

Author: Wang Jinnan,Hua Qing vision embedded college lecturer. Process of porting Android 2.2.1 Environment: ubuntu10.04 and later versions, linux2.6.30 source code package (software), atmel9g45 Development Board. (Hardware) Tool: gcc4.4 and later,

You cannot call oncreate when converting an android screen.

You cannot call oncreate when converting an android screen. When the screen of the Android device is automatically rotated horizontally and vertically, the oncreate function will be called again each time for initialization. If the loading data

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