Android MMS topic: Relationship between conversations and Contacts

In MMS, each thread has its corresponding contact. However, the threads table does not directly store the contact information (number or name), but stores a recipient_id object, there is also a class called data/recipientidcache. java manages it.

Topics on Android MMS: Draft Management

After editing a piece of information, if you exit the editing page without sending it, the information is automatically saved as a draft. That is, if onstop () of composemessageactivity is not sent, workingmessage. savedraft () is called to save the

Android MMS topic: MMS support

Composing and editing The specific implementation form or data structure of MMS in the android MMS application is slideshowmodel, which is an arraylist with each node as slidemodel, and slidemodel is a list of models, that is, it can receive

Brain disability design in Android

Trackball This is a bit similar to the mouse on the PC and can be used for navigation. Therefore, focus is available, but the actual operation is not significant, because the whole screen is touch and what else to do with navigation, do you need to

Android Mms topic: Contact Management

The contact is very important to MMS, because the recipient of each conversation is a contact. When creating information, you can enter any information of the contact, such as the number or name, MMS can send the information to the corresponding

Android MMS topic: Dialog List Management

The conversation class mainly refers to the data structure of the conversation. It holds all the relevant information of a thread, such as recipients and threadid, and is also used to manage the thread, such as querying the thread, deleting the

Android MMS topic: compose details

Composemessageactivity (composer) in MMS is one of the most important components in mms. It is responsible for editing information, sending information, managing information, receiving information, and interfaces with external applications. In MMS,

About Android MMS: PDU

The MMS operation on the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) in Android is related to the MMS protocol, which is completed through the API provided in frameworks: COM. google. android. the MMS package is not open in the SDK and can only be used by

Unit Testing in Android

1. Testing for contentprovider Before writing a case for the provider, you should carefully read the instructions on provider testing in the SDK documentation. However, you still cannot write the correct case when reading the instructions, because

Understanding Android contentprovider

1. What is contentprovider That is, the content provider is an abstraction of all data access and provides a unified interface for data access. It has the following advantages: A. Data abstraction provides a unified way for all components to access

The Android app "today's event today" is released

This is the most important principle for efficient work. There is nothing more comfortable than removing some items from the to-do list.As an efficient person, you need an excellent to-do list management tool. An excellent to-do list can help you

Android ticks: display text vertically

Textview of Android is a text label to display text. but it can show text only horizontally by default, left to right or right to left. there are some chances that we wowould like to show text vertically, top to bottom or bottomTo top, for layout of

Practical Android skills: multi-threaded asynctask

Understanding asynctask Asynctask is a class added by the android 1.5 cubake for asynchronous operations. Previously, thread in the Java SE library can only be used to implement multi-thread Asynchronization. asynctask is the asynchronous tool of

Android development: some suggestions for using TDD

The TDD method has recently been used to develop a module. The following is a summary:1. Basic principles of TDD The core idea of TDD is to first clarify the requirements, quantify the requirements in the form of code, clarify the requirements

Practical android technology: Use dimension to solve the problem of multi-screen adaptation

Principle of opening and closing-separation of variables and immutability, and easy to customize The purpose of an application is to apply to multiple devices as much as possible. The configurations of these devices vary, with some different

Practical android technology: Introduction to IPC

Non-real-time and notification methods The first method is intent. Intent can communicate very conveniently, but it is non-real-time and cannot communicate in real time like function calls. Real-time function calls However, the fundamental purpose

Practical Android technology: an in-depth understanding of Android RPC and AIDL

Understanding Adil Aidl is an interface description file used to implement RPC on the Android platform. during compilation, aapt will automatically generate interfaces and objects for IPC according to the rules. As a user, you only need to: 1.

Practical android technology: Understanding the Binder Mechanism

RPC (IPC) in Android is implemented by the binder component. Although we use more aidl, we will not directly use binder, however, it can help you better understand aidl and the principles and mechanisms of Android.Binder Architecture Similar to the

Android MMS topic: information sending Process

For MMS applications, an information record is created and maintained in the information database. The real sending process is handled by the underlying function (frameworks Layer. Generally, after the information is created, there are three places

Practical Android skills: the contextmenu of listview cannot be displayed.

Problem Listview is used as the layout in the activity. When each list item contains a child view that can obtain the focus by default, it may affect some events of listview: 1. onitemclick2. onitemlongclick3. contextmenu All three events cannot

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