Android JNI cannot find the class

If a problem occurs in the afternoon, JNI cannot find the class. The solution is as follows: 1. System variable settings:(1) My computer-properties-advanced-Environment VariablesAdd the system variable java_home: D: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.7.0

Microlog4android allows you to record the android program log on the SD card

The specific usage is as follows: 1. Download Download the and microlog. properties files to the microlog4android-1.0.0.jar 2. Create a logger object Private Static final logger =

Android development-ADB usage

ADB, short for Android debug bridge, is a tool in the android SDK. It can be used to directly manage Android simulators or real Android devices (such as G1 ~ 8 mobile phones ). Its main functions include:   Run the shell of the device (command

Android simulator uses analog SD card

Debugging related to SD card is often encountered in andorid development, such as MP3 files and image files. When developing a simulator, you can simulate an SD card through a hard disk. The specific method is:   1. Create an SD card image

Android 9patch ultra-detailed tutorial

This article is a must-have knowledge for Android Developers. The content is excerpted from the network and is not perfect but useful.1. The problem of Adaptive Background and non-Distortion  Making Adaptive Background images is a wide range of

Use special fonts in Android

The project must support special fonts. I checked some materials online and shared them with you: First, you need to download the special font. TTF, which can be searched by yourself; Create an android project and check the directory structure:

Obtain the mac ip address in Android

/** * If WiFi is not enabled, you can still obtain the MAC address, but the IP address must be in the connected status or 0 * * @ Param Context */ PublicStatic void getmacaddress (context ){ String macaddress =Null, IP = NULL; Wifimanager wifimgr =

Android starts APK through custom protocol

This point has been used in recent projects and I have studied it. 1. Register scheme in the activity to be started. The Code is as follows: Note that both

15 Android-related Chinese Websites

Reprinted: Android China Forum Http: // Bytes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I,Official website, including androidBranch version and mobile phone

Post: add the android source code to the SDK

Http://     Ready-made Android SDK source code package: Turn:   1. AndroidDownload▼ Android-1. 5Are as follows:Http:// (21.6 MB)Http:/

Download Android source code on centos 5

Reprinted: Thanks to the original author! Bytes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   1. First install some

Build the gdb for MIPS chip on the Android platform

If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source! Jiang   For project reasons, we need to build a GDB Based on the MIPs chip. Here we will record the construction process for future use.   I. Objectives 1. gdbserver on MIPS

Webview of Android

Reposted from: Thank you, chroya! Certificate ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently, many

[Note] install android on virtualbox

Get eee 701 vendor patch   1. create local_manifest.xml file in. repo directory 2. edit the local_manifest.xml file and append contents as following   3. Sync source code [jelly@localhost:~/work/android]$repo sync    Compilation kernel image

Use wifi to debug android apps

I forgot my data line at the company. I found a way to debug the android program using wifi and wrote down the backup. 1. First, let the android phone listen to the specified port:This step requires the use of shell, so there must be a terminal

About importing external jar packages for android Projects

Today, I have an android project that needs to import an external jar package. After I imported the jar package, no error was reported, but the error occurred while I was running, finally, it prompts that the class is not found (that is, the class

Remove the title bar and full screen for Android

It is easy for Android to remove the title bar and full screen. There are two common methods:First: Implemented in program codeJava code This. requestwindowfeature (window. feature_no_title); // remove the title bar this. getwindow (). setflags

How can I generate an apk for an android project?

I. As long as you run as Android Application, you can find the APK file with the same name as the project in the bin folder of the working directory. II, A. Right-click the project, right-click the project, and choose = & quot; andoid tools = &

Activity sets full screen and Android to get screen width and height

The full screen setting in the Android program includes two parts: window full screen and A ctivity full screen. Window full screen is the title bar used to hide time, power, signal, and other information at the top of the system. A cti full screen

Android 8-day entry

TextView text vertical scroll: Method 1: Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "80px"Android: fadingEdge = "vertical"Android: scrollbars = "vertical"> Android: id = "@ + id/rFileContent"Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"

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