Android obtains Mac and IP addresses

  1. How to obtain the MAC address of a local machine from Android: You need to add permissions to the androidmanifest. xml file:   Public String getlocalmacaddress () {wifimanager WiFi = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (context.

Optimized battery life for Android devices)

"Whenever we talk about the bottleneck of mobile smart devices, we always think of battery endurance. The battery life is not only related to the hardware of the device, but also to applications running on the device.ProgramClosely related. When

64-bit ubuntu11.10 use git to download Android source code

Android is a development source code platform, which means that every one of us can download, modify, and create our own Android platform. We can even help Android community to improve and improve.CodeOf course, these are still a little far away

Android app Image Format Selection

Common 3 image formats and differences: JPEG-The standard photo format is not transparent. GIF-It is limited to 256 colors, so it is very good for large solid color and simple images. It supports transparency, but generates a jagged edge.

Three methods for Android to completely exit the application

 When an application is no longer used, you usually need to disable the application. You can use either of the following methods to disable the Android Application: first, obtain the ID of the current process and then kill the process. We recommend

How to Package Multiple android projects into one apk (how to reference other projects in your project)

How does one Package Multiple android projects into an apk? The principle is that a main project references other projects, and other projects are referenced like jar packages, of course, it is quite different from the jar reference principle. The

Initial Experience of Android Studio

Google released Android studio, a new Android development tool, at the I/o2013 conference and made a try over the weekend. Yes Download the package at, and set it to v0.1. Official explanation:

Android program test (2) -- Activity Test

Compared with Content Provider testing and Service testing, Activity testing is particularly inseparable from the Android testing framework (instrumentation framework). This is because activities in Android have a complex life cycle, all stages of

Android processes and threads (1)

When a component of the Program is started, if no other component in the program is running, the Android system will start a process and a thread for the program. By default, all components in the same program run in the same process and thread

Android processes and threads (2) 5 processes classified by importance

The Android system will maintain a program process for as long as possible, but when the system resources are insufficient, after all, the system will kill some old processes for some new or more important processes to release the memory. The system

Android-httpclient uploads information (including images) to the server

Download HTTPCLIENT under HttpComponents under apache ---------- Address is Mainly used in the httpmime-4.1.2.jar package Android client: The following is the jsp form requesting action (for test) (

Android platform version list (note that the first letter of the version number is regular)

Keep a record, which does not correspond to the province. For Android 4.0 Code: IceCreamSandwich API Level: 14 For Android 2.3 Code: Gingerbread API Level: 9. For versions 2.3.3 and later, the API Level is 10. For Android 2.2 Code:

How to monitor the android home Key

Listening to the Home Key has always plagued everyone, and it is also a very tangled problem. From the perspective of my blog clicks, I know how difficult this problem is to solve. This blog has made another modification. The first part is to solve

Android command line tool (2) -- ddms

DDMS stands for Dalvik Debug Monitor Service, which has powerful functions. It can be used to capture the screen of connected devices or virtual machines and view the heap and thread information of running processes, you can simulate phone calls,

Android processes and threads (3) thread security issues

When a program starts, the system creates a thread named main for the program. This thread is important because it is responsible for distributing events to appropriate user components, including plotting events. In addition, this thread is also the

Avoid Android Memory leakage

Android applications are limited to a maximum of 16 MB of memory, at least on T-Mobile G1 (of course there are hundreds of megabytes of memory available now ). It includes two parts that the phone itself occupies and can be used by developers. Even

How does Android WebView nest Html?

LoadDataWithBaseURL (baseUrl = null/"about: blank ",......), BaseUrl is null or "about: blank" specifies the relative path.WebView mainly calls three methods: LoadUrl, LoadData, and LoadDataWithBaseURL.1. LoadUrl directly loads webpages and images

Android Build obtains system information

Build to obtain information about the system (software) Build. BOARD // Motherboard Build. BRAND // Android customizer Build. CPU_ABI // cpu Instruction Set Build. DEVICE // DEVICE Parameters Build. DISPLAY // DISPLAY

Implementation of the rounded border of android listview

During the last few days of the holiday, the group was very active. Many friends asked how to implement the listview rounded corner function in android. The tableView in the Iphone settings is as follows: Implementation Process In fact, the

Android system service

System_Server Process Many services run in the system server process, which is the basis of the entire android framework.  Native service SurfaceFlinger   This is a service for framebuffer synthesis. It combines the logical window image data

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