Android's summary of file manipulation code

The code is as follows Copy Code Package cn.youxigu.files;Import cn.youxigu.service.*;Import;Import Android.os.Bundle;Import Android.widget.Button;Import Android.widget.EditText;Import

Android mobile phone Development Network multithreading breakpoint Continuation Code

This example describes the implementation of a breakpoint continuation download via the HTTP protocol under the Android platform. We are writing a Andorid HTTP protocol multithreaded breakpoint download application. Using a single thread to

Sharing my Android development environment in Windows

First, download the corresponding Address: IDE for Java EE developersDownload Address:

Summary of common optimization methods for Android phone

APP2SD saves more cell phone memory Android system to ensure the stability and security of the phone, the default can only install the application to the phone memory, which is equivalent to our computer installation of software, only to install to

Android Development's WebView use advanced

1. When you open a hyperlink on a Web page that is displayed on WebView, the browser of the system is invoked to open instead of the original WebView display.2, when I press the return key, is not the return of the last open page, but directly exit

Android Socket Communication Programming instance code

The Android client communicates with the server by using a socket to be divided into the following steps: There are two modes of communication between application and server: TCP reliable communication and UDP unreliable communication. (1)

Android Clipdrawable to achieve a circular progress bar effect

Words will not say more, directly on the code. Second, the source code Step one, create the Drawable folder under the root directory, and then create the Clip_btimap.xml in the drawable The code is as follows Copy Code

Android Application Exit Function implementation method

Although the document is not clearly stated, but if this is a common function, there should be an easy way to implement, and actually rely on code to "exit" an application is not easy. The following is a summary of the two scenarios that can

Android program decoding and XML file decoding detailed


First of all, with an extremely excited mood to write down this diary ...Googles really give the force .... Let me have the opportunity to see the Android application of the internal source code ....Now let's get to the bottom:Android apps are made

Build with Ant obfuscation in Android

1. For a common project, first add the ant build function to it. The code is as follows Copy Code Android Update Project--name project_name-t 3-p d:/temp/project_name An ant script named Build.xml is

Android version Alipay integration get private key and public key

The project needs to be integrated with the Alipay interface at the client. On the study: Because the use of Alipay interface, you need to pay Treasure Official website: Registered account, and apply. Here is the operation after the application is

Android XmlSerializer generate XML file

Example 1 The code is as follows Copy Code try { File F = new file (Getexternalcachedir (). GetAbsolutePath () + "My.xml");OutputStream outPut = new FileOutputStream (f); XmlSerializer Serializer=xml.newserializer ();

Android uses include/merge/viewstub to optimize layout

Use the include tag to extract reusable components (reference layout)Use the merge label to reduce the nesting level of the layout (merge equals Framelayout)Scenario 1: The Layout root node is framelayout and does not need to set properties such as

How to use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Android System Debugging Tools--ADB The Android Debug Bridge is a versatile tool to manage the performance on your device.That is, the ADB is a tool for managing emulators. Includes the following three sections: Client: Run on the development

Android development can be shared with SD card methods available on mobile phones

Today's Android phone models are complex and diverse, resulting in the development process using the official access to the SD card method in the part of the mobile phone does not apply, so need to develop their own packaging, the following is the

Share a few Android interview experiences

An Android rookie "face Pa" interview experience to share Today is the second day of my career as a start-up company. Because the company today to buy their own computer back, had to do today in every technical personnel first day to do things:

Android phone number and SMS send implementation code

Android Application Architecture Src/java Original Code Storage directorygen/Automatic Directory GenerationThe Gen directory holds all files that are automatically generated by the Android development tool. The most important thing in the directory

Margin Setup method of Android development

Android set margin in Java code we can usually set margin in XML directly, such as: The code is as follows Copy Code But in some cases, it needs to be written in Java code, but the view itself has no setmargin

ZIP file compression decompression for Android development


The code is as follows Copy Code -----------------Dirtraversal.javaPackage com.once; Import;Import java.util.ArrayList;Import java.util.LinkedList;/*** Folder traversal* @author Once**/public class Dirtraversal { //no

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