The retrofit usage of Android development

Retrofit is a framework developed by the Square company for the Android network, RETROFIT2 based on Okhttp, Okhttp is now officially recognized by Google, and a large number of apps are using okhttp to make network requests, Its source details see

Android develops custom view to implement bar chart

In order to make the code in the article look concise, easy to understand a little, I do not put the paint of the instantiation code, and prompted: This article all variables are I set dead, you can according to the needs to set the Getset method.

Design and implementation of Android user login cookie Management

Functional Requirements Basically every social APP has its own account system or allows users to log in to a third party. After the user login successfully, the APP should record the user login status, the user will not need to enter the password

Android html.fromhtml Use detailed

The project often needs to display a piece of text, if the text requires a specific effect, write a custom span, the workload will become very large, the current Android support HTML-formatted text. With two interfaces, let's take a look at how to

The Collections.sort method of Android Development sort list by time

Compare (A,b) method: Returns a negative integer, 0, or positive integer, respectively, based on the first argument being less than, equal to, or greater than the second argument.Equals (obj) method: Returns True only if the specified object is also

Android Custom TextView to achieve unlimited marquee effect

In doing app development, some titles need to achieve the effect of the TextView, if the use of the system with the implementation of this effect, just add the following code in the TextView properties: Android:ellipsize= "marquee"//Happy Lantern

Android set password for plaintext and ciphertext display example

We often find in some software that there is a button behind the password input box that allows us to enter the password to display the ciphertext (or * * *), or can be displayed as a normal visible state, the effect is shown. Specifically

An example of Android's handling of HTML

In the Android application development process, it is often necessary to parse HTML documents, especially the applications that crawl data by crawling Web sites, such as weather forecasts. Java's common methods for parsing HTML documents are as

Global exception handling in Android phone opening

The code is as follows Copy Code Package org.wp.activity; Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import;Import

Android uses include/merge/viewstub to optimize layout

Use the include tag to extract reusable components (reference layout)Use the merge label to reduce the nesting level of the layout (merge equals Framelayout)Scenario 1: The Layout root node is framelayout and does not need to set properties such as

Android development can be shared with SD card methods available on mobile phones

Today's Android phone models are complex and diverse, resulting in the development process using the official access to the SD card method in the part of the mobile phone does not apply, so need to develop their own packaging, the following is the

Share a few Android interview experiences

An Android rookie "face Pa" interview experience to share Today is the second day of my career as a start-up company. Because the company today to buy their own computer back, had to do today in every technical personnel first day to do things:

Android Open source Common component address share "dry goods"

Understanding common open source projects can broaden our horizons and know what resources are available that are good for our usual design and development UI related Image ps:// "target="

Similarities and differences of Android serialized serializable and Parcelable

Both are used to support serialization, deserialization operation, the biggest difference is the storage medium, serializable use IO Read and write memory on the hard disk, and parcelable is directly read and write in RAM, it is obvious that the

Android and iOS app security Analytics tools Smart Phones Dumb Apps Introduction

This is a set of scripts that can help analysts analyze the security of the app and develop it in the Perl language. Because it's just a few scripts, it may not be as smart to use, no GUI interface, no "elegant" analysis results. So basically, it's

Android app security detection drozer Tool installation Tutorial

Recently received the task, lets understand several Android security test related software, first is the Drozer. Drozer is a comprehensive security assessment and attack of the Android framework, according to the product introduction, Drozer can

The method of realizing automatic timing switching flight mode in Android 4.2

The whole function to achieve the idea is very clear, just change the system configuration (system.airplane_mode_on), send a notification can be. But discovering that Android's permissions are not as open as it used to be. Starting with Android 4.2 (

Setlatesteventinfo, Handler, SimpleDateFormat warning solutions in Android development

While using the Setlatesteventinfo () method under Notification when doing app development under Android 4.4.2 today, Eclipse prompts: "Type Notification is not recommended The method Setlatesteventinfo (context, charsequence, charsequence,

How is the Android phone formatted? Android Phone Format method

Everyone in the process of using Android phone, will inevitably encounter the situation of mobile phone format, if you do not have to format the phone, then you need to look at this article, this article for everyone to tidy up the Android phone if

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