The process analysis of anti-compiling of Android program

First, the preface Anti-compilation means that apk files or Dex files do not function correctly through the Decompile tool, and may cause tool anomalies or crashes, such as Apktool, Baksmali, Dex2jar, Jeb, and so on, as shown in the following

A summary of Android screen switching and activity restart cycle

Ways to disable the Android screen and restart activity when switching screens1. Add the android:screenorientation= "Landscape" attribute to the Androidmanifest.xml activity configuration (Landscape is landscape, Portrait is portrait). Such as:

Android html.fromhtml Use detailed

The project often needs to display a piece of text, if the text requires a specific effect, write a custom span, the workload will become very large, the current Android support HTML-formatted text. With two interfaces, let's take a look at how to

The reason and solution of the ANR analysis of the Android system

First, ANR introductionOn Android, if your application is unresponsive for a period of time, a dialog box is displayed to the user called the application unresponsive (anr:application not responding) dialog box. The user can select "Wait" and let

Super Practical Android Development self-study data sharing complete

Java LearningI would like to emphasize that there must be a Java foundation, and the Java Foundation to be strong, of course, I am not saying that Java learning is particularly good, to learn Android, after all, learning is gradual, so in the future

The principle mechanism of the sound realization of the key vibration key in Android development

If our Android app wants to invoke the system's vibration service when the button is pressed, we have to androidmainfest.xml it with the appropriate permissions. Then it's Vibrator Vibrator = (Vibrator) getsystemservice (Vibrator_service);Vibrator.

Android access to WiFi extranet IP method

android Get WiFi extranet IP method   Get extranet ip   public static string getnetip ()  {        URL infoUrl = null;       inputstream instream =  null;       try {            //             infourl = new url

The Collections.sort method of Android Development sort list by time

Compare (A,b) method: Returns a negative integer, 0, or positive integer, respectively, based on the first argument being less than, equal to, or greater than the second argument.Equals (obj) method: Returns True only if the specified object is also

Android Imitation 360 floating ball and boot from start development

Look at the picture below, the floating ball with the percent semicolon. As shown in the top left corner of the picture, the ball will also show the current operation of the mobile phone, downward pull will also have the ejection to achieve

Android Custom TextView to achieve unlimited marquee effect

In doing app development, some titles need to achieve the effect of the TextView, if the use of the system with the implementation of this effect, just add the following code in the TextView properties: Android:ellipsize= "marquee"//Happy Lantern

Android message processing mechanism source code detailed analysis tutorial

The code for the message queues used in Android is in the directory \sources\android-22\android\os, mainly involving the following class files  In this case, a message entity object  is primarily used to listen for

Android set password for plaintext and ciphertext display example

We often find in some software that there is a button behind the password input box that allows us to enter the password to display the ciphertext (or * * *), or can be displayed as a normal visible state, the effect is shown. Specifically

An example of Android's handling of HTML

In the Android application development process, it is often necessary to parse HTML documents, especially the applications that crawl data by crawling Web sites, such as weather forecasts. Java's common methods for parsing HTML documents are as

Android App call Camera development example


These two days playing Android games, the blog has not added something for several days, ashamed! Take a look at one of the most collapsing problems of the two days. Good early installed the development environment, really started or these two days,

Android Development: Google Date time selector

Here to paste a demo source, share: The code is as follows Copy Code Import Java.text.SimpleDateFormat;Import java.util.ArrayList;Import Java.util.Date;Import;Import Android.os.Bundle;Import

Android Custom View Control instance

Android Custom view satisfies your specific needs by inheriting the view of the system and rewriting some of the methods. First let's take a look at what the methods might need to be rewritten:Onmeasure () detects the size of the view component and

Android Development fragment, frame animation, motion tween, attribute animation introduction

Fragment:Android runs on a variety of devices, with small-screen phones, oversized screens and even TVs. For the screen size gap, in many cases, is the first mobile phone to develop a set of apps, and then copy, modify the layout to adapt to the

Android Studio Error Utf-8+bom Solution

When I ran a program with Android studio today, I suddenly reported a mistake I'd never seen before: Then I clean and build, the results are not good, the program is still an error, I consulted the great god around, the result has not seen

Six to 2000 Yuan fingerprint identification Android phone recommended

Fingerprint identification cell Phone recommendation: Zuk Z1 Reference Price: 1799 RMB Recommended reasons: Fingerprint identification + optical stabilization + high cost performance +4g three Netcom This August, Lenovo's

Flash packaging ane use notes on Android

The Extensioncontext in 1.AS3 is its core class, which is responsible for interacting with Java code. Extensioncontext needs to invoke the Createextensioncontext method to create and initialize native code on the Java side. Instead, you use the

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