Mobile video development technology supports Android and iOS platforms


Anychat Mobile Video development kits are for integration or software developers to use for mobile video-related product development and system integration. Development package to provide mobile phone audio and video capture, coding, compression,

Android NDK Development Simple Program sharing (Hello word!) _android

In the previous blog has been introduced to you, how to configure the DNK program in WIN environment, this article I will take you to achieve a simple Hello JNI program, so that we really feel the charm of NDK development. Here we choose to use

The principle and implementation _android of the Android breakpoint continuation

The principle and implementation of Android breakpoint continuation 0. Foreword In Android development, the continuation of the breakpoint sounds easy, click Pause when downloading a file, and click Start to continue downloading the file. But the

Android uses Asynctask to implement file downloads and progress update tips _android

Android provides a tool class: Asynctask, which makes it easier to create long-running tasks that require interaction with the user interface. Compared with handler, Asynctask is lighter, suitable for simple asynchronous processing, without the use

Android Common dialog box use Daquan _android

Everyday life we can be seen Everywhere dialog box, there are a lot of tips, more convenient to prompt users to do different operations. One, two features of the dialog box and some common dialog boxes 1. When the pop-up dialog box is the end UI

Learn about Android OpenGLES2.0 (i) _android

What is OpenGL ES? OpenGL (Full write open Graphics Library) refers to the definition of a cross programming language, Cross-platform programming interface specifications of the professional Graphics program interface. It is used in

Discussion on the solution of sliding conflict in the scrollview of Android practice _android

1. Foreword In Android development, if it's a simple layout, it's easy to fix, but when it comes to complex pages, especially if you use ScrollView to be compatible with small-screen handsets, there's a lot of click-Event Conflicts, The most

Using and implementing the system "sharing" interface instance _android in Android applications

In order to apply the promotion, dissemination, many applications have "sharing" function, a button, click will appear after the text message, microblogging and so on all realized the sharing function of the application list. This article mainly

Android Popupwindow Full Screen detail and instance code _android

Android Popupwindow Full Screen Many applications can often see the effect of pop-up this popupwindow, do a small demo share. Demo idea is to traverse the file, find pictures and Pictures folder placed on the Popupwindow above. Click the button

Android Candid Camera function realization (mobile phone closed still photographed) detailed and instance code _android

Android Candid Camera function/Phone shutdown can take photos The effect is as follows: In fact, the camera and the record to achieve the same way, are used to WindowManager to draw the principle of small desktop controls. Then I will not say

Detailed Android performance optimized memory leak _android

Review A memory leak (memory leak) refers to a program failing to release memory that is no longer in use due to negligence or error. So in Android, when an object holds a reference to an activity, and if the object cannot be reclaimed by the

Get a simple instance of the public and private key for an Android signing certificate _android

This article takes an Android-signed certificate in JKS format as an example: Package com.test; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import

Android Imitation QQ list left-slide delete operation _android


Recently learned how to do a like QQ left-sliding recyclerview item display options, mainly used to scroller We start with a new recyclerview. Define a few variables to useRewrite the constructor method to change the first two constructs to read

Detailed android--Bluetooth technology brings you to achieve the data transmission between terminals _android

Bluetooth technology in the smart hardware has a lot to play, today I will share with you the Bluetooth in the Android system of the use of techniques, and to achieve the two data transmission between terminals. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless

Android Development rotating screen leads to activity reconstruction Solutions _android

There is a section in the Android development document that explains the problem. In simple terms, activity is the primary mechanism responsible for interacting with the user, and any "Configuration" change can have an impact on the interface of the

Introduction to the checkbox usage of the Android control series _android

Learning Objectives: 1. How to build a checkbox in Android 2, grasp the common properties of checkbox 3, grasp the checkbox selected State transformation event (listener) Introduction to checkbox: CheckBox and Button, is also an ancient

Android Asynctack Asynchronous Task example detailed _php tips

Android Asynctack Asynchronous task Here is a small example of how to consolidate the knowledge of the Android Asynctack asynchronous task for use in the project. Describe how to use 1, inheriting Asynctask public class MyTask extends Asynctask

Deep understanding of Xmlns:tools properties in Android _android

Objective In Android development, the IDE can see the layout preview as you write the layout code. However, some effects must be run before they can be seen, such as when the TextView does not set any characters in the XML, but instead sets the

Android Custom View Series path drawing imitation Alipay payment successful animation _android

Objective When paying with Alipay, we can see that success or failure will have an animated hint, if we need to do this, of course, you can let the designer to make you a GIF, but we know that the image memory consumption, we can use code

Android to build your own time clock _android

1. Overview This article is mainly about how to customize a time clock, through simple exercises can be a simple study of Android in the custom view of some of the common drawing techniques to optimize the Android graphics operation. To start with,

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