Android development video tutorial Season 1-16 videos & source code downloads

[Android DevelopmentVideo tutorial]. 01_01_android platform for one dayHttp:// [Android development video tutorial]. 01_02 _ build an android Development EnvironmentHttp://

Download the video source code for the First Quarter of Android development video tutorial (Episode 17-34)

[Android development video tutorial]. 01_17 _ debugging Program Http:// [Android development video tutorial] 01_18 _ File DownloadHttp:// [Android development video

In Windows 7, an error occurs in the android simulator. emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual Device name is the correct solution.

After the system is reinstalled for a long time, the android SDK that was previously installed cannot start the simulator. The following solutions are available for searching on the network: Http://

Collect Android program test code coverage

CodeThe coverage rate is mainly used to check which code has not been covered after the test case is executed. The code that has not been covered usually means the function or scenario that has not been covered. For andriodProgramFor example, we are

Connect Android socket wifi to PC to implement simple PPT controller (source code)

The above is a simple operation on the mobile phone end Through this article, I just want to briefly introduce Android socket programming. Upstream ServerCode: Package Nate. PPT. control; import Java. AWT. awtexception; import

Android User Interface tutorial instance Summary

1 . Overview of webview tutorial instances on the android user interface Http:// 2. Overview of notification tutorial instances on the android user interface Http:// 3.

Detailed tutorial examples on the android user interface

1.Examples of alarmmanager tutorials on the android user interfaceTotal Http:// 2.Examples of text editing tutorials on the android user interfaceTotal Http:// 3.Examples of

Build a high-performance Android development environment with Android-X86 and virtualbox

I don't know how many Android Developers have opinions on the tragic performance of the android Virtual Machine. My opinion is: the speed is too bad! Why are Android virtual machines much slower than iOS and WP7 virtual machines? The reason is as

Solution to squeeze the screen when the android input method appears and the android Input Keyboard overwrites the screen control

If you do not want the activity to be automatically squeezed up when the keyboard of the Input Method pops up, Set Properties in activtyAndroid: windowsoftinputmode = "adjustpan"You can. ActivityAndroid: Name= "Testactivity"Android:

Tutorial on setting ringtones for Android phones [set ringtones for Android]

Tutorial on setting ringtones for Android phones [set ringtones for Android]Generally, Android phones can be set with four types of ringtones: incoming calls, SMS, alarm, and system. The specific setting method is as follows:1. First open the SD

New Feature of intellij idea 12: Provides New XML refactoring tools for Android Developers

I have been using intellij idea for Android development, and I feel quite comfortable. The latest intellij idea 12 (What's New ?) Released, including many new features. I have selected a feature related to the android development framework for you

Android study note 34: Use files to store data

Android provides five data storage methods: (1) files: Use fileinputstream and fileoutputstream to operate files. (2) shared preferences: used to store data in the form of key-value pairs and save system configuration information. (3) content

[Pin to the top] portal of textview of Android Xuan Tie Jian

  Portal: Previous section   Xuan tiejianJin Yong, the first martial arts sword! The yundun is an exclusive game of the World. After the age of 40, the yundun is the hero of the artifact. Before the treasure of the gods, the sword was given

[Original · tutorial · serialization] "Android's big talk Design Model"-Chapter 8 of the structural model of the design model: appearance model MM is also infatuated with stock trading?

description and copyright notice of this tutorial Guoshi studio is a technical team dedicated to enterprise-level application development on the Android platform. It is committed to the best Android Application in China.ProgramDevelopment

[Original · tutorial · serialization] "android big talk Design Pattern"-Design Pattern creation pattern Chapter 3: abstract factory pattern

description and copyright notice of this tutorial L this document references and uses free images and content on the Internet, and is released in a free and open manner, hoping to contribute to the mobile Internet and the smart phone age! This

Wang Jialin trains Android HTML5 cloud computing practices hadoop-HTML5 app development for Web cloud designed by Wang Jialin: browser & HTML5 & css3 &

Wang Jia Lin: committed to hardware and software cloud integration, familiar with Android, HTML5, hadoop Tel: 18610086859 Email:     HTML5YesDevice(Terminal devices) andCloudThe intersection of (cloud

Android game development is a video tutorial

Android game development tutorial _ Sudoku _ 01Http:// game development tutorial _ Sudoku _ 02Http:// game development tutorial _ Sudoku _

Android Translation: Android interface definition language (aidl)

The AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) IPC Mechanism is object-oriented and lightweight. The interface defined by AIDL can implement IPC communication between the server and the client. On Android, a process cannot access the memory of

Build an Android x86 simulator on Windows (on)

The built-in simulator of Android SDK runs very slowly. Even if you use some methods on the Internet to allocate a relatively large memory, it still does not help. This is caused by its own architecture: the built-in simulator of the SDK runs on the

Android Chinese API (136) -- GeoCoder

  Preface This chapter is about android. location. geoCoder, for GPS related chapter, version for Android 4.0 r1, translated from "pandatv 82", welcome to his blog: "", thanks again "pandatv 82 "! Welcome to join in

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