Several good Android development forums

Address: 1. anddev A very good Android developer forum outside China. Forum sections are fully divided for developers. The topics from entry level to advanced level are comprehensive, and the

Add SD card for Android simulator in Linux

Mounted SD card for Android simulator in Linux 1. Create an SD card: ~ /Gingerbread $ mksdcard-l mysdcard 256 m mysdcard. img Create an SD card image file in the current directory named mysdcard. IMG. 256 MB indicates that the size of the SD card

Android-mail API usage

This is the most complex and applicable example officially provided, demonstrating the implementation of the mail function. This is the last entry-level learning note for ophone. All examples are from the official sample file. After the end of this

Android 9.png Images

From:   One character is 9.png:All the functions that can be used to perform the job. However, the framework-res.apk \ res \ drawable-hdpi directory contains many xxxxxx.9.png images.Do not

Android Application Development Notes (1): Call and send SMS, receive SMS interface, send email (call, dial, smsmanager, broadcast, email)

This article is from,!   Calling and sending text messages can be said to be the core application. This article will describe its calling method. It can be divided into direct call-direct call or text message sending,

Android Desktop Folder beautification

By he minggui ( reprint please indicate the source   Haha, I haven't written a blog for a long time. It's so miserable in the blog ~~ People become lazy ...... Android native Desktop Folder style and its simplicity,

Light Effects of android 3D series

By he minggui ( reprint please indicate the source We will continue our journey to android 3D and discuss light effects. From today on, we will gradually add light effects. Three elements of light efficiency In OpenGL ES,

Implementation of book paging in Android-Upgrade

Since the previous release of the "Android Implementation of book flip effect-end", I have received messages from many friends. Some time ago, due to many issues, the blog is too hasty to be clearly described in many details. Therefore, many people

Android 3d series texture

By ho minggui ( please indicate the source The previous examples are solid 3D models. Today, we began to attach the gorgeous textures to these models to make them look closer to the real objects we

Analysis on incremental upgrade of android applications

ByHe minggui ( reprinted please indicate the source I haven't updated my blog for a long time. It's a fallen phenomenon. I tried to write a blog several times, but I was always delayed by all kinds of things. I will write

Solve the problem that images are rotated after taking photos on android phones.

Requirement: I want to perform a project similar to Sina Weibo to upload images. There are two other projects that use mobile phones to take pictures. Both of them need to upload images to the server. Problem: some mobile phones rotate images 90

Android. resource: // do you know this Uri?

From:   How do I access the contents in the Res directory of the APK file? If you directly access the assets directory under the Apk, you can use the AssetManager class for processing. What if you

Android ssl bks certificate generation process

To use SSL on Android, the first step is to generate a certificate. 1. Certificate generation 1.1 generate a server certificate keytool -genkey -alias test -keystore test.jks 1.2 export the CERT in the keystore to generate the client Verification

Changes in the Android listening Network

In Android, network conditions change from network to no network, from wifi to gprs, and from cmwap to cmnet!If some functions of your program require network support, you may need to listen to network changes for corresponding processing.For

Android uses UncaughtExceptionHandler to capture global exceptions

The Android system "abnormal exit of the program" has a negative impact on the user experience of the application. You can inherit the UncaughtExceptionHandler class to capture exceptions during application running and give friendly prompts. Use the

Change the system APK to the android Simulator

Modified an Android app, such as launcher. then, a launcher.apk is compiled separately. How can I put this apk in the simulator to view the effect without building the entire image? The methods found on the Internet are directly adb install. However,

Call a binary executable program (native executable) in Android)

A few days ago, when I needed to call the binary program in java code, I found some information on the Internet and wrote something to record. Android is also a linux-based system, and can also run binary executable files. However, Android only

Conversion of wide character codes in Android NDK and icu library usage

Original stickers R = 70149216, read and implement it, and record it for reuse. For the java layer, the String class can be used to convert various encodings. There are

Activity in Android

For any Android Application, the Activity class is the core component. In many cases, you need to define and implement an Activity for each screen display. The Activity class needs to introduce the package import android. app. Activity. Android

Simple Explanation of tasks, processes, and threads in Android

I. Task To explain what is a task in Android, You need to mention the application and Activity. Activity: the most basic application component in Android. An Activity is usually a separate screen used to present data and interact with

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