Android asset, Res/raw limits the file size to 1 MB.

When using asset or Res/raw in Android, you must go through asset manager. When using these two resource delivery methods, you must pay attention to the file size. After debugging, it is found that the uncompress_data_max value of the resource file

Android chooses to edit a merged contact. The mobile phone screen fades slowly and then enters the editing interface.

1. There is a merged contact on the mobile phone 2. Edit the merged contact 3. The mobile phone screen fades slowly and then enters the editing interface. first, find the editcontactactivity under the contacts source package. java file, and then

Android _ update Android SDK tools: How does one report errors in the Tools Folder?

After the ADT is upgraded, open eclipse and prompt to upgrade Android SDK tools. However, the following error is always reported during the update. All the tools-related processes are finished or not, and the environment variable is at last found

Install the Input Method in Android to replace the original Input Method

Generally, Android has its own input method. If we want to remove the original input method and use our favorite input method, we can find the original APK related to the input method after obtaining the root permission, use ADB debugging tool, ADB

E-science and technology exchange on Android (Appendix: adnorid entry PPT for release)

Last week, I went to the university of Electronic Science and Technology to hold a technical exchange lecture on 3G and Android. Here are some photos of the event:   1. a ppt prepared by the event organizer     2. The lecture will start

Android Input Method -- force switch in the Code and obtain the current Input Method

Forced conversion Input Method 1. inputmethodmanager. setinputmethod (ibinder token, string ID)Public void setinputmethod (ibinder token, string ID)Force switch to a new input method component. This can only be called from the currently active input

Access to Android file resources (raw/data/asset)

In Android development, we can't do without the use of resource files. From drawable to string, to layout, these resources provide great convenience for our development, however, most of the resource directories we usually access are the following

Mobile, Unicom, and telecom SIM in Android applications

International Mobile User identification code (imsi) International Mobile Subscriber Identity The number assigned by a mobile user is uniquely identified internationally. Technically speaking, imsi can completely solve the problem of international

Android displays power usage, mobile phone information, battery history, usage statistics, and WiFi usage

1. Enter * #4636 # * in the dialing interface to view 2.*#06 # view the IMEI information of the mobile phone The source code is as follows: Public void aftertextchanged (editable input ){If (specialcharsequencemgr. handlechars (this, input. tostring

Speech recognition on Android, a simple example of Google-based speech recognition.

Speech recognition is convenient and easy to use on Android. However, there is a premise that Google's voice search tool must be installed on Android machines in advance. Speech recognition technology is added in Android sdk1.5 (recognizerintent).

Android ADB command ~ Illustration

After such a long period of development and management, the command is always self-viewed, but the sharing process on the command is often ignored. So now I just needIts command-related operations can be used for simple literacy, and the system also

Android UI editor unhandled event loop exception Solution

The android UI editor eclipse Android layout editor cannot be opened, which makes people crash and reports the following error: Unhandled event loop exception Java. Lang. nullpointerexceptionAt com. Android. Ide. Eclipse. ADT. Internal. Editors.

About Android 2.2 and 2.3 adb.exe version updates (the corresponding/tools/adb.exe cannot be found when installing Android-SDK! )

If your C:/Android-SDK-Windows/toolsdirectory does not contain the executable file "adb.exe. When you open eclipse, the android plug-in reports an error. In this case, you should do the following: First, change your environment variables to

[Android Note 4] Android call vibration example

I did some other work in the past two days because I used the arraylist class when I used the getproviders () method yesterday. I suddenly wanted to have a deep understanding of its mechanism, and I got a lot of results, I read the source code of

WebService example for Android weather forecast call

The android SDK does not provide a library to call WebService. Therefore, you must use a third-party SDK to call WebService. Ksoap2-android-assembly-2.5.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar I use When importing an incorrect package, refer to my previous blog

[Android Environment] SDK platform Tools Component is missing!

  I upgraded the ADT 10.0.1 tool today, and then restarted eclipse"SDK platform Tools Component is missing! ... "Prompt box!   Then we found that all android projects will not automatically compile the R. Java file.   How can this problem be

How to set the default ringtones for Android calls and how to set the default ringtones for voice calls

How to set the default ringtones for Android calls and how to set the default ringtones for voice calls 1. Implementation of the default setting of Android incoming call ringtones andoird the default setting of incoming call ringtones is to modify

Android ADT installation tips common error handling

  Follow the installation method of the general tutorial books, except that: first open eclipse, and then click Help/install new software, as shown in: Click the "add" button in the install interface that appears. Enter any name in the Name field

Create an android Environment

As an android developer, how to download compiled AMSS and AP images to your mobile phone is the first step in creating a development environment and a test environment1. Download and decompress the android driver package.Currently, Google adds more

Android sqlite3 command

Sqlite3: a command line interface for SQLite Databases Address: The SQLite library contains a command line named sqlite3, which allows you to manually enter and execute SQL commands for the SQLite database. This

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