Android system transplantation and debugging ---> how to modify functions such as restart, flight mode, and mute mode for Android devices (1)

1. First, let's take a look at the effect comparison chart before and after the modification. ModifyImage after ConfirmRestart Interface The specific modification content is described in the next article. Android system

Android adb usb Driver Installation Method

1. Open the management-Device Manager of the computer and connect the Android device with USB (for Android devices to Enable USB debugging). You can see the USB device with a yellow question mark.2. Right-click the device to view properties-details,

Get Android source code in Ubuntu

I have been writing Android automated testing frameworks. Gradually, I began to be interested in the underlying architecture of Android. I was eager to study the underlying architecture of Android, so I tried to download the android source code. I

Android 4.0 hardware acceleration

1. Use of Android 4.0 hardware acceleration 1.1 control level of hardware acceleration The simplest way to enable hardware acceleration is to enable the global settings of hardware acceleration for the entire system. If your program is a standard

Anti-aliasing in Android

Currently, in Android, I know that there are two kinds of sawtooth situations. 1) when we use a canvas to draw a bitmap, If we select a bitmap, the bitmap will appear at the same time. 2) When you use the rotateanimation of a view for animation, if

Explanation of context in Android -- context you do not know

This article is original and must be reproduced with the following source:Http://     This article is the Reading Notes generated after I read chapter 7th of "android Kernel Analysis". I recommend this book to books that want

How to port OpenSSL to Android and its related experience

1. Install the OpenSSL library in Linux See section 2.3.2 "Advanced PKI Network Security Authentication Technology and programming implementation" to build an OpenSSL development environment in Linux Linuxdecompress tar.bz2 file: Tar jxvf

[Android game development 22nd] (graphic details) Flexible animation playback in the game! Briefly describe the development of the game library and android game of j2_m2!

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link: Due to writing a book, blog posts are updated slowly and we are considerate. Today, we will give a

[7 of android game development] (the style required in Game Development) analyzes the method for adding components to surfaceview in game development!

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link:   Many kids shoes say that after my code is run, clicking home or back will cause a program exception.

[Android game development 4] android game framework (a demo of game role walking on the screen)

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link: Many kids shoes say that after my code is run, clicking home or back will cause a program exception.

ADB-android debug Bridge)

ADB, short for Android debug bridge, is a tool in the android SDK. It can be used to directly manage Android simulators or real Android devices (such as G1 mobile phones ). Its main functions include: Run the shell of the device (command line)Manage

Android avd2.2 obtains the street information: geocoder, "the service is not available" & geocoder returns the list as null, and the street information is not obtained.

"The geocoder class requires a backend service that is not supported in the core Android framework. The geocoder query methods will return an empty list if there no backend service in the platform." Here we have mentioned that we need to have a

Android development _ libgdx game engine tutorial excellent performance game engine-libgdx (5)

I,   Libgdx is a cross-platform 2D/3D Game Development Framework written in Java/C ++. Ibgdx is compatible with most microcomputer platforms (Standard javase implementation, running on Mac, Linux, windows, and other systems, and recently added HTML5

Android development _ libgdx game engine tutorial applicationlistener, start the first program! (6)

In order to initialize the application, you must implement the applicationlistener interface, which is used to update the game status (that is, logic), render the items, pause the game, save the status, and release resources. It also has a place to

Android development _ libgdx game engine tutorial-beautiful custom progress bar (8)

In this article, we need to first master some simple libgdx knowledge to make it easier: Use of the android game development framework libgdx (4)-stage and actorsHttp:// Libgdx learning notes 2 draw imagesBytes.

[Sorting] capturing and analyzing Android test log files

1. Introduction to log file categoriesReal-time printing mainly involves logcat main, logcat radio, logcat events, tcpdump, and qxdm logs on the Qualcomm platform.The status information includes ADB shell CAT/proc/kmsg, ADB shell dmesg, ADB shell

Android command collection

CD/system/bin Ls After running the above script, all android commands will appear:Dumpcrash am dumpstate monkey itr PM input SVC ssltest fillup dhcpcd linkerDebugadh hostapd_cli logwrapper Ping sh hciattach logcat sdptool servicemanagerExport-daemon

Mobile, Unicom, and telecom SIM in Android applications

International Mobile User identification code (imsi) International Mobile Subscriber Identity The number assigned by a mobile user is uniquely identified internationally. Technically speaking, imsi can completely solve the problem of international

Many open-source Android projects recommend and share the source code of 45 Android instances, which is very powerful.

Many open-source Android projects are recommended:Android learning Source Code Address: Http://     Shares the source code of 45

Base64 and quoted-printable encoding in Android mail

Tian haili @ csdn 2012-07-31   The mime (multipurposeinternet Mail Extensions) is used when an email is uploaded or transmitted over the network ). Mail transmission can only deliver US-ASCII characters, and other characters in the mail must be

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