For geocoder of googlemaps in Android, "the service is not available" solution

Parse maps longitude and latitude using JSON in Android This error occurs when you use geocoder in googlemaps to reverse the longitude and latitude of a geographical location,"The service is not available" & geocoder returns the list as null, and

Complete parsing of Android pull-down refresh, teaches you how to implement the pull-down refresh function in one minute

Reprinted please indicate the source: The listview pull-down refresh function is required in recent projects. To save time, you can find a ready-made one on the Internet, however, I tried to

Android text and input-create input method (4)

Intercepts hardware key events Even if the input method window does not have a clear focus, it first receives the hardware key events and can choose whether to use or forward them to the application. For example, during text orchestration, you can

Android connectivity-USB Host Mode and slave mode

This article translated from: Android supports a variety of USB peripherals and Android USB accessories in two modes (hardware that implements the android sub-Protocol): USB

Android text and input-create input method (1)

The Input Method Editor (IME) is a control that allows users to input text. Android provides an extensible Input Method framework that allows applications to provide users with additional input methods, such as soft keyboard or voice input. Once

Android app developers GUI kits, icons, fonts and tools

Hot on the heels of our previous GUI article, iPhone and iPad development GUI kits, today we focus on Android development. the idea is the same: to help streamline your app design and development, with a fairly comprehensive collection of Android

Included: open-source Library Under android

Bluetooth: Bluetooth protocol stack, official website Dhcpcd: dpkg configuration package, official website Embunit: an embedded unit test tool. FreeType: a widely used Font Parsing Library in Linux. Iptables: An IPv4 packet filter. Basic network

Android battery (5): Analysis of the battery charging IC (pm2301) Driver

Keywords: Android battery meter pl2301 task initialization macro Power_Supply interrupt thread Platform information:Kernel: linux2.6/linux3.0System: Android/android4.0Platform: Samsung exynos 4210, exynos 4412, and exynos 5250 Author: xubin341719

Android battery (III): Android battery system

Keywords: Android battery system architecture uevent Power_Supply driver Platform information: Kernel: linux2.6/linux3.0System: Android/android4.0Platform: s5pv310 (samsungexynos4210) and Samsung exynos4412 Author: xubin341719 (You are welcome to

Android battery (I): Basic Principles of Lithium Battery

Keywords: Android battery shutdown ChargingAndroidboot. ModeCharger Platform information:Kernel: linux2.6/linux3.0System: Android/android4.0Platform: s5pv310 (samsungexynos 4210) Author: xubin341719 (You are welcome to reprint it. Please note the

Android OTA update: Compile the update package

Original article: Android OTA update: Compile the update package Author: Song Lixin Email: zjujoe@yahoo.comPreface OTA update is a standard software upgrade method provided by the Android system.

Urban airship Android client-Google GCM push

Link: In the previous article, we talked about how to push notifications through helium. Next we will look at how to push notifications through Google GCM. Here GCM configuration can refer to the

Flash & flex series: Android and iOS games and applications on mobile phones and tablets

Here are some interesting books that are valuable to anyone who has just started Android and IOS Mobile development on flash or flex platforms. Some of the following headers are updated later than others, and one of them has not yet been published.

Baidu Android development interview questions

This article is reproduced. I hope my friend has a good interview question to study ......1. Check whether the process of Android DVM is the same concept as that of Linux.DVM refers to the Virtual Machine of dalivk. Every android application runs in

Bluetooth operation for Android Development (2)-Modify the visibility of the local Bluetooth device and scan the available Bluetooth devices

1. Modify the visibility of the local Bluetooth device 2. Scan the available Bluetooth devices around Eg: I. configuration file adroidmanifest. xml: Ii. layout file: Main. xml: 3. mainactivity: Import android. app. activity;

Bluetooth operations for Android development (1)-scan paired Bluetooth devices

1. What is Bluetooth )? 1.1 buletooth is the most widely used wireless communication protocol. 1.2 mainly for short-range device communication (10 m) 1.3 is usually used to connect headphones, mouse, and mobile communication devices. 2.

Android handler message logoff mechanism Principle

Speaking of handler in Android, let's first talk about the mechanism and principle of handler.1. Handler mechanism Principle   Handler:It is mainly used to process sending and receiving messages. It is used to add messages to a specific logoff

Introduction to Android input method/soft keyboard call I-Input Method Analysis

Recently, I encountered a problem in Android ndk development: I used OpenGL to draw the input interface at the underlying layer, but I couldn't call the input method (IME). I could only call it up. I used JNI to notify the Java layer to call the

Write an attribute as a parameter in Android init

Tian haili @ csdn   History: The adb id of many Android systems is fixed. the ID of each device is the same once the driver is written. Some requirements require that the ID of ADB be different for each device. The adb id is the ID of the device

Luo niuwen 2. Download, compile, and install the latest Android source code on Ubuntu

After reading the previous books, I have a certain understanding of Linux kernel and Android. Do you want to compile your own Android source code? I am always used to using Windows, but Android source code does not support compiling on Windows.

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