How to view the folder size in Linux (CentOS)

Reference Orfdgdhvya1psday6ql-igpbwtvcs5ar9bc543ztr1hlidfcd42nytnbplal2phvmpokfmkjrfzgvkdgfq8ti5y3mrr_35rkor6luq5zpjy here,Du-sh. The system only displays the total space occupied by the current folder, as shown

View process and delete process under CentOS

1. Pressing the TAB key after entering 1-2 characters on the LINUX command platform automatically complements the next part (provided that you have this thing, for example, if you have Tomcat, enter Tomcat to press TAB).2. The PS command is used to

How to use SECURECRT to connect to Linux (CentOS) in a virtual machine

Open CentOS, enter username and password query ip:ifconfigeg:inet addr: Open CRT right click Sessions-->new Sessions Click Next in hostname enter the IP address in username Enter user name creation complete right click

Linux CentOS 6.5 Installation and configuration Tomcat-8 method

Installation Environment: CentOS-6.5Installation method: Source InstallationSoftware: apache-tomcat-8.0.0.rc3.tar.gz: PrerequisitesThe system must have the configuration jdk6+ installed, please

How to view physical CPU information in CentOS

How to view physical CPU information in CentOS1. Concept[1] Physical CPU: The number of CPUs on the slot in the actual server.Number of physical CPUs: There are several physical ID numbers that can be duplicated.[2] Logical CPULinux users are

CENTOS-6 platform three-machine compiling and installing FASTCGI model

LAMP (2)--centos-6 platform three-machine compiling and installing FASTCGI modelRequirements: (1) Three separate from the host; (Compile and install, module or PHP-FPM); (2) A virtual host is used to provide phpmyadmin; Another virtual

CentOS 64-bit under hadoop-2.7.2 compilation

CentOS 64-bit under hadoop-2.7.2 compilationAs the machine installs the CentOS 6.7 64-bit system downloaded from Hadoop is the 32-bit Hadoop-dependent library that is 32-bit required to recompile.Here is the procedure for compiling1

CentOS Yum Usage Notes

Yum parameter descriptionYum-y # indicates automatic selectionBasic use# yum-y Install package name (Support *): Auto select Y, fully automatic# Yum Install package name (support *): Manually select Y or n# Yum Remove package name (not supported *)#

CentOS add Epel, Remi Warehouse and Elrepo Warehouse

CentOS installs software very conveniently using Yum, and Yum automatically installs dependencies on the software. But the source repositories that CentOS comes from are relatively old and not so full, so we can add third-party repositories and

CentOS installation crontab and how to use it

Install Crontab:[email protected] ~]# Yum install Vixie-cron[email protected] ~]# Yum install CrontabsDescriptionVixie-cron package is the main program of Cron;The Crontabs package is a program used to install, uninstall, or list tables used to

Which version of CentOS is the CentOS version information review tips

Method:1) [[email protected] ~]# cat/proc/versionLinux version 2.6.18-194.el5 ([email protected]) (GCC version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-48)) #1 SMP Fri APR 2 14:58:14 EDT 20102)[Email protected] ~]# uname-aLinux localhost.localdomain 2.6.18-194.

SecureCRT How to Remotely bridge CentOS.

1. Set the network connection mode of the virtual machine to bridge2, close the CentOS firewall, here I was directly from the page closed, no use of command3, the installation of the CentOS IP is static address, not allow automatic acquisition, so

CentOS Build SVN server three steps

Build SVN service, effective management code, the following three steps can be quickly done.1. Installation#yum Install SubversionDetermine if the installation was successful#subversion-VSvnserve, Version 1.6.11 (r934486)The above prompts indicate

Configure local Yum source and network Yum source under CentOS 6.6


First, local Yum source1, the system is installed by default can use Yum package, so you can directly configure:[[email protected] ~]# Cd/etc/yum.repos.d/yum Source configuration file Drop directory[[Email protected] yum.repos.d]# mv

CentOS 6.5 manual Installation Ettercap (graphic)

Description: Before installing, you'd better make sure your network is configured and at least have access to the extranet. This blog is actually one of our experiments, feel a little bit of installation trouble, in this record, you can turn over to


Created by Yeison CAMARGO, last modified by John Boteler on 2016.02.02 Go to start of metadataAboutThis is a FreeSWITCH installation manual tested in virtual machines with CentOS 6.5 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Click to expand Table

Build a load-balanced environment (using four CentOS on a virtual machine)

Reproduced below:Get readyL System: CENTOS6 (three)L Load Balancer: LVS + keepalivedL Server 1:httpL Server 2:httpIP configuration1. VIP (virtual IP): The IP address used to provide the virtual Server service. are bound on the director of a physical

CentOS 7 Installation Caffe

1, installation Cuda, very simple, fool-type installation 2, in accordance with the installation of 3, the problem encountered: Ld-o. build_release/lib/ Find-lcblas/

CentOS decompression rar File


CentOS is not supported by default for WinRAR and packaged, need to install WinRAR Linux version programFirst you need to download the decompression softwarewget rarlinux-3.9. 3If there is no

Summary of Building Extmail service under CentOS 5.8

background : The company itself with Extmail Mail server has been a period of time, the domain name for (here is a pseudonym), the company built a new warehouse, ready to the warehouse also build a play, domain name for mmmm.comPreparatory

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