Linux CentOS Installation Configuration SVN server

The installation of the CentOS server Configuration svn (subversion), in fact, is very simple, but sometimes in the configuration of the process of the individual details if you do not pay attention, it will be easy to cause the situation can not be

CentOS 7 How to set Linux boot auto Get IP address

CENTOS7 version minimal is installed by default and does not acquire an IP address and requires manual configuration. Here's how:1. Enter "IP addr" and press ENTER to confirm that the IP is not available (CentOS 7 does not have ifconfig command by

Linux CentOS Installation VNC service process

install Vncserver, use yum install vnc-server not install, the correct way is to use#yum Install Tigervnc-server can only be installed properly. after the installation succeeds Vnc-server, the following configuration is required to access the

Linux Learning CentOS (iii): NIC configuration

Linux system version: Centos 6.5In the Linux learning CentOS (ii): Virtual network Three ways of connection and SECURECRT use, using Remote Tools SECURECRT, through the "ifconfig eth0 + specific IP Address" command to Linux with IP address, However,

CentOS Configuration Multi-nic multi-IP in VMware

One, configure the second NIC 1) "CentOS6.5 Configuration Network" (;How to configure Eth0. This article explains the configuration of eth1 in a virtual machine.2) First to the eth0:192.168.142

CentOS 6.5 rsync+inotify Real-time synchronization

Host name, IP:Server, server Side "/data/server" as the client side "/data/client" Backup directory;2, the realization of the function is the client side of the directory to do delete permission change

Detailed steps for installing WordPress on CentOS 7

First, build the WordPress server environment requirements:PHP 5.2.4 or later, MySQL version 5.0 or later.Second, build the WordPress platform:The following is an example of the Wordpress3.92 version, if you want to install the latest version, after

CentOS Series boot-up process

When we use the Linux operating system, just press the power button, there will be some messy code, after a while the landing screen will appear, then during this time the system itself did what? Now let's talk about what the system has done in this

Introduction to the CentOS boot-up process

we all know that after pressing the computer power button, the screen will flash over a lot of information, and then display the login screen, and then enter the user name, password to enjoy the network world. So what's going on in this middle of

Add a new hard drive under CentOS

1. View New Hard Drive#fdisk –lThe newly added hard drive is numbered/dev/sdb2. Hard disk partition1) Enter Fdisk mode#/sbin/fdisk/dev/sdb2) enter N to partition3) Select the partition typeHere are two options:? P: Primary partition can have a

HP 380g5 installing CentOS 7

Recently upgraded the operating system to the server, found that the old HP machine installed CentOS 7 o'clock does not recognize the hard disk.Cause: HP's server G5 is using Cciss driver, and the new machine uses HPSA driver. RHEL7 has removed

Centos Yum Exception problem

When setting up the environment encountered the Yum update problem, reported the following error:Yumrepo Error:all Mirror URLs is not using FTP, Http[s] or file.Eg. $releasever is not a valid release or hasnt been released yet/Removing mirrorlist

Centos 6, 7 User Rights Management

CENTOS6, 7 User and Rights managementThe reason for setting up user and Rights management mechanism is to realize the isolation between users and to form a separate space.Each user has different access rights and cannot operate with more permissions1

RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 USB boot Disk production

RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 USB boot Disk production The tools you needA. UltraISO softwareB. 16G or 8G USB drive one RHEL 7 Production steps: A. Loading Rhel 7 ISO packages with UltraISO softwareB. Leave the Isolinux directory in the RHEL 7

Centos Source Configuration


Http:// centos-base.repo## The mirror system uses the connecting IP address of the client and the# update status of each mirror To pick mirrors that is updated to and# geographically close to

CentOS 6.7 Installation configuration cacti monitoring System

First, installation and configuration lamp environmentYum install httpd php php-mysql php-snmp php-xml php-gd MySQL mysql-serverStart HTTP and MySQLService httpd StartService mysqld startExecute MySQL security settings and follow the prompts to set

CentOS installs the lamp environment using Yum

1. Install apache,mysql,php with Yum.1.1 Installing ApacheYum Install httpd Httpd-develWhen the installation is complete, start Apache with/etc/init.d/httpd startSet to boot: Chkconfig httpd on1.2 Installing MySQLYum install MySQL mysql-server mysql-

Installing LVS in CentOS

Introduction to a LVSLVS has a similar point to other application-based or IP-based load balancing applications: One and more load schedulers and even hundreds of thousands of real servers.Two LVS installation2.1 Check if the Load Balancer server

CentOS 5 and 6 start-up process

Linux main components: kernel+rootfs+ library + ProgramKernel (kernel): Process management, memory management, network management, drivers, file systems, security features, etc.Rootfs (Root file System): glibc (library file), etc.Libraries: function

Getting Started with Docker (1) installation of Docker under Centos 7

CentOS 7 Installation DockerWhat is DockerDocker is an open source project that was born in early 2013 and was originally an amateur project within the DotCloud company. It is based on Google's launch of the Go language implementation. The project

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