How to install nginx in centos

A Brief Introduction to how to install nginx in centosTools/Raw Materials If the system does not install the GCC development tool, you must first install it. Use the following command:Yum-y groupinstall "development tools" STEP/Method

Rhel5.4 yum is available in source of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  RHEL is a very stable Linux release and a leading product in the industry. It is precisely because of its conservative applications that many beginners can hardly adapt to. The biggest problem is the installation of software. Although the yum

What is the difference between RedHat Linux as, es, and WS? What is centos? What is the relationship with RedHat?

Linux is short for GNU/Linux. It is usually the general name of various Linux releases. Common Linux Manufacturers include RedHat/Novell. RedHat has two major Linux product series, one of which is the free Fedora Core series. It is mainly used

Centos cannot find the ifconfig command

# Ifconfig The system prompts that the command does not exist. Use #/sbin/ifconfig Cause: the default environment variable is incorrect. Echo $ path is executed for common users and root users respectively. Four addresses are missing in

Install jdk1.6.0 _ 37 in centos 6.2

First, check whether rpm-Qa | grep Java is installed.   Environment The system version is cenos 6.2. JDK: jdk-6u37-linux-i586.bin   1. Download Download the appropriate version of jdk-6u37-linux-i586.bin from the Oracle official

Mount widows NTFS partition with ntfs-3g under centos 6.3

Generally, Mount: Unknown filesystem type 'ntfs 'occurs when centos is mounted to a Windows partition '. To mount an NTFS-format disk to centos 6.3Third-party plug-in ntfs-3g needs to be installed, here we use compile to install the plug-in. 1.

Centos 6.3 bridging

I had a hard night yesterday and finally got it done. Now I can access the Internet. Pay attention to the following points during bridging: 1. After the bridge is successful, br0 has an IP address and eth0 does not have an IP address. You can access

Linux/centos IP address and DNS settings

Operating System: Linux cent OS 5 Set static IP Address :? 1234567891011 nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 DEVICE=eth0BOOTPROTO=staticHWADDR=00:F1:F3:07:11:4AONBOOT=yesDHCP_HOSTNAME=ehangpcTYPE=EthernetNETMASK=255

Solution to Chinese garbled characters in centos

When you use centos, you may encounter centos in English. In this case, centos is installed by default (in English ). After installation, various Chinese characters are garbled. So, how can we solve this problem. 1. The centos system accesses

Linux (centos) Nic configuration Manual

1. Configuration File/Etc/hosts (the local host IP address ing can have multiple aliases )./Etc/services (correspondence between port numbers and standard services ). /Etc/sysconfig/Network (set the host name, gateway, and domain name ).Hostanme =

Install Yum on centos


Centos 5 x86_64: Wget OS /x86_64/CentOS/gmp-4.1.4-10.el5.x86_64.rpmWget OS /x86_64/CentOS/readline-5.1-3.el5.x86_64.rpmWget OS

Display detailed startup information for fedora 15/centos 6 without a progress bar

After some centos and other Linux systems are started, a read progress bar may appear waiting for the system to enter. It is very unfavorable for us to learn about the Linux Startup Process. We can restore it to display the detailed startup process

Centos 5.5 Security Configuration

Centos 5.5 Security Configuration1. system security record filesThe internal record file in centos is an important clue for detecting network intrusion. if the system is directly connected to the Internet, it is found that many people attempt to

Install and Configure ftp in centos 5.5

1. FTP Installation 1. Check whether FTP is installed: [root @ localhost ~] # Rpm-Q vsftpd   If installed, the following version information is displayed: [Root @ localhost ~] # Vsftpd-2.0.5-16.el5_5.1 Otherwise: [root @ localhost ~] # Package

Centos 5.x install zendoptimizer 5.x


A server is being configured recently, mainly in the lamp environment. Lamp is used because the traffic volume is not large, and lnmp environment can be used for the traffic volume. Here, I have installed the lamp environment. Linux environment:

Use Yum to install or uninstall the centos graphical interface package-[Linux technology]

The graphic interface was installed by default when I installed the company server. The Company engineer told me the next day that the graphic interface could not be installed and I had to reinstall all the servers, After that, I have been

Install vsftp on centos

1. To test and understand vsftp, the RPM package is used for installation.Installation of nvsftpd qrpm-Qa | grep vsftpdqrpm-IVH vsftpd-1.1.3-8.i386.rpm  N start qservice vsftpd start/stop/restart QPS-A | grep vsftpd   FirstRpm-Qa | grep vsftpd ------

Centos FTP server system suite

1. vsftpd, commonly used centos FTP server suite; vsftpd is a centos FTP server program that is the most popular in the Linux release version; it is small, light, secure, and easy to use; it can give full play to its own characteristics and be used

How to build a vsftpd server using centos

. Check whether vsftpd is installed:Rpm-Qa | grep vsftpd 2. Install vsftpd in Yum:Yum install vsftpd 3. Install vsftpd with RPM: You can get the latest vsftpd RPM package from the following two places:

Use crontab for scheduled tasks in centos Linux

Install crontab:[Root @ centos ~] # Yum install vixie-cron[Root @ centos ~] # Yum install crontabs Note:Vixie-cron is the main program of cron;The crontabs package is used to install, uninstall, or list the tables used to drive the cron daemon. Cron

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