Usage of crontab-E in centos

Install crontab: [Root @ centos ~] # Yum install vixie-cron [Root @ centos ~] # Yum install crontabs Note:The vixie-cron package is the master of cron.Program;The crontabs package is used to install, uninstall, or list the tables used to drive

Install the KVM Virtual Machine in centos 6.3

When I decided to install the KVM Virtual Machine by myself, I first went to the official website to find the installation steps and found the article getting KVM to run on your machine without much effort, follow the steps above to start

Convmv file encoding and conversion in CentOS

Files are created in WIndows. For Windows, the Chinese encoding of file names is GBK by default, and for Linux, the default file name encoding is UTF8. Due to inconsistent encoding, the file name is garbled, to solve this problem, you need to

CentOS IP configuration topic

[Modify IP address]1. Use the Setup command Run the setup command to enter the graphic interface. Enter Network Configuration and Edit Device as prompted. Set the IP address as prompted. 2. directly edit the file and modify it. #

Modify the IP address, DNS, and gateway of CentOS

Because I always forget where the gateway is, a bunch of spam articles are posted on Google. Today I found this article is good. Back up it. 1. Modify the IP address of CentOS Modify the configuration file of the corresponding Nic IP Address #

How to Use CentOS yum


What is yum?Yum = Yellow dog Updater, ModifiedThe main function is to conveniently Add/delete/update RPM packages.It automatically solves the dependency problem of the package.It facilitates management of a large number of system update ProblemsYum

Centos nginx installation document 0.8.x

1. obtain basic open-source programs: Yum-y install gcc-c ++ autoconf libjpeg-devel libpng-devel freetype-devel libxml2 libxml2-devel zlib-devel glibc-devel glib2 glib2-devel bzip2 bzip2-devel ncurses- devel curl-devel e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-devel krb5

Remote centOS desktop control

Remote ControlCentOSDesktop? How to use windows Remote ControlCentOSDesktop?   1. Check whether the local machine is installedVnc(CentOS5 installed by defaultVnc) Rpm-q vnc-server If the result is: PackageVncIs not installedVncServer-4.1.2-14.e15_3.1

CentOS 6 download address

Update the image site in China. CentOS 6 has been released and internal images are being updated to external image sites. However, domestic image sites are not updated yet. You can download this product if you like it. For more information about

CentOS for Linux (2)-common linux commands

After installing CentOS6.4 on the VM, I was excited when I watched the linux system run successfully ...... But the road to learning is still far away... To learn about linux for the first time, you must first run some basic linux commands. Linux

CentOS for Linux (10)-How to access CentOS under virtual machines

This essay should be said that the learning relationship with CentOS is not very great, but it is related to my next CentOS learning ...... Since CentOS was installed in a virtual machine, I was wondering if I could access the internet like the host

CentOS (4)-Linux Startup level

For most Linux programmers, after entering the Linux system, they usually see a dark interface (development mode), because if the system starts to select the development mode, it will reduce the startup time and optimize the memory. But usually we

How to build a j2ee environment in CentOS (7)

Because it is developed in the j2ee background, it is essential for every java programmer to build a j2ee environment on Linux. Therefore, this article mainly records the setup process of the j2ee environment, including the installation of jdk,

How to install VMware Tools in CentOS (6)-CentOS

I have already entered the sixth article of CentOS for Linux learning. In this article, I will summarize the common development environment setup in CentOS, because I learned java, so here we will introduce the installation of VMware-Tools. Install

CentOS (9) for Linux-network environment configuration for Linux

This article mainly records the network environment configuration in Linux. Linux and Unix are the world of networks. Therefore, how to configure network environment variables in Linux is crucial, here we will provide three methods for configuring

CentOS (14th) for Linux-Introduction to sshLinux-CentOS (11)-installation and configuration of Samba server under CentOS6.4

I have heard of the word ssh before I learned Linux. I learned the three major j2ee frameworks, so when I heard about ssh, I immediately thought of struts + spring + hibernate, at that time, I was thinking that this is not a java thing? Why is it

CentOS (19th) for Linux-File compression and packaging in Linux

In Linux, there are many compression commands. Using these compression commands, you can easily download large files from the network. At the same time, we know that the Linux File Extension has no special significance. However, because there are

CentOS (22nd)-change Root User Password in single user mode CentOS (211-linux system startup details

In the previous article, I explained in detail the Linux system startup process (CentOS (21), a detailed explanation of Linux system startup). We know that there are 6 levels of Linux system startup levels, you can see the following in

CentOS (25)-Linux disk management: basic concepts of LVM logical volumes and how LVM works

You can clickBottom right cornerTo evaluate the content of the article.Follow buttonTo follow the latest developments in my blog. If the article content is helpful to you, do not forget to clickRecommendation buttonTo support a Oh if you have any

CentOS (1)-CentOS6.4 environment for Linux Learning

I. Preface As a programmer who wants to engage in j2ee Background Development, how can a linux system not learn? Therefore, I have to learn about the linux operating system these days. Let's get straight to the topic. To learn linux development, you

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