Settings for remote Telnet access to centos 5

Enable telnet in centos 5 1. Install the required software Check the Telnet package first Telnet is installed by default. telnet-server must be installed later.[Root @ Hsia ~] # Yum install telnet-Server[Root @ Hsia ~] # Rpm-Qa | grep

How does centos install the flash plug-in for Firefox?

Reprinted: Old Li's original: the installation of flash in centos Firefox is very tangled, but old Li found a method. Click this address to download the Flash Player Plug-in source file http:/

Use virtualbox to build a virtual machine environment for centos 5.x

ArticleDirectory 1. Install virtualbox Software 2. Create a New centos 5.x VM 3. Configure the Virtual Machine 1. Install virtualbox Software Download the virtualbox software from and install it on your

How to install centos to support NTFS partitions [how to mount NTFS partitions in Linux]

From Id = 4845 & cid = 26 Install centos NTFS support Install centos NTFS support1. view the kernel version of your system# Uname- # Uname-R 2. Find the NTFS Module Suitable for your system kernel and CPU.

Centos uses the installation CD to create a local Yum source to complete the RPM package

In centos or RHEL system environment, rpmDependency is a headache. After each system installation is complete, I want to install another software package. Before I press the Enter key, I am scared to jump out of a dependency error. Behind a

Centos 6.0 mounting and reading and writing NTFS partitions

Centos 6.0 mounting and reading and writing NTFS partitions From: Just installed centos6.0 can not read the files below the windows drive letter, the following is to introduce the use of

Mount mobile hard drive NTFS partition with ntfs-3g under centos 6.3

[To] [After self-repair] 1. Install gcc Yum install gcc 2. Install ntfs-3g /Home # Go To The/home directory and download the software to this directory.Wget

Install Zend optimizer 3.3.9 in centos

1. Download an object: Http:// (32 bits) Http:// (64 bits) 2. Decompress Decompress

Centos 5.x Linux installation and usage specifications

Document directory 1. Server Installation Steps 2. Account Management 3. Database Management 4. Server Directory management 5. server data migration 1. Server Installation Step 1.1. Install centos 51.1.1. Start the CD Set the system to start

Configure turbogears 2.1 in centos 5 Linux

Document directory 1. Prepare the environment 2. Set the virtual environment and install tg21  1. Prepare the environment   In centos 5.x Linux, Python 2.4 has been installed by default. Therefore, we will install turbogears 2.1 on this basis.

Monodevelop 4.0.9 on centos 6.3 Installation notes


It is recommended to move to the Technical blog to view this article, because the layout is more suitable for reading: Preface Mono's SuSE Linux series, owned by Novell, provides built-in support for mono

Install SVN server on centos

Reference: 1. # Current Directory:/home/lizk Mkdir SVN CD SVN Svnadmin create MyApp SVN import/home/lizk/project file: // home/lizk/SVN/MyApp-M "init directory" 2. # Current Directory:/home/lizk/SVN/MyApp/Conf # Edit

Solve the problem of "this system is not registered with RHN" in centos"

Since centos is not registered, all sources that cannot use it can be updated. Therefore, we can update the source by replacing the source: Change the yum source to replace the/etc/yum. Repos. d/rhel-debuginfo.repo file. Enter the/etc/yum. Repos. d/

Set trackpoint in centos

Reproduced from: Topic_id = 12665 & Forum = 39   The ultranav trackpoint on thinkpads has a great middle button scrollingAbility. Some distros [read: Ubuntu, opensuse] have little to noProblem

Differences between centos and Ubuntu commands

Centos (community enterprise operating system)It is one of the Linux releases and is compiled from the source code released by Red Hat Enterprise Linux according to open source code regulations. Because of the same source code, some servers that

SELinux permission issues when lamp is set up in centos 5.3

When we learned how to set up lamp under centos 5.3, we copied the source code of a set of PHP to/var/www/html and found the index. PHP has no permission to access the file, but you can manually add a simple PHP file to access the file normally. You

Summary of Linux releases (CentOS, Debian, Redhat, Fedora Core, Gentoo, Ubuntu, etc)

CentosIf you like RH products, and you hate FC4, try centos. When you open this release, I believe you will yell: "Isn't that RedHat?", yes, this version uses the Rh srpm to generate the system completely, and the performance is also very

Centos 5.1 acts as a NAT proxy to implement thunder blocking, BT, and PPLIVE.


Recently, the company had a requirement to block something unrelated to the office and did not want to buy a hardware firewall. I had to use iptables to implement it. The 2.6 kernel compiled the kernel and added the module to IPTABLES.Block (ipp2p +

Win7 and centos dual systems, reboot centos after win7 is reinstalled

Because it is Centos6.3 and win7 dual systems, the MBR is changed after win7 is reinstalled. The originally installed Centos is also guided in MBR, so it cannot enter Centos, therefore, use the Centos USB flash drive to enter the rescue mode. First,

Server Setup: detailed tutorial on CentOS LNMP Construction

Currently, Linux + Nginx + PHP + MySQL (LNMP for short) is a popular configuration. The following describes the configuration method. 1. Install CentOS and LNMP packages. Install CentOS 5.5. After the system is installed, it comes with APACHE. Run

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