Use the centos installation disk to set the centos source in the LAN

When using centos, It is very convenient to install software using the yum command, but if there is no network, you have to talk about it. Currently, our group has about 100 centos servers in the data center. However, due to security policy issues

Change centos Host Name

How to change the centos Host Name Step 1:Shell commands # Hostname yourhostname Step 2:Modify the hostname in/etc/sysconfig/NetworkNetworking = Yes networking_ipv6 = No # hostname = localhost. localdomain hostname = yourhostname   Step

The installation of ise13.3 in centos 5.5 fails.

We successfully installed ise13.3 in centos 5.5 32-bit system today. After installation is complete, set the environment variables according to the prompts in the installation window after running Setenv Xilinx/tools/Xilinx/13.3

Centos Environment Network Configuration

Recently, I installed my desktop on Linux in the LS version of centos 3.0, but it was really troublesome to connect to the network. At that time, I configured it according to the methods provided by netizens, the most strange thing is that after the

Centos kernel Compilation

Centos kernel Compilation (22:50:51) ReprintedBytes     Centos kernel Compilation Download linux- to/usr/src # Wgethttp: // # Tar-jxvf

Centos 6.3 custom Automatic Installation

Centos 6.3 custom Automatic Installation I have tried centos5.x before. Today, I saw a friend asking me about the latest custom cd in the Forum. The previous method was unsuccessful. I specifically downloaded a centos 6.3 for testing and recorded

Build vsftp on centos

1. Download vsftp 2. Make Make install CP vsftp extract directory/vsftpd. CONF/etc/ Allow local users to log on to FTP and copy vsftpd. pam file CP RedHat/vsftpd. PAM/etc/PAM. d/FTP 3. modify vsftpd. conf accepts anonymous users:

CentOS ntfs support

Original post address:     1. view the kernel version of your system. Uname- My name is 2.6.18-92. el5 athlon. 2. Download the kernel module. Http:// Group_id =

Install centos mplayer

1. Before installation, check that GCC is installed. Check the GCC-V // version. My GCC version is 4.1.2 20071124 (Red Hat 4.1.2-42) The gdk-level package must also be installed. 2. Download:   Download related codes(Http://

Centos 5.1 rtl8168/8111 NIC Driver Installation (my local is Asus m51)

  (The original address is lost... after centos 5.2 is installed with an IP address, the IP address still cannot access the Internet, the gateway cannot be pinged, and other hosts in the LAN cannot be pinged. Previously Once installed on a computer,

In CentOS, the limit of uploading 2 MB files in dotProject is exceeded.

When uploading a file larger than 2 mb in the dotProject, an error occurs. The prompt is: the file size is 0, and the upload is stopped.   This is not a problem with the dotProject, but with the php settings.   Open the php configuration

Install subversion in CentOS and use svn + ssh to access

1. Server Installation (1) install the ssh server and subversion server Yum update yum install openssh-server yum install subversion (2) create a user logging on to svn Useradd login y; add login y user groupadd svn; add svn user group usermod-a-

Access SVN through apache in CentOS

Note: We assume that SVN has been successfully installed on CentOS and can be accessed normally.   Install the SVN module under Apache: Yum install httpd-devel subversion mod_dav_svn mod_auth_mysql Confirm that the svn module has been installed: mod_

Time synchronization between multiple CentOS servers (NTP time synchronization)

When a program runs on multiple servers, the clock on these servers is sometimes the same. However, when the server runs for a certain period of time, the clock on each server may be different, in this case, all servers need to automatically

Install centos 5.3 on the network

  0. Basic Requirements (1) There must be at least two servers: one with no operating system and the other with the operating system installed, we store CentOS installation files. (2) The network card to install the operating system must support the

Install JDK 7 in CentOS

Install JDK 7 in CentOS   : Http:// 1. Install JDK1.7.0After the download is complete, run the following command after obtaining the root permission: [Root @ sea] #

Install Trac-0.12 on CentOS 5.5

1. untar Trac source code 2. install Babel Easy_install Babel = 0.9.5 3. install pysqlite $ Tar xvfz .tar.gz $ Cd $ Python setup. py build_static install 4. Trac Sudo

Redhat and CentOS versions (Supplement 5.4 and 5.5)

In Linux, use uname-a to view the Linux version information. Or use cat/Proc/version   Redhat9.0 --------------- 2.4.20-8 RHEL3 Update 8------------2.4.21-47 RHEL4 ---------------- 2.6.9-5 RHEL4 Update 1------------2.6.9-11 RHEL4 Update 2-----

Use the source code to install Lighttpd in centos 5.6

Document directory Configuration The Lighttpd documentation mentions that you can use Yum install lighttd To install, but I did not succeed in centos5.6, so I had to use the source code for installation. Download Download the Lighttpd source

Notes on installing hadoop pseudo-distribution mode in centos Linux

  I. SummaryAfter several days of debugging, we finally successfully set up a hadoop test environment under Linux cent OS 5.0. This test builds a pseudo-distributed architecture on a server. The hadoop pseudo-distributed mode simulates hadoop

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