Install centos 6.0 on a hard disk in win7

Problems with hard disk installation of centos6.0: 1. GRUB boot installation in centos; 2. Download The CentOS-6.0-i386-bin-DVD version of the ISO image file size 4.38 GB, cannot be saved to the

Install centos 7.1 in VMware 5.3 manual mode

When centos 7.1 is installed in VMware, if it is directly installed, whether it is automatic or custom (custom refers to VMware's custom), centos will be fully automated during installation. By default, the installation is in English, so that the

Solution to invisible panel icon at the bottom of centos

 Step 1: in Linux desktop, press CTRL + ALT + F2Step 2: Login then type the following command:$ Cd$ Rm-RF. gconf$ Rm-RF. gconfd$ Rm-RF. gnome$ Rm-RF. gnome2Step 3: Press CTRL + ALT + F7 to be back to X-Windows, then restart the Linux       1.

Install xtradb 1.0.4-8 on centos 5.4

Author: Yan Shiwei   1. xtradb version is used for MySQL-percona-5.1.39-8.rhel5.src.rpm   2. Download the RPM source code package and use RPM to unpackageRpm-IVH MySQL-percona-5.1.39-8.rhel5.src.rpm3. decompress the source code

Solution for SSL error reported by redmine2.3.0 mail server on centos

After the twists and turns of redmine2.3.0, I went to configure the email server happily and thought that the configuration was complete. Who knows that there was another problem when I clicked to send the test email after the configuration was

Redhat5.6 configure centos yum

Today, we are working on redhat5.6 Enterprise Edition. The solution is to use the centos Yum update source to implement the rhel5 Yum function" I, Download the four Yum files under centos5.6: Run Rpm-IVH -- nodeps

How to enable telnet in centos 5.4 and display garbled characters in Chinese on the terminal

Install the telnet-server packageYum-y install telnet-Server Enable TelnetVI/etc/xinetd. d/telnet # Change disable = yes to no service xinetd restart Chinese garbled charactersVI/etc/sysconfig/i18n lang = "zh_cn.gb18030" # You can use the

Settings after centos Installation


After centos is installed, the security and adaptability to the hardware may not fully comply with our actual situation. Here, the initial environment settings for the new centos system will follow the following principles: 1. To ensure security,

Disable the pcspkr module of centos to prevent alarms.

The newly installed centos may encounter unexpected problems, which also brings a lot of inconvenience to beginners. This is a very common problem, because beginners may see more things on the surface of Linux, as well as what they see in comparison

Fedora builds servers, DHCP + tftp + FTP + PXE starts to install centos

  1. IntroductionPXE is a way to boot a computer without a floppy drive, hard disk, or CD-ROM, that is, BIOS will boot from the network using the PXE protocol. 2. PreparationOne host with fedora or centos installed (I use a host with fedora 14 i686

Centos installation Temperature Monitoring lm_sensors

  # Yum install lm_sensors     # Sensors-dectect   Startup failure discovered mainly because kernel module coretemp is needed   # Modprobe coretemp     # Uname- Linux 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5 #1 SMP Thu May 13 13:08:30 EDT 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

Install the pdksh package on centos

After testing, you can download and install the SDK. Http:// OS /i386/CentOS/pdksh-5.2.14-36.el5.i386.rpm [root@ora11g tmp]# rpm -ivh pdksh-5.2.14-36.el5.i386.rpmwarning: pdksh-5.2.14-36.el5.i386.rpm: Header V3 DSA

Install Chinese Input Method in centos English environment

Except the original input method of the system Search for packages containing iiim Rpm-Qa iiim * Run the following command to delete all the RPM packages: Rpm-e XXXX -- nodeps Note: The above XXXX is replaced by your rpm-Qa iiim * search

Centos + Sendmail + sasl2 + Dovecot

1. The centos, sasl2 package, and Sendmail package are installed by default; 2. Disable SELinux; otherwise, saslauthd will be affected by shadow authentication; VI/etc/SELinux/config Change SELinux = enforce to SELinux = disabled and restart the

Connect to centos remotely with VNC XP

Reference 1: Reference Site: Id = 92 1. Check whether VNC is installed on the local machine (VNC is installed on centos5 by default) Rpm-q vnc-Server If the result is: Package VNC is not installedVnc-server-4.1.2

Linux (centos/Fedora/RedHat/Ubuntu ....) How to install the RPM and Deb files, how to decompress, compile, and install the * .tar.gz File

Installation of rpm-format software packages 1. IntroductionAlmost all Linux distributions use some form of software package to manage installation, update, and uninstall software. Compared with installing software packages directly from source code,

Redhat6.0 Yum problem solving method set to centos Yum Source

Because the RedHat Yum online update is charged, it cannot be used if it is not registered. to use it, you need to uninstall the RedHat yum, restart the installation, and configure other sources, the detailed process is as follows:(The version is 64-

Integration of redmine and SVN on centos

1. Install SVN first Ii. Integration of SVN and Apache 1. Create an SVN version Library # Cd/var/www/# mkdir SVN # cd SVN # svnadmin create test1 // After SVN is installed, the root directory of the svn repository is/var/www/SVN, create a version

On centos redmine2.3.0, click my account and my personal settings to display the 500 Error solution.

Recently, the company wants to upgrade redmine to version 2.3.0. The setup process is still smooth due to the previous setup. However, after the setup, the problem is found. After logging on to the background, click "my account" and "manage"-"" set "

Install opennebula on centos 5.5 [Source Code installation]

Opennubula has two parts: front-end and cluster-node. Front-end is used to install opennebula to monitor virtual machines installed on cluster-node, Virtual Machine images, and cluster-node statuses. Cluster-node installs the Virtual Machine and

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