Or centos stability.

After replacing Ubuntu with Ubuntu, the support for machines is poor. Every two hours, the machine will crash. I want to force the shutdown, my heart. Or switch back to centos. All the dependent databases are available.Source codeCompile it. Next,

Install the netbeans integrated development environment in centos

Download netbeans   Taking netbeans-7.0beta2-ml-javaee-linux.sh as an Example# Sh netbeans-7.0beta2-ml-javaee-linux.shThen enter the installation interface (which is similar to that in Windows) The premise is that you have installed Java Do not

Use audacious to play MP3 in centos 5.3

Generally, audacious is installed, but no mp3 plug-in is installed by default. Yum list audacious *Displays all supported plug-ins of audacious. [Root @ host ~] # Yum list audacious * Loaded plugins: fastestmirrorLoading mirror speeds from

Installation of virtualbox Enhancement Tool in centos

VirtualboxIs SunCompanyDevelopmentVirtual System software can be installed on a variety of system platforms, virtual machines also support a variety of operating systemsSimulation. WhileCentosYesThe abbreviation of the community enterprise operating

Windows Remote connection to centos in virtual box

1. Make sure that the SSH service is enabled or that the service is trusted. 2. Set the second adapter (adapter 2) in the network connection settings of the Virtual Machine in virtual box. Select host only adapter. 3. Enable adapter 3 as above,

Centos 6.5 does not cover py2.x installation of python3.3.2

I recently went to the plateau and didn't want to read books. I simply wanted to learn PHP, but accidentally came into contact with python. How did you say I wouldn't learn? Right? How to install python3.3.2. Before that, it should be clear:

Centos: beautify Chinese Fonts

Centos: beautify Chinese FontsThe simplest way is to download the Chinese font of wenquanyi (http://wenq.org.For font installations on centos, see http://wenq.org/index.cgi? Fedora8_wqyAlthough the appropriate font rpm is customized for fedora,

NVIDIA graphics card problems in centos

Some time ago, I downloaded the latest Linux kernel, installed the RT path (patch to improve real-time performance), and completed the kernel image. After that, I found that the NVIDIA driver was not enough in the original kernel, you can only use

Use openswan on centos/RedHat 5.4 to build a VPN between data centers

Recently, due to the high traffic of the primary data center, several independent hosts were purchased abroad for traffic distribution and cost. This requires two data centers.Data Synchronization, including MySQL, MongoDB, and reverse proxy. By

Configure jmagick 6.4.0 in centos 6.2

After various Collection on the Internet, we finally got it done. Record that sudo needs to be used for root permission in some places: (1) ensure that the system has installed the following packages: Rpm-Q libjpeg-devel libpng-devel LibTIFF-devel

Configure a bridge in Linux (centos 5.5)

Install the following:Bridge-utils and tunctlYum search:Yum install bridge-utils.noarchYum install tunctl. x86_64 1. Check whether the logical (virtual) Bridge interface existsBrctl showIf it already exists, use brctl delbr + bridge name to delete

Install bugzllia in centos

1. Install the bugzilla dependent library. Yum install GD Gd-devel httpd mysqld GCC g ++ make   Yum install Perl-XML-twigYum install ImageMagick-perlYum install mod_perlYum install Perl-HTML-parserYum install Perl-email-mime-attachment-StripperYum

Configure testlink in centos

1. Check the installed Apache PHP MySQL version in centos: (The installation method of Apache MySQL PHP is RPM or # Yum install) # Httpd-V Server version: Apache/2.2.3 Configuration File:/etc/httpd/CONF/httpd. conf # PHP-V PHP 5.2.16 (CLI) (built:

Centos usage record

Today, I have nothing to do with centos. I have long heard that this system is good. Today, it is really good. Actually, it has commands dedicated to configuring the development environment. You can use Yum groupinstall "development libraries"

Use centos DVD as the default Yum Source

Perform tests based on the network methods and organize them: Environment: centos 1. Create a mount directory for the DVD [Root @ localhost ~] # Mkdir/Media/centos 2. Mount centos DVD in Linux [Root @ localhost ~] # Mount-T

Install centos on an xp usb flash drive

You can install a USB flash drive for Linux in two steps: Install a USB flash drive and boot a Linux system. I. Install the USB flash drive boot System 1. Prepare a 4g usb flash drive and format it as fat32. 1. Download syslinux at [url]

Install mplayer in centos


Download the main program:MPlayer-1.0pre8.tar.bz2Official decoder:Essential-20071007.tar.bz2Win32_CODES-all official:Windows-essential-20071007.zipSkin:Orange-1.3.tar.bz2Download URL: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design7/dload.htmlStep2. install

VI editor for Linux (centos 6.x) every day for half an hour

To facilitate Directory creation, use the dektop directory as the editing space to avoid confusion in other file directories. Three VI modes: GENERAL: Open the document in normal mode. Press ESC to normal mode in other modes. Can be deleted,

Procedures for installing win7 + centos dual-System

For Linux developers, it is often necessary to install centos on a Windows 7 system to implement dual-system switching. I will share the following information with you based on the installation methods found on the internet and my own practices. I

Centos Linux kernel upgrade process

First, the line with the # sign below is the command line to be entered, and all the command lines mentioned in this article are entered in the terminal. Next, let's start a wonderful Linux kernel upgrade journey! I. Preparations Start the Linux

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