Linux/centos header V3 DSA Signature: nokey, key ID error Solution

Add -- force -- nodeps, as shown in figure# Rpm-IVH db4-devel-4.3.29-9.fc6.i386.rpm -- force -- nodeps This is a strange thing. Previously, RPM files that can be directly installed in the system cannot be installed now. You can double-click them

Configure the Cuda development environment in centos

Because our CudaProgramIs put on the server to run, so I want to connect to the host using SSH, and then compile and run the program in the host. Because it was installed by the Administrator and I am not an administrator user, Cuda is not

The database table data cannot be obtained normally in centos.

  Recently, the customer requested to install the application under centos, so they had the opportunity to get in touch with centos. By the way, they also learned about the general centos operations and MySQL. Currently, the entire technical

Install xen Virtual Machine in centos

The tutorials on the Internet are messy, and they are a huge copy of the world. The reposted tutorials have never been tried.Because the cpu Of this server does not support VT (full virtualization), semi-virtualization is used for installation. The

Use audacious to play MP3 in centos 5.3

Generally, audacious is installed, but no mp3 plug-in is installed by default. Yum list audacious *Displays all supported plug-ins of audacious. [Root @ host ~] # Yum list audacious * Loaded plugins: fastestmirrorLoading mirror speeds from

Install the enhancement feature in the centos Virtual Machine of virtualbox

Recently, we need to test some middleware Products in different environments. Because there is no redundant hardware, we need to consider using virtual machines. When I first started using VMWare, But it occupied a large amount of memory (even when

Install centos Enterprise Linux 6.0 i386 in raid1

The first time I installed the server version of Linux, the first time I installed Linux in raid1, I encountered n many headaches during the installation process, which is also expected. Now I will share with you the installation process. I hope

How to install HTTP Server Load balancer for three Linux centos 4.4 Linux LVS Dr Mode

I. preparations:1. VMWare workstaion 5.0 can install three Linux instances on Windows. You don't need it if you have multiple PCs.VMware 5.0 serial number, always has one for you-------------- For reference only !!!For Windows:6a8j6-ftjm7-l8q15-48h98

Use openswan on centos/RedHat 5.4 to build a VPN between data centers

Recently, due to the high traffic of the primary data center, several independent hosts were purchased abroad for traffic distribution and cost. This requires two data centers.Data Synchronization, including MySQL, MongoDB, and reverse proxy. By

Configure jmagick 6.4.0 in centos 6.2

After various Collection on the Internet, we finally got it done. Record that sudo needs to be used for root permission in some places: (1) ensure that the system has installed the following packages: Rpm-Q libjpeg-devel libpng-devel LibTIFF-devel

Configure a bridge in Linux (centos 5.5)

Install the following:Bridge-utils and tunctlYum search:Yum install bridge-utils.noarchYum install tunctl. x86_64 1. Check whether the logical (virtual) Bridge interface existsBrctl showIf it already exists, use brctl delbr + bridge name to delete

How to Use Yum source update in centos 6.2 (32-bit)


Previously, Redhat EL5 server has been used as a server, but the RedHat Yum needs to be updated online, so it will be charged. Later I changed centos 6.2, but I want to use its Yum function, you also need to make some other changes. The specific

Install mplayer on centos 6.2

Mplayer is an open-source multimedia player released with the GNU General Public License. This software can be used in mainstream operating systems, such as Linux and other UNIX-like systems, Microsoft Windows systems, and Mac OS X systems on Apple

Customize centos 5 installation CD

Copyright Disclaimer: original work. If you need to reprint it, please contact the author. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. Currently, one or six CD files are installed on centos 5.2, but not all programs are installed during the

Install the Broadcom NIC Driver on centos 6.3 64-bit System

Original link Reload   Operating system installed on centos6 64-bit liveos 1. Confirm hardware information 1.1 first, check that the system contains the appropriate tools, packages, header

Install QT on centos

Download qt5 SDK: Http:// 2. after qt5 is installed and downloaded, if it is placed in download/, switch to the directory and enter :. / run; the following error occurs :.

CentOS-6.3 installation configuration JDK-7

Zhoulf 2013-02-04 original instructions System Environment: centos-6.3Installation Method: rpm InstallationSoftware: jdk-7-linux-x64.rpm:

What to do after centos Installation

Reproduced 01. System InstallationLog on to the official website to download the latest livecd image and install it on a dial.#####02. Set root to log on directlyOpen the terminal and enter the

Problems with qt4 installation in centos

In a recent project, we need to keep Windows software under Linux. We have been working on Windows programs before. Although I have learned about Linux, I forgot about it, So I started my research on Linux. I hope everyone with this experience can

Solve the problem of slow update caused by the centos update plug-in fastestmirror.

Fastestmirror is used to automatically detect the update source speed and remove the slow source. This is a very advanced method, but the problem also arises: if the network environment is changed, as a result, the source speed in the cache is slow.

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