How to reset the root password of centos

1. When starting the system, you can see the boot directory, use the up and down arrow keys to select the system you forgot your password, and then press "E ". 2. Next you can see the figure shown in. Then you can use the up/down key to select the

NVIDIA graphics Driver Installed in CentOS-6.2

The NVIDIA graphics card driver does not support kernels with xen.1. Install kernel:View your own kernel version# Uname-R# Yum install kernel-develRestart your computer.2. Download the graphics card driver:The corresponding graphics card driver of

Centos 6.2 released

6.1 was released in just over a week, and 6.2 was released. Currently, most websites have 6.2 directories, but the synchronization is not completed yet. You can start downloading. Http:// Http://mirrors.

Centos system modification time

By default, the system uses the US time instead of the China time. You need to modify the system's time zone to change the current time of the system. Log on to the system as a root user Copy the corresponding time zone file, replace the centos

Disable IPv6 in centos/RedHat

1. Check whether IPv6 is enabled1.1 Use ifconfig to check whether your IP address contains an IPv6 addressInet ADDR: bcast: mask: ADDR: fe80: 20c: 29ff: fee4: 1d8/64 scope: LinkUp broadcast running

Install Multiple JDK in centos

The default setting is openjdk 1.7. the hivedb compilation does not seem to be 1.5, but it does not work./tmp/hivedb-master/src/main/Java/org/hivedb/META/persistence/hivebasicdatasource is reported. java: [13,7] error: hivebasicdatasource is not

Linux centos 6.x Development Configuration documentation-JDK

1. Check the JDK in the current operating system:Rpm-Qa | grep Java(OrRpm-Qa | grep JDK) (OrRpm-Qa | grep gcj) 2. Delete the built-in JDK:Yum-y removeJava -* 3. Download JDK:Http:// 4.

Freenx for centos Remote Desktop Solution

Document Information: Document version: Version 1.0: Modification record: 2012-4-14 System Environment: Centos 1, 5.5 (Suitable 32bitAnd 64bit ) Format conventions: Gray background: input system commands Yellow background:

Centos installation RAR

Download the RAR installation package from This articleArticleIt's not original, and the source is forgotten. The following registration of RAR is from the UBUNTU Forum. [Root @ centos soft] # tar-xvf

Compile FFMPEG on centos 6.0

This guide is based on a minimal centos installation and Will installffmpeg with several external encoding libraries. Note:The # indicates that the commandshoshould be executed as superuser or root. Preparation Remove any existing packages: #

How to restore the network card Em1 in centos 6.2 to eth0

Step 1: Modify the grub SystemVI/boot/GRUB/grub. conf Add a start parameter with biosdevname = 0. The Modification result is as follows: [Root @ xingfujie ~] # Cat/boot/GRUB/grub. conf# Grub. conf generated by anaconda## Note that you do not have

Install the dynamic domain name resolution client on centos

Wget Tar-xzvf ddclient.tar.gz CD ddclient-3.7.3/ Mkdir/etc/ddclient Mkdir/var/Cache/ddclient CP ddclient/usr/local/sbin CP sample-etc_ddclient.conf/etc/ddclient. conf Sample-etc_rc.d_init.d_ddclient/etc/rc.

Solution for glibcxx_3.4.9 error reported when programs compiled in centos 6 are running in centos 5 Environment

When the program testgcc compiled in centos 6 runs in centos 5, the following error occurs:./testgcc./Testgcc:/usr/lib64/libstdc ++. so.6: Version 'glibcxx _ 3.4.9 'not found (required by./testgcc). /Testgcc:/usr/lib64/libstdc ++. so.6: Version

Install RAR on centos

Due to a recent plan and having to use rar, you need to install RAR on centos. The record is as follows: wget tar -xvf rarlinux-3.9.3.tar.gz cd rar

Setup and configuration of centos FTP Server

Yum install vsftpd 2. Start/restart/shut down the vsftpd Server[Root @ localhost FTP] #/sbin/service vsftpd restartShutting down vsftpd: [OK]Starting vsftpd For vsftpd: [OK]OK indicates that the restart is successful.Change restart to start/stop for

Centos 6 Yum source settings

If you want to get RHEL's high-quality, high-performance, high-reliability, and easy-to-use (the key is free) Software Package update function, the epel (extra packages for Enterprise Linux) launched by the Fedora Project) this is exactly for you.

Install the Broadcom wireless NIC Driver on centos

When centos 6.3 is installed today, the wireless network card cannot be identified .. Centos does not support wireless NICs of bcm4311, bcm4312, bcm4313, bcm4321, bcm4322, bcm43224, bcm43225, bcm43227, and bcm43228 chips. The solution is as follows.

Compile and install xmms and mplayer in centos 5.4


Run this command to find the centos version: [Samzhang @ rat072 sandbox] $ CAT/etc/RedHat-release Centos release 5.4 (final)   The system permission settings are depressing. Many directories are read-only and can only be written under the sandbox

Configure SSL for centos and Apache

Enable SSL for centos 5Install mod_ssl firstYum install mod_sslAfter completionThere is an SSL. conf file under/etc/httpd/CONF. d/. OpenIt mainly looks at the certificate and key locationSslcertificatefile/etc/pki/tls/certs/localhost.

Enable the mysqld remote connection permission for centos

Solution to MySQL remote connection failure (centos)(1) Stop the MySQL service first.#/Etc/init. d/mysqld stop(2) view the MySQL configuration file# Vi/etc/My. CNFPay special attention to the following two items: bind_address and skip_networking.

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