Install KVM on centos 6 of Vmware

I have completed the test of installing KVM on centos 6 of VMware. Please refer to the link .. The final result is that you can use VNC to remotely connect to the created virtual machine and install ubuntu .. Note: virtual machines on Vmware

Simple Steps for installing phpMyAdmin in centos 6.0


Http:// PhpMyAdminIs a web interface that allows you to manage your MySQL database. So how can ICentos 1, 6.0What about phpMyAdmin installation? This article introduces the installation process, hoping to

Putty & xming remote logon to centos

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Host OS: Windows 7. Guest OS: centos 5.7 Virtual Machine: VMWare Player 4 build. Connection Type: Nat --------------------------------------------------------------------

Centos VNC installation 5 detailed process

Address:     The 64-bit centos 6 has been reinstalled on the server. I don't know how to install VNC. It's very useful to find this one. I use VNC 5.04, which is also applicable to Haha.

VMware sets up centos Virtual Machine NAT networking

Author: Zhu MahaI/Category: FAQ font size: l m s We installed hearbeat on the VMWare virtual host today. To use the latest version, we chose to compile and install it. During the compilation process, if you need to connect to a website with a wall

Configure Firewall operation instances (enable, stop, enable, and disable ports) in centos)

Centos configures firewall operation instances (enable, stop, enable, and disable ports ):   Note: basic firewall operation commands: Query the Firewall Status: [Root @ localhost ~] # Service iptables status   Stop Firewall: [Root @ localhost ~] #

Install and configure Samba in centos and share it with Windows

Refer to the installation method here, if there is no network. Http:// Uid = 20715874 & Do = Blog & cuid = 733101 Usually there is a network, so there is no need to be so troublesome. Then let's start with ^_^. ---------

Centos in virtualbox (NAT mode) for SSH

Recently, I want to learn how to install oracle in Linux. However, the virtual machine and the physical machine cannot communicate with each other. It is depressing that you can find this article. My environment is: Host OS: Windows XP SP3 Guest OS:

Solution to no such file error reported by ptrace on 64-bit centos

First, we will introduce ptrace: Ptrace provides a way for the parent process to monitor and control other processes. It can also change the registers and kernel images in sub-processes, so that it can implement breakpoint debugging and tracing of

Create a new user in vsftp in centos 5.3

I recently learned about Linux and want to configure an FTP server on Linux. I used the source code to compile and install vsftpd 2.1.2. The installation process is fine, and some problems are encountered during the configuration process. The

Set automatic dial-up for ADSL in centos

Set automatic dial-up for ADSL in centos Functions: Automatic dial-up upon startup, automatic reconnection upon disconnectionI. Prerequisites for Installation1. Ensure that the NIC is installed and working properlyUse commands# Ifconfig eth0View Nic

Install svn1.7.7 on centos

Centos's default Yum -- install subversion, which is installed with version 1.6 The installation script 1.7 is: #!/bin/bash echo WANdisco Subversion Installer for CentOS 5 echo Please report bugs or feature suggestions to opensource@wandisco.

Install centos 5.5 (dual system) on Windows XP)

Centos is an open-source version of RHEL. It has powerful RH functions and is free of charge. centos is used as the operating system for servers. For more information about centos, see /. My installation journey is as

Centos 5.5 installation hadoop-0.21.0

After a day, I finally installed a hadoop-0.21.0 on centos. I would like to record it for later use. Operating System: centos 5.5 Hadoop: hadoop-0.21.0JDK: 1.6.0 _ 17Namenode Host Name: Master, namenode IP: Host Name: slave,

Centos Security Settings

1. Use a firewall to close unnecessary ports. If someone else fails to ping the server, the threat is naturally reduced by more than half. Methods To prevent ping by others: 1) at the command promptEcho 1>/proc/sys/NET/IPv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all 2)

Pycurl Error 6-"couldn't resolve host 'using list '"

Solution 1. Run Echo "nameserver">/etc/resolv. conf Set DNS Server You can. The cause is that the above error is caused by no DNS server address configured on the server. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Build the samba service and NFS environment of centos

I used fedora before. The more I use it, the more I felt that it was not very good. So I started the idea of changing the development environment. So I chose CentO, Ubuntu, and RedHat. There are a lot of bugs in RedHat when people comment on the

How to query centos to view the system kernel version, system version, 32-bit or 64-bit

View the centos kernel version: 1) [root @ localhost ~] # Cat/proc/version Linux version 2.6.18-194. EL5 ( (gccversion 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-48) #1 SMP Fri APR 58:14 EDT 2010 2) [Root @ localhost ~] #

Install centos Enhancement Tool in virtualbox

When centos is installed in virtualbox, the "Enhancement Tool" cannot be installed normally, mainly because the kernel library cannot be found. The error message is as follows: View the log file: CAT/var/log/vboxadd-install.log From the

Notes for quick installation of nginx in centos 6.4

The articles on how to install nginx in centos 6.4 are written by ex_net (Zhang jianbo). For more information, see the source. Http:// Author: Zhang jianbo mailbox: Phone: 13577062679

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