Solution to invalid centos DNS resolv restart

You cannot directly modify/etc/resolv. conf. You must add the DNS settings in/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. Otherwise, after the restart, you must use the eth0 settings without DNS information to restore/etc/resolv. conf to the original

Centos System for ultra-small USB flash drives

Today, I want to use a USB flash drive to install a centos system. After I find it online, I say I want to use a USB flash drive larger than 4 GB. However, I only have a MB memory card, I tried to install red hat5. Try to find boot. ISO, and the

The centos system sets sudo permissions for normal users.

A. Check whether sudo is installed. # Rpm-Qa | grep sudo B. Modify the/etc/sudoers file and add a sudo user. # Define do-F/etc/sudoers C. After root all = (all) All, add Tom all = (all) All Defaults: tomtimestamp_timeout =-1, runaspw //

Uninstall JDK under centos

1. log on to centos with the root account 2. view the JDK INSTALLED IN THE SYSTEM [Root @ localhost ~] # Rpm-Qa | grep JDK Jdk-1.6.0_38-fcs3, uninstall JDK [root @ localhost ~] # Rpm-e -- nodeps jdk-1.6.0_22-fcs Parameter Selection: -E, --

Install mplayer with Yum in centos 5.3 Linux

Step 1: Go to the/etc/yum. Repos. d/directory, create a file mplayer. Repo, and write the following content:[Mplayer]Name = centos-$ releasever-UpdatesBaseurl = list =

Use Putty to remotely log on to centos

In the Vista environment, the local NIC address is (wired, and the gateway is, and DHCP is used wirelessly. After using virtualbox to install centos5.4, configure the network parameters so that Putty can simulate the steps

Hadoop + hbase installation manual in centos

Required before installation Because of the advantages of hadoop, file storage and task processing are distributed, the hadoop distributed architecture has the following two types of servers responsible for different functions, master server and

Deployment of SVN version control system on centos

SVN, short for subversion, is a commonly used version control system. I will not talk about the advantages of SVN here. I. Here I will briefly introduce how to deploy the SVN version control management system on sentos. 01. Download the Subversion

Install and configure tortoisehg and kdiff3 on Redhat/centos

I. PrefaceThis article was originally part of the 3rd development toolbox system, but some of our colleagues encountered a lot of software version and dependency problems when installing tortoisehg and kdiff3, resulting in a failure to install them

Apache configuration in centos

Install httpd in the ghost source package. (1) Static default installation. The command is as follows: After the preceding steps, run the following command to check the installed modules: Check whether the module is activated, for example: The

Enable telnet in centos 5.3 Linux

1. The Telnet package is installed by default in centos 5.3.[Root @ zhuliting ~] # Cat/etc/RedHat-releaseCentos release 5.3 (final)[Root @ zhuliting ~] # Rpm-Qa | grep TelnetTelnet-server-0.17-39.el5Telnet-0.17-39.el5If not, run the following

Centos 5.3 source code installation xen-3.2.0

Download the source code at In the first file, xen3.2 tarball is the official source code package and the third file. xen 3.2 is the RPM package for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and centos 5. Download them

Boot and install centos Linux

Some time ago, I installed a system on the cluster and learned how to use a USB flash drive!Many methods for installing Linux on hard disks on the Internet are provided by windows. You can add a boot menu to modify the boot. ini file of windows to

Mount NTFS/FAT32 partitions in centos 5.3 Linux

If the FAT32 partition is mounted, you can directly jump to Step 1 to mount the partition. 1. view the release version[Root @ zhuliting ~] # Cat/etc/RedHat-releaseCentos release 5.3 (final)2. view the kernel version and processor:[Root @ zhuliting ~]

Modify MAC address in centos Linux

    1. First view the NIC information: [Root @ localhost ~] # Ifconfig Eth0 link encap: Ethernet hwaddr 00: 0C: 29: 49: 22: C8 Inet ADDR: bcast: mask: Inet6 ADDR: fe80: 20c: 29ff: fe49: 22c8/64 scope: Link ...  

Install centos Linux 5.3 on a hard disk in Windows

    1. Open the image file CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-DVD.iso (My centos image file is placed on disk D), find the isolinux directory, right-click to select "extract to the specified folder", select disk D, OK. Go to the D:/solinux directory and retain

Install the NVIDIA graphics card driver in centos 5.3

1. My video card model is NVIDIA geforce 6100.The downloaded driver is, placed under the/usr/softwarw directory, the type of the driver and the downloaded directory can be based on your own specific circumstances.

Install, configure, and test ganglia in centos 5.3

Introduction: ganglia monitoring software is mainly used to monitor system performance, such as CPU, mem, hard disk utilization, I/O load, and network traffic, it is easy to see the working status of each node through the curve, which plays an

Install the svn service in centos

Note: The originality here refers to the records that have been collected and tested successfully on the server. It's not something of your own. Think about it!   Installing Svn in centos is simple, and Yum can be used quickly. yum install

Install Nagios in centos

Nagios is an open-source free network monitoring tool that can effectively monitor the status of windows, Linux and UNIX hosts, network settings such as vswitches and routers, and printers. When the system or service status is abnormal, an email or

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