Use autoenv in CentOS to run specific environment variables after entering a specific directory

Installation# Macgit clone git:// ~/. autoenv# installs default shellecho ' source ~/.autoenv/ ' >> ~/. BASHRC# installed zshecho ' source ~/.autoenv/ ' >> ~/. ZSHRC# centosgit clone

Number of occurrences of some specific string grouping statistics under CentOS for a file

If the existing data:{"@timestamp": "2018-10-13t21:55:58+08:00", "REMOTE_ADDR": "", "Referer": "-", "Request": "get/api/gourd/ Activeupload?idfa=58237fa9-a1b3-4202-b5f3-9536983119e5&appid=1410137206&source=rehulu HTTP/1.1 "," status ": $,

9-centos timed task-not working-no path indicated!!!

Crond is a daemon that is used to periodically perform certain tasks or wait for certain events under Linux, similar to Scheduled tasks under Windows, when the operating system is installed, the Service tool is installed by default and the Crond

CentOS installation JDK, configuration environment variables

1. Verify if there is an installationJava-version2. If you need to upgrade a new version of the JDK or want to reinstall the JDK, you need to uninstall the original JDK firstYum-y Remove java*3. View the list of Java resources in Yum sourceCommand:

CentOS 7 SSH Login security issue

2018-10-111. SSH Disable root loginModify the SSH configuration file/etc/ssh/sshd_configvim/etc/ssh/Sshd_configpermitrootlogin Yes #去掉前面的 # and change Yes to noRestart SSHSystemctl Restart sshd2. New addition of ordinary users and authorizedCreate

USB flash Drive Installation CentOS 7.x system cannot mount to installation interface solution

1, when entering the system installation interface, press the TAB key to open the System boot command line 2, in the System boot command line, we can see Vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img ... 3. List the Mount device information of the server; Vmlinuz

CentOS 7.x Change host name

method one using the Hostnamectl command[Email protected] ~]# Hostnamectl set-hostname personal-serverMethod Two: Modify the configuration file/etc/hostname save exit[email protected] ~]# Vi/etc/hostnamepersonal-server                                

Centos 7 Installation ifconfig management commands

1. Installation Requirements BackgroundWe know that the ifconfig command can be used to view, configure, enable, or disable a specified network interface, such as configuring the IP address, mask, broadcast address, gateway, etc. of the network card,

CentOS 7.x Change Host IP

[email protected] ~]# cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts[[email protected] ~] #ls//ifcfg-ens** for the network configuration file we need to modifyusing the VIM command (vi command can also), to configure the file, we need to modify bootproto= "static"

Solution for failed to open CentOS NIC

The virtual machine installs CentOS, uses the IP addr command to view the network card, but Ens33 does not have the IP address, according to the network said, modifies the ENS33 network card configuration

View Tomcat status and operations in centos

Start: Execute sh tomcat/bin/startup. ShView: Run PS-Ef | grep tomcat to output the following WWW 5144... Wait. Bootstrap start indicates that tomcat has been started normally, and the process ID pid = 5144 is set to 5144.Kill: Kill-9 5144-----------

Install CAS server on centos

1. Install jdk1.8 Https:// 2. install Tomcat 8 3. Install Maven Https:// 4. Download

The ifconfig command for viewing IP addresses in centos 7 cannot identify how to handle the issue.

Problem description:   The centos7 system has been installed in the Virtual Machine. When you view the IP address and use the ifconfig command, the system prompts that the command cannot be found. You can use the ip addr command to query the IP

How to Set auto-start and environment variables in centos

1. Set auto-start In centos, there are two main ways to set the startup of a self-installed program.1. Add the Startup Program command to the/etc/rc. d/rc. Local file. For example, set httpd to be started upon startup. #!/bin/sh## This script will

Install centos on a virtual machine

Entos Installation I installed it with Vmware 12. The following is the installation. Open the VM homepage.   Select create virtual machine     Typical installation: vmwear applies mainstream configurations to the virtual machine operating system,

Virtual Machine virtualbox and centos 7 Installation

1. virtualbox The operating systems on our computer are generally windows. If we want to learn about Linux, we can install a virtual machine on our computer and then install linux on it. Virtual machines can use virtualbox or VMware. We use

CentOS-6.9 mounting zabbix 3.4

1. Disable SELinux [[Email protected]/] # sed-I "s # SELinux = enforcing # SELinux = disabled # G"/etc/SELinux/config # restart to take effect [[email protected]/] # setenforce 0 # temporarily disable 2. zabbix requires MySQL or a later version.

Configure IPv6 DNS server on centos 7

Take my machine as an example. If the network card is eth3, select 2000: FFFF for the IPv6 address. [[Email protected] ~] # Uname-R2.6.32-431. el6.x86 _ 64 [[Email protected] ~] # Ifconfig eth3Eth3 ????? Link encap: Ethernet? Hwaddr 00: 1b: 21: 21:

Install centos 7.2

I learned some front-end knowledge and didn't have time to share it with you. Now I will share the detailed instructions on installing the server operating system. Thank you for your attention. The image burning process will be shared with you later.

The prompt "Warning:/dev/root does not exist" is displayed when centos 7 is installed on the USB flash drive.

When centos 7 is installed, the system prompts "Warning:/dev/root does not exist, cocould not boot" This problem is that the USB flash drive is not found. This configuration needs to be completed in the previous step, but we do not know the

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