CentOS tar.gz tar.xz tar.bz2. Tar.lz File Decompression Method __centos


The most common source package downloaded from the network is the. tar.gz tar.bz2 package, and a part of the. tar.xz. Tar.lz package. Some people say. Tar.xz is the king of the compression rate, but from the bottom of the picture. Tar.lz has a

CentOS the different colors in the system file name represent what they mean

Turn from: http://www.ma2ge.com/html/1275.html In Linux, the color of a file is meaningful. In Linux, the file name is different in color, and it is not the same type. as follows: Light blue: Indicates a linked file; Gray: representing

CentOS VI does not display color processing

VI is no color, vim is a color.We can look through the Rpm-qa |grep vim to see if the system installed the following 3 rpm package, if there is a vim installed. [Root@betty ~]# Rpm-qa |grep

Perforce on the CentOS to use the command line additions and deletions to upload program __ Agreement

Login a perforce server: using shelf script login_p4.sh #!/bin/sh export p4user=user_name export p4client=client_name export p4port=server_addressThen run the script: $. login-p4.sh Here you create a Then log on to the Perforce server: $p 4

Lseek the difference between CentOS 4.4 and CentOS 6.3.

You can get the size of a file or folder in the following way, where FD is the file (folder) descriptor Long fileSize = Lseek (FD, 0, Seek_end) But the following problems exist CT6.3 If the FD passed to Lseek is a regular file, there is no

CentOS Build Activemq__activemq

The following actions I see the video operation, the following actions are I built under the root user (build activemq single node) 1, install the JDK and configure the environment variable (slightly configuration environment can be Baidu) 2, to

CentOS 6.5-Installing VMware tool (VMware 10)

第一步 先卸载光盘 [root ~]#umount /dev/sr0 第二步 单击“虚拟机”菜单----->"安装VMware Tools"(vmware tools的光盘会自动挂载) [[email protected] ~]# dfFilesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on/dev/sda3 16180136 5671768 9679800 37% /tmpfs 506028 76 505952 1%

"Data Relocation" HDD installation CentOS

After two days of fighting, finally using the hard drive to install the CentOS system, some as long as the installation steps recorded, perhaps in the future to use.One, before the installation of the preparatory work.1, first download the files we

Creating CentOS 7 templates for virtualized platforms

Direct Post command:Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 only retains the following content:Type= "Ethernet"bootproto= "Static"Name= "Eth0"Device= "Eth0"onboot= "Yes"Ipaddr= ""Prefix= ""Gateway= "" rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70* rm -f /etc/

Centos installation Configuration

VirtualBox Install CentOSCentos7 Restart prompt after installation Initial setup of the CentOS Linux 7 (CORE) workaroundProblem:CentOS7 installation is complete, restart boot after the display:Initial setup of CentOS Linux 7 (CORE)1) [x] creat user 2

The KVM Nic in CentOS 7 is configured as a Gigabit network card

Under the KVM can generate two types of network cards, RTL8139 and E1000, in fact, should be the underlying generation of different chips of the network card, and not with the host network card is what model is what model, wherein the default is 100

CentOS Logical Volume Usage

Requirements : 1. Hard disk format into physical volume PVPVCREATE/DEV/SDB/DEV/SDA2. Create Volume group vgcreatevg1000/dev/sdb1/dev/sdb2# Create Volume Group "vg1000"3. Increase the volume group capacity vgextendvg2000/dev/sdb2# The physical volume

CentOS 7 Installation and configuration vsftpd

First, firewall open 21 portSecond, the creation of the FTP user, after creating the user in the/etc/passwd is presented in this way: Ftpuser:x:1008:1008::/var/www/html:/sbin/nologinThird, yum list |grep vsftpd find the package name and install it

CentOS 7 Installation and configuration Zabbix Agent

First, set up the firewall on the monitored host, allow the Zabbix-agent 10050 port to passSecond, execute the Yum list |grep Zabbix, locate the Zabbix Agent installation package and installThird, change

CentOS Install Tomcat

#下载tomcat压缩包到/usr/local/tomcat/and unzip to the current directoryMkdir-p/usr/local/tomcatCd/usr/local/tomcatwget http://mirrors.hust.edu.cn/apache/tomcat/tomcat-9/v9.0.12/bin/apache-tomcat-9.0.12.tar.gzTAR-ZXVF apache-tomcat-9.0.12.tar.gz#编辑startup.

Common CentOS Commands

Ls-l (LL)Ls-aLs-hCD ~CD-Cd..mkdir AAMkdir-p aa/bb/ccPwdCatLess-mnTail-3Vi: wq!CP Aa/bbCp-r/aa/bbMV AA bb/ccMV AA BBMv-f AA Bb/aaRM-RF/*RM-RF *TAR-ZCVF xxx.tar.gz *TAR-ZXVF xxx.tar.gz-c/AAFind/root-name HeqiuyongPs-efKill-9 PIDPs-ef | Grep-i

FIO Performance test Tool new graphics front end Gfio (CentOS)


Reference article http://blog.yufeng.info/archives/2721BackgroundCentOS 7, GUI-style installationInstallationwget http://brick.kernel.dk/snaps/fio-3.10.tar.gz$ cd fio-3.10$ ./configure --enable-gfio...gtk 2.18 or higher yes...$ make fio$

CentOS 7 RPM Installation JDK

RPM Installation jdk1.8.0_1111, the query system comes with the jdkrpm-Qa|grep Java Query results are as follows:[[email protected] ~]# rpm-Qa|grep javajavapackages-Tools-3.4.1-5. El7.noarchjavamail-1.4.6-8. El7.noarchjava-1.7.0-OpenJDK-Headless-1.7.

CentOS 7 Installation JDK 1.8

First check if the current Linux system installs Javarpm -qa | grep java If the list is displayed, use the command to uninstall itrpm -e --nodeps 要卸载的软件名或yum -y remove 要卸载的软件名 Unzip the JDK to the specified directorytar –xvf jdk-8u172-linux-x64

CentOS 7-Installing Nginx

Nginx is a high-performance Web services software. More lightweight and flexible than Apache HTTP server, it is an essential tool in Web and server-side development.In this article we will introduce the installation of CentOS 7 under Nginx.

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