Centos (64-bit) installation and configuration

1. Installation times Wrong "This host supports Intel Vt-x, but Intelvt-x is in a disabled state";This error occurs because the virtualization setting is not turned on in the BIOS;Solution:Boot press f2/delete into the BIOS settings, select the

CentOS Installation Couchdb

1. The system has installed GCC, make, libtool and other tools 2, yum installation of ICU, Libcul Yum install libicu-devel-y yum install curl-devl-y 3, compile and install Erlang, SpiderMonkey JS Engine, CouchDB Installing Erlang You need to

CentOS Configure FTP entire process to resolve FTP user login denied

A morning time fiddling with the server's FTP problem, increased the user, FTP landing or was rejected, the beginning of the record as follows: Environment CentOS7, Firewall is iptables Run as administrator: Yum install vsftpd# install FTP

CentOS 6.9 Cannot install WDCP (compilation php5.3 failed)

WDCP installation because it has been dynamically from the network to obtain the installation source, so often there will be such an unstable situation, before using a good suddenly one day to find all kinds of strange problems have appeared.

Write INIT.D service script on CentOS

Background:Wrote some scripts, downloaded some open-source software, want to make them into a system service, through the service Your_prog_name start way to run the background, and automatically start when the boot.After I learned about the daemon

Installation and use of OpenSSL under CentOS

1, install OpenSSL Tar zxvf openssl-1.0.0a.tar.gzCD openssl-1.0.0a./config--prefix=/usr/local/opensslMake && make install 2, install Apache Tar zxvf httpd-2.2.16.tar.gzCD httpd-2.2.16./configure--prefix=/usr/local/apache--enable-ssl--enable-rewrite--

Detailed steps for downloading, installing, and configuring jdk1.8 on the Linux system using the command line (for example, CentOS) __centos

1. Log in with the root user system, if the system already has other versions of the JDK, you can uninstall the relevant software package, command: RPM-E--nodeps Jdkname Where jdkname can not include character segments for version information, you

CentOS installation Configuration svn, and configure SVN to automatically update the web directory

If you want to uninstall the previous version:Yum Remove Subversion First, install the necessary packages $ yum Install Subversion $ yum Install MOD_DAV_SVN Two, basic SVN server configuration1, create a new directory to store all SVN files

Linux (CentOS) mount a removable hard drive to achieve file copy, backup __linux

Often we need to back up some of the data on the server, and today we are here to share with you how to use the removable hard disk to back up the files on the CentOS. One, mount the removable hard disk (Mount NTFS format partition) 1. Install

Automatically start scripts when INIT.D service is powered up in CentOS

Let's look at a section of the CentOS in the INIT.D service boot automatically start the script, in fact, also introduced before, I hope to help you. method One, Edit/etc/rc.d/rc.local File Format is program name program path such as

Serva 3.0 Network boot installation CentOS 7

Recently in the installation of CentOS encountered optical drive problems, but to seek the PXE installation method, search to Serva PXE more convenient, hence testing. As soon as a test question immediately appears, Serva official instructions and

Nagios CentOS 7 Installation configuration

Basic Installation Reference Article Https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=CentOS_7&p=nagios New Host Configuration: Create a new device configuration in the CONF.D directory gateway.conf Define host{         use     linux-server        

Install CentOS with virtual machine found address is, not connected using Xshell

First determine how the connection must be set to bridge. Type ifup eth0 reboot the system or over a period of time wait for the system update type ifconfig see inet address changed, not then use Xshell connection can be The above is a

CentOS kernel Upgrade (2.6.32->3.19.0)

1. Understanding the definition of the kernel and the significance of upgrading the kernelThe operating system is a supporting software that deals with hardware and provides human-computer interaction. The Linux kernel is responsible for managing

CentOS Configure the JDK for considerations

In recent times, when configuring the JDK on the CENOS7, I found myself in a pit (and too little of my own knowledge). Go to the official website to download JDK 7, then unzip, put in my own definition of a directory, usually opt or data inside.

CentOS mariadb5.5 Upgrade to 10.0

The suggested upgrade procedure Is:shutdown and uninstall MARIADB 5.5 a backup (this is the Take time to perfect a B Ackup of your databases) Install MARIADB 10.0 [1] Run Mysql_upgrade Ubuntu and Debian packages do this automatically when They are

Linux CentOS system lets tomcat run in service mode __linux

1. Create a new file in the/ETC/INIT.D directory named Tomcat2. The tomcat file is edited and executed # cd/etc/init.d/ # VI Tomcat Glue the following code up #!/bin/bash # DESCRIPTION:TOMCAT7 Start Stop Restart # PROCESSNAME:TOMCAT7 # chkconfig:234

Win7 Linux (CentOS 64) network configuration on virtual machines. __linux

my version of the platform: Host computer operating system: Windows7 flagship edition VMware version: 9.0.1 build-894247 Virtual machine Operating system: Cent OS 6.3 (64-bit) Host Internet access: Broadband First, set up the Internet Nat mode The

CentOS How to bind a domain name under Apache

This article mainly describes the Apache binding domain name under CentOS and Apache binding multiple domain names, first of all to find Apache configuration file httpd.conf location. CentOS operating systems are typically under/etc/httpd/conf, and

Linux (Centos) installation configuration SVN server

Tag: RPM GREP-V indicates. So project content port net root configuration1. Install the SVN server:Check whether you have installed# Rpm-qa SubversionInstalling the SVN server# yum Install httpd httpd-devel Subversion mod_dav_svn

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