How to set CentOS to display in Chinese

Reprint Address: 1, start CentOS system, into the desktop, the author's system is CentOS 6 2, can display the Chinese prerequisite is: The system has installed the Chinese voice pack.

Installation of Epel source under Linux CentOS __linux


What is a Epel source: Epel is a yum software source that contains software that is not in many basic sources, and Epel is extended to Yum software sources when installed. Experimental Environment: CentOS 6.5 Installation steps: Step 1: Install

Centos/redhat and Debian/ubuntu cannot find solution for kernel header path when installing VMware Tools

Install VMware Tools and always prompt when running path "is not valid."What is the location of the directory of C header files, match your runningKernel? For Centos/redhat and Ubuntu/debian, the solution is basically the

CentOS 6.9 Mounted Read-write NTFS partitions

Does not natively support NTFS CentOS itself is an enterprise version of the system, the NTFS file system is considered unstable, is not conducive to long-term management, so do not support NTFS. I happen to have a USB drive is NTFS, need to mount,

NFS Configuration for Centos 6.X

CENTOS6 later version changed the Portmap service for Rpcbind, in the use of NFS this is different from centos5, the following configuration of an NFS system to enable all users within the LAN access to the directory, the directory can be configured

CentOS (6, 7) Modify host name (hostname)

Centos6 Two places need to be modified: One is/etc/sysconfig/network, the other is/etc/hosts, and modifying any one of these will cause the system to boot abnormally. First switch to root user. /etc/sysconfig/networkOpen the file, which has a line

CentOS System Production System optimization script

#!/bin/bash #add the Epel repo and rpmforge repo cd/root/ wget wget rpmforge-release-0.5.3-

CentOS View the system's last boot time and run time

1.uptime command [Spark@master log_data]$ uptime 09:18:01 up 20:17, 1 user, load average:0.13, 0.12, 0.14 2. View/proc/uptime file Computing system startup time [Spark@master log_data]$ cat/proc/uptime 73064.44 276161.85 Output: 73064.44 2

Linux CentOS 7 Firewall firewalld basic operation with command line __linux

Start FIREWALLD service:? 1 2 Systemctl Enable Firewalld.service #设置开机启动 systemctl start Firewalld.service #开启服务 View firewall status:? 1 Systemctl Status Firewalld 1. Regional management 1.1.

CentOS Configure network host-only mode

1. Preparation workVmware10 and install the CentOS on the virtual machine.2. Start Configuration1, open VMware, click on the virtual machine to start, as shown in the network adapter to edit this2, select Host-only mode3, select Advanced, click the

Two methods of Centos 7 file transfer

The first is the use of Lrzsz # yum-y Install Lrzsz //installation command upload using the RZ command, will jump out of the file Selection window, download using the SZ command The second way is to use FTP It is recommended to use XFTP,

CentOS Offline Installation expect

This is what Dr. Li Xuejin told me. 0.0 He said there is no unknown, but I do not know ...First of all, expect is a free programming language used to communicate between automated and interactive tasks without human intervention.It's easy to

CentOS 7 Common tools to install, and CentOS installation Fcitx Sogou Input method of the Pit brigade

CentOS Common Settings 1. Hide title bar when maximized Or use Tweak tool to set the title bar font to 0 in the font ... Suggest this method. 2. Add Epel Source Yum-y--nogpgcheck Install

Linux CentOS 5 Firewall __linux

1. Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables Way One Add the following content -A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport your port-j ACCEPT Mode two/sbin/iptables-i input-p TCP--dport your port-j ACCEPT/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables Save Reboot the firewall

Centos 6.0_X86-64 finally successfully installed the official graphics driver

It's been a long day, and it's finally done. The following is my installation process: 1, the Nouveau driver into the blacklist, modify the/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file, Join blacklist nouveau in the back 2. Re-establish INITRAMFS image file

CentOS how to convert the. deb file. rpm

Reproduced in the original text to: First you need to install the Alien tool: [root@localhost tmp] #tar zxvf alien_8.88.tar.gz [root@localhost alien]

See whether the current operating system is Ubuntu or CentOS

See whether the current operating system is Ubuntu or CentOS 1, the implementation: LSB_RELEASE-A 2. Order: Cat/etc/redhat-release 3. Order: Cat/etc/issue Summary: In fact, to see if there is a file: Radhat or CentOS

Centos configuration Yum Domestic 163 resource pool Configuration

Reference article: 51CTO recommended Blog-CentOS yum Source Configuration Tips This article refers to the above blog, and make some adjustments. Brief Introduction: Linux package rpm is convenient to use, but it does not solve some of the

CentOS 6.2 Hard Drive installation and create local Yum warehouse

1 Download Grup4dos, unzip the downloaded compression package, copy the GRLDR and menu.list below the c:\\ root directory. 2 modify boot.ini, add C:/grldr = "Install CentOS" at the end of the document 3 Modify Menu.list, add on the last side of the

CentOS--Cluster ssh password-free login (single point to multiple points)

Reprint please indicate the source: Assuming that the source host requires a target node with host name Node1, Node2, and node3 to access without password under User name test, you need to

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