Linux CentOS 6.6 Installation Tomcat__linux

Linux installation tomcat7.0.61, Linux CentOS 6.6 installation tomcat7.0.61, Linux Redhat installation tomcat7.0.61. The Linux settings tomcat boot from boot. 1. Download Tomcat Tomcat official website Download tomcat installation package, download

CentOS 7 How to configure virtual IP

In some cases we may need to use the virtual IP (VIP) First we can use the command: IP addr Check the name of the network card currently in use and the current IP. As shown in the figure above, eno16777736 is the current network card name.

Linux (CentOS) Mount U disk, mobile hard disk and file copy, backup __linux

DescriptionEnvironment: VMware WorkstationSystem: centos6.2The following actions are performed under root 1.U Disk Mount MKDIR/MNT/USB//Create a directory for mounting USB driveFdisk-l//View the System Mount U disk, if the system has a hard disk SDB1

CentOS Package Management related finishing

First, the viewing system has been installed to the software: 1, yum list installed (+ software name) 2, RPM-QA (can cooperate with grep to see if a software is installed) 2 is much faster because it is based on a local database.Yum also has the

The difference between CentOS and Ubuntu

CentOS (Community ENTerprise operating System) is one of the Linux distributions that is compiled from the source code released by Red Hat ENTerprise Linux in accordance with open source rules. Because of the same source code, some servers that

CentOS Start and disable network card commands

Ifup, Ifdown:linux command Real-time manual modification of some network interface parameters, you can use ifconfig to achieve, if you want to directly to the configuration file, in the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts inside the IFCFG-ETHX and other

CentOS ifcfg-eth0 Configuration in the--vmware of CentOS (pro-Test directly available)

Reprint please indicate the source: These configurations are based on VMware network Adapter VMnet8, assuming that my VMware network Adapter VMnet8 IP address is The following

The CentOS of Linux Learning (i)----install CentOS 7__linux in VMware virtual machines

The CentOS of Linux Learning (i)----install CentOS 7 in a VMware virtual machine First, VMware Introduction: VMware is a Virtual PC software that can virtual a new hardware environment on an existing control system, which is equivalent to

CentOS NFS File Sharing configuration

First, NFS installation, configuration Yum-y Install nfs-utils nfs-utils-lib rpcbind Mkdir-p/home/network/nfs Vim/etc/exports Increase /home/network/nfs * (Rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_all_squash) Save exit Exportfs-r Service Rpcbind RestartService NFS

CentOS 6.5 NFS Installation configuration

First, the environment introduction: Server: CentOS Client: CentOS Second, installation: Installation Configuration for NFS:CentOS 5: 1 Yum-y Install Nfs-utils Portmap CentOS 6 (in CentOS 6.5,

CentOS Ordinary users get Administrator privileges

Test environment: CentOS 5.51, add users, first with the AddUser command to add an ordinary user, the command is as follows:#adduser Tommy//Add a user named Tommy#passwd Tommy//Change PasswordChanging password for user Tommy.New UNIX

CentOS How to set IP address, LINUX How to modify IP address __linux

Today came into contact with a new task to modify the Linux IP address. Using the wave of the server, operating system for CentOS7. (a) In order to enable the IP address to be permanently effective. First enter the edit

Linux Modified TCP connection number (CentOS measured) __linux

Linux system is: CentOS 6.4 64-bit I. Limitation of changes in the number of documents (1) VI /etc/security/limits.conf appended at the end * Soft nofile 10240 * Hard Nofile 10240 (2) VI /etc/pam.d/login Append session

Solve the Linux system CentOS adjust the home and root partition size "Compact full version" __linux

Source: To reduce the volgroup-lv_home to 20G and add the remaining space to the Volgroup-lv_root 1. View disk usage First[root@localhost ~]# df-h File system capacity is used available% mount point

Four kinds of view CentOS Linux system version number information __linux

OS: CentOS Release 6.7 (Final) The first method: [root@sky9896sky]# lsb_release-a Bash:lsb_release:command not found [Root@sky9896sky] #yum install Lsb–y [root@sky9896sky]# lsb_release-a Lsbversion:: base-4.0-amd64:base-4.0-noarch:core-4.0-amd6

CentOS to test speed with command line

1. Under the/usr/local/src/ # wget 2. If the error Connecting||:443 ... is connected. error: Certificate generic name "" does not

Configuration of CentOS 7 firewall

1. View firewalls running status Systemctl status firewall 2. Open Firewall firewall systemctl start FIREWALLD 3. Configure the rules of the firewall, only to configure zone as public rules, (1), add the accessible port, the permanent parameter

Linux Centos 6.5 Install desktop environment Gnome__linux

first, look at the running level of the system and whether the desktop environment is installed 1. Use the command runlevel to view the current run level, as shown in the figure 2, use the command Yum grouplist | more to see if you have installed

VirtualBox Virtual machine Linux CentOS 7 Net small note __linux

Objective For a long time without Linux a sudden review of a face, a lot of things are forgotten, so this blog simple record in the VirtualBox virtual machine, Linux CentOS 7 How to set up to even the extranet. Previously wrote a blog record such a

CentOS installation of python2.7.1 and Yum can not be used after loading __python

Recently their Redhat python upgraded Python to 2.7, but found that Yum can not use, found a workable solution, we can refer to, reprinted a Netizen's article, the pro-test effective. Reproduced from:

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