Install CentOS When prompted an error has occurred. -No valid devices were found

Install CentOS When prompted an error has occurred. -No valid devices were found Install Linux in Vmware-server when creating partitions: An error has occurred. -No valid devices werefound on which to create new file systems "Check your hardware

CentOS Network Settings

CentOS Modify IP Address # ifconfig eth0 This will change the IP address to you find the network, then you may need to change the gateway and DNS, the following will be mentioned), but when you restart the system or

(Linux) centos/suse Modify network Settings __linux

CentOS to modify the network to modify a few files 1,/etc/sysconfig/network CentOS set host name and network configuration For example: Networking=yesHostname=oel6-69.localdomain2,/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 for the specific network

Disk partition quota function under CentOS

First of all, make sure your centos have quota. One more thing is to shut down SELinux. 。 First type the command sestatus-v You can see if SELinux is open. If you open this. Can Vim/etc/selinux/config Change into selinux=disabled Restart

CentOS Linux firewall configuration and shutdown __linux

CentOS Linux firewall configuration and shutdown Firewall shutdown, turn off its services: To view firewall information:#/etc/init.d/iptables status To turn off the Firewall service:#/etc/init.d/iptables stop Permanently closed. Do not know how a

Partition and format the hard disk to the specified file system under CentOS

A hard drive was added under the virtual machine. You now need to partition and format your hard disk. Typing the following command FDISK/DEV/SDC And then in the pop-up dialog box, typing n (new partition) As shown in the following figure

CentOS Compile ffmpeg and mencoder

Originally, on the blog together on the written is very complete, unfortunately, the original pure technology blog by the Wall, and at the same time, must use a amrnb and AMRWB download site also seems to be wall, or hung, helpless, and must use

CentOS SSH configuration without password login

If SSH service is not installed, install by command: sudo apt-get install SSHTo start the SSH service: Service sshd Restart ssh Password-free login principle is as follows If a machine wants to access B machine via SSH without password, it needs

Virtual machine text Installation CentOS 5.6

Virtual machine Installation CentOS 5.6 1. Create a new virtual machine 2. Set up a later installation CD 3. Select the installed operating system 4. Set the processor, the default one, you can choose according to your own configuration 5. Set

Textual and detailed tutorial text mode installation CentOS

Textual and detailed tutorial text mode installation CentOS Textual and detailed tutorial text mode installation CentOS Each version of Linux installation, the same, understand a version of the other version is not a big problem, and the same

CentOS Forget root and common user password solutions

Description of the operating system: CentOS 6.0 encountered a problem: Forget the Administrator account root password, can not enter the system solution: Reset the root password is 123456 operation: Boot system, in the system before entering the ESC

CentOS Set boot up


CentOS two ways to add programs to a service and set the service to start automatically: The first method: use Chkconfig to configure the boot level Under CentOS or redhat other systems, if the services are installed behind them, such as httpd,

CentOS Solution for QT compilation problems (Error:cannot FIND-LGL)

1, install QT, enter the terminal of the CentOS system, execute the following order sequentiallychmod +x 2, the author CentOS 7 64, Installation complete Qt5.5.1. Create a new

CentOS 7 Installation VSFTPD Service Tutorial

This blog must be written! For this FTP server upload a day high! Colleague installs CentOS 7 to install FTP,FZ connection time 550 error message! I unloaded the reload! 1, CentOS unload the Vsftpd method If the VSFTPD service is already installed

Solution to the problem of CentOS Yum Source configuration


Question: [Root@hadoop yum.repos.d]# mount-t auto/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom mount:you must specify the filesystem type solution: Moun T-o loop/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom/ Problem: Could not open/read file:///mnt/cdrom/Packages/repodata/repomd.xml problematic

Centos Network Basic settings

Usage Environment: Centos 5.5 Centos Network Settings-related profiles: file/etc/sysconfig/network: can set the network open state, default interface, default gateway, host name, domain name directory/etc/sysconfig/ Network-scripts: The control

Network Settings under CentOS--Network Command chapter

3. Network basic commands(1) Network Service System Royal network interface configuration information changes, network services must be restarted to activate the new configuration of the network to make the configuration effective, this part of the

CentOS 6.4 Graphical interface custom open terminal shortcut keys

Question: Want to use the Terminal in the desktop environment of CentOS 6.4, but do not want to use mouse click to choose every time, want to define shortcut key. Search the Internet and learn the following

CENTOS/DEV/VDA1 disk space fill up essays

Today the author of the company maintenance of the background management system. Suddenly found the system could not run. On the server, even pressing the TAB key to complete the command is difficult. The key moment came and found that the disk

CentOS 6.4 Yum Installation zabbix-agent end

The installation Zabbix-agent end is relatively simple Install the official source of the Zabbix RPM-IVH Yum Install Zabbix-agent cd/etc/zabbix/ VI

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