CentOS Set up network/etc/sysconfig/network,/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

/etc/sysconfig/network Used to set the "host name (HOSTNAME) and start network or not" Generally, the host name takes effect after the reboot. If you set up a gateway here, but you also reconfigure the gateway elsewhere and make it effective, use a

Docker-engine conflicts with 2:docker-1.12.6-68.gitec8512b.el7.centos.x86_64 solution

When you install Kubernetes on the server, there is a problem when you perform the following command installation: Yum install-y Etcd kubernetes Error: Docker-engine conflicts with 2:docker-1.12.6-68.gitec8512b.el7.centos.x86_64 The detailed error

CentOS runs mysql5.6 and mysql5.7 at the same time

CentOS runs mysql5.6 and mysql5.7 at the same timeFirst, prepare Download mysql5.6 and mysql5.7 from MySQL website Turn off the firewall and turn off SELinux Create a MySQL user ~]# Useradd MySQLSecond, installationInstall

CentOS installation Vmware-tool implemented with host shared folders

(Selected system Centos7)01, add a shared directory, right-click virtual machine = + Settings = = option + = shared folder (only if the virtual machine is powered off)02, power on, view the current virtual machine's shared directory =

Installation of the Linux:centos 7 system

I believe I have read the blog post that I wrote the first blog post is the CentOS 7 system installation, but installed in the virtual machine, but also directly loaded image files into the, but this time I will be installed through the PE, to

Installation of Linux system centos-7 under VMWARE14

1. Download and install VMware virtual softwareVMware is a virtual machine software, the first of which is a software that can be run in a Windows environment, you can virtual an operating system on this software, this operating system and the

Linux virtual machine CentOS minimum system installation

Recently in the study and work of Linux, installed the CentOS7 minimum system, found that the minimum system does not have some common commands and so on. Here, write a blog post, the Linux system from the new virtual machine to the end of the

VMware installs CentOS

1. Open VMware Workstation, toolbars----New virtual machine2. Pop-up dialog box, select "Typical", next.3, select the last item, "Install the operating system later", you can also select the first or second, if you want to load the CentOS

CentOS Virtual machine Setup SSH host Login

View Centos7 's IPWe enter IP query named IP addr can also enter ifconfig view IP, but this command will appear 3 entries, CentOS IP address is ens33 entry inet value.If you find that ENS33 does not have the inet attribute, then you cannot connect

Modifying the boot level of Linux CentOS 6 and CentOS 7

CentOS 6 Change the boot level of the system is simple, directly modify the file: /etc/inittab , the last line in the file to modify. Path to the CentOS 7 system-level modification:/etc/systemd/system/default.targetThe file is a soft link that

Resolves a problem where "binary conversion is incompatible with this platform long mode ..." appears when installing CentOS on VMware

When installing the CentOS operating system on VMware Workstation, the pop-up "binary conversion is incompatible with long mode on this platform" and the following prompts appear after confirmation.As prompted, the host supports Intel Vt-x, but is

PPTP (* *) service for Linux (CentOS) connection to Cloud hosts

Tip: When configuring the PPTPD service on the server side, in the/etc/pptpd.conf configuration file:Local IP and remote IP is not configured in the same network segment, configured as any intranet segment can be.Under Windows Connection PPTP

USB flash drive installs CentOS 6.8 Linux system

1, download the CentOS 6.8 image file;2,: Http://man.linuxde.net/download/CentOS_6_83, prepare a U disk, preferably 8G;4, download UltraISO disk making tools; (Baidu Direct Search can download)5, open UltraISO use;6. Select File-Open, find the

CentOS Installation Memcache

1. Install Libevent first. You need to specify an installation path during configuration, that is./configure–prefix=/usr; then make; then make install;2. To install the memcached, you need to specify the installation path of libevent when

View output and run information for the CentOS 7 tomcat process

#!/bin/bash#pid= ' ps aux | grep java | head-1 | awk ' {print $} ' pid= ' ps aux | Grep-v grep|grep java |awk ' {print $} ' | Tail-n1 ' ps-mp $PID-o thread,tid,time | Sort-k 2-r |  head-20# the script currently can only see Didi process information,

How to install Python3 in CentOS

Linux under the default system comes with python2.6 version, this version is dependent on many programs of the system, so it is not recommended to delete, if using the latest Python3 then we know that the compilation and installation of the source

CentOS 7 Compilation python3.7.0

Install the required libraries for compilationyum install -y libffi-develCompiling the installationcd /usr/local/srcwget https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.7.0/Python-3.7.0.tgztar zxf Python-3.7.0.tgzcd Python-3.7.0./configure

windows open CentOS version of Samba input password hint, user or password error

Today, the CentOS-built Samba discovers that the CentOS system can be accessed directly, but wind accesses the account and password errors. (This has already ruled out issues such as building problems and Accounts)I found a lot of information.

Simple use of NFS under CentOS and NFS storage methods for Windows off Linux


1. NFS has been installed on the server in full installation, if not installed, you need to install it with the following commandYum-y Install Nfs-utils Rpcbind2. Create the NFS directory you want to useMkdir-p/nfs/k8s3. Modify the Service

Minimal basic configuration to be done after installing CentOS 6.7

System version:[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/redhat-releaseCentOS release 6.7 (Final)[[email protected] ~]# uname -r2.6.32-573.el6.x86_64 1. Configure the network connection[[email protected] ~]# vi

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