mysql5.1 master-Slave synchronization Basic Experiment on CentOS 6.6

Note that the master server above the uniform yum install MySQLMaster-Slave installation MySQLshell> yum-y install MySQL Mysql-server/etc/init.d/mysqld start #初始化数据库 and start the database主服务器上面添加以下配置server-id=1log-bin=mysql-bin

CentOS Installation mariadb

Simply say it, it's simple.1. Installing Mariadb-serverYum Install Mariadb-server2. Set to boot startup programSystemctl Enable MARIADBSystemctl Start mariadb3. Set the basic configuration of MARIADBMysql_secure_installation4. Log in to the database

Linux/centos solve the problem of installing oracle11g Chinese characters

Solve the problem of installing oracle11g Chinese characters in LinuxCreate a new directory, upload the font package ZYSONG.TTF to the new directory, the command is as follows:#mkdir

CentOS 6.4 Installation Configuration mairadb 10.3 Galera Cluster

I. Installation EnvironmentDifferent versions of the operating system (CentOS 6 and 7), different versions of the database (MariaDB 10.1) Related installation configuration commands are not the same.1. Operating system: CentOS 6.42. Database:

CentOS 7.0 Upgrade Linux-kernel

Unzip the downloaded Linux-kernelTar xvf linux-3.10.69.tar.gzEnter the extracted directoryCD linux-3.10.69/Compile the kernel before cleaning upMake MrproperConfigure new features based on requirements using current kernel configurationMake

Linux/centos Zookeeper cluster installation

Zookeeper cluster installationThe package included in the article plus the bottom of the free accessSoftware version 3.4.8Upload zookeeper-3.4.8.tar.gz to App server directory:/USR/LOCAL/SRC (package see attachment)168.0.1 for App server ip192.168.0.

Centos, Ubuntu Open Command mode

Since the installed virtual machine will be compared card, boot load graphical interface, will become more card, use the following command to turn the graphical interface off. CentOS: Boot in command mode, execute: systemctl Set-default

Linux/centos Nginx Installation and configuration agent

Nginx Version: Version 1.9.3Note: The package involved in the article can be added to the bottom of the free accessInstalling a dependency package with Yum#yum install gcc zlib zlib-devel OpenSSL openssl-devel pcre pcre-develncurse

Linux/centos Detecting network bandwidth and latency

Use the QPERF command to test network bandwidth and network latency under LinuxIf no command can be installed with Yum, the command is as follows:#yum-y Install QperfIf there is no yum or no network, install the following RPM package in turn, this

Linux/centos NTP time synchronization, networking situation and no network configuration

Machine Networking:If the server can be networked: Perform ntpdate the server will automatically synchronize time write a scheduled task to perform a time synchronization every two minutes;Crontab-e/2 */usr/sbin/ntpdate

Problem with eth0 Nic not found after VMware virtual machine cloning Linux (CentOS) system (detailed text)

Problem phenomenon:Sometimes, you can use the cloning capabilities of VMware virtual machines to quickly replicate installed Linux systems.But after cloning, you will find that there is no eth0 network card.Workaround:1. Edit the/etc/udev/rules.d/70-

7th Day of the Linux CentOS study (June 14, 2018)

Touch Create File commandMV Move File commandThe current directory is equivalent to changing the file nameCommands related to text documentsCat View the contents of a file commandTAC flashback to view the contents of the fileCAT/ETC/PASSWD

5th day of the Linux CentOS study (June 8, 2018)

First, the system directory structureLS View Directory commandls/root/viewing directory commands under the root directoryUseradd User Add User1 General user command, this command creates the users file stored under/home/Tree Command InstallationYum

4th Day of the Linux CentOS study (June 7, 2018)

One, single user mode (forget the administrator password when what to do?) )Restart command:RebootInit 6Shutdown-r nowShutdown commandInit 0Poweroff1. Restart the machineWhen the following interface appears, press the arrow keys (up or down) on the

New user group, user, user password, delete user group, user (for CentOS, Ubuntu system)

In production, the habit is as follows:Useradd, the default is to add a new user to the user group with the same name. For example, Useradd zhouls, after this command is executed, is added to the Zhouls user group with the same name by

Cloud Server ECS Linux CentOS modify kernel boot sequence

CentOS 7.0 System changes kernel boot order Since CentOS 7 uses GRUB2 as the boot program, it differs from CentOS 6 and does not modify the/etc/grub.conf to modify the startup item, which requires the following actions:1. Look at the number of

Linux (CentOS) system installation for virtual machines

I. Installing the virtual machine: VirtualBox1. Software Download: Click Next to complete the installationTwo. Installing linux:centos6.81. Official website: Get CentOS now download:

VirtualBox Linux CentOS Mount U disk solution garbled

liunx Mounting U-DiskEnvironment: Virtual machine virtualBox5.2.8 Linux centos6.5 64bitFirst step: Insert the U-diskStep Two: VirtualBox settings enable U-Disktip: If you do not know which is your U-disk, you can view the properties of the U-Disk

Centos 7 Installation Python3.6

1> installation python3.6 may use the dependencyYum install openssl-devel bzip2-devel expat-devel gdbm-devel readline-devel sqlite-devel2> to the Python website to find the download path, download with wgetwget

Easy way to install Windows virtual machines under CentOS using VirtualBox

1. Physical Server Installation CentOS7.52. Installing VNC3. Turn off the firewall, turn off SELinux, and upload the VirtualBox rpm package. You can also

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