Liunx CentOS How to add a new NIC

1. Add a new network adapter in the virtual machine according to the following two pictures Two. See if the NIC is recognized!Vi/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules #可以看到有两块网卡! Copy eth1 Card's MC address, next we want to create ifcfg-eht1

CentOS Wired Unable to access solution network card driver installation

By:ailson, Jack. date:2014.04.21 My personal blog:, the other content inside may have you need oh. This article in my blog URL is:, typesetting better, not letter, open look ^_^. Well, if

CentOS installation Nginx 1.7.4

I. Installation and preparation First, because some of Nginx's modules rely on Lib libraries, these Lib libraries must be installed before installing Nginx, which are mainly g++, GCC, Openssl-devel, Pcre-devel, and zlib-devel, so install the

CentOS 7 Install XRDP Remote Desktop

First of all you need to install GNOME, here is not introduced Installation: 1. Preparation Environment: First install Epel and Nux desktoprepository RPMs, note version update (if the RPM package version is no longer present, copy the front of the

Use of third party rpmfusion source warehouses in CentOS 6.X

Use of third party rpmfusion source warehouses in CentOS 6.X First, look at the open Yum Yum Repolist Second, the installation of Rpmfusion Warehouse bag, before this need to install a first called Epel-release bag RPM-IVH

CentOS the method of completely deleting SELinux __linux

SELinux (security-enhanced Linux) security-enhanced Linux is an implementation of mandatory access control (mandatory access controls). In this kind of control, Linux has a lot of operations that can be banned or unsuccessful. Before the

Centos Chinese Box garbled solution

In the first installation of CentOS, if the choice is English, then the system will not install the Chinese support package, which led to the Chinese display as garbled (small box) ... It doesn't work to find all kinds of methods on the Internet.

How to view and kill the zombie process under CentOS

Ps-a-O Stat,ppid,pid,cmd | Grep-e ' ^[zz] ' How to view and kill the zombie process under CentOS Yesterday, the server expired, before the server due to small space, can not meet the current service requirements, the new purchase of a server,

Method of shutting down SendMail service under CentOS

method of shutting down SendMail service under CentOSSendMail is the most important message transfer agent. It is important to understand the working mode of e-mail. In general, we decompose email programs into user agents, transport agents, and

Centos 5.3 Installation MogileFS

The default CentOS yum is not mogilefs, but you do not have to install through the source code, you can install through the Epel. Epel does not seem to be part of the CentOS, it belongs to Fedora. You can install with the following

Centos 6.5 to limit the network card speed by Ethtool

Operating Environment: Centos 6.5 x86_64 Ethtool Operation Steps: View Network Port EM1 device information at this time [Root@ceph-osd-2 ~]# ethtool em1 Settings for EM1: supported ports: [TP] supported link modes: 10baset/ Half 10

A summary of using SQUID to build HTTP agent on CentOS

Install Squid Yum install squid-y #-y represents automatic selection y, automatic installation After installation, you can customize the HTTP proxy port, set the source IP white list, etc. vi/etc/squid/squid.conf #------Custom HTTP port: # Squid

Thread:centos 6.2 x64 Install Mod_perl error CentOS 6.2 x64 Install Mod_perl errorI install new directadmin on CentOS 6.2 x-and after install # Cd/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild #./build Clean #./build Mod_perl And .... Error File

CentOS Modify host name (hostname)

Two places need to be modified: One is/etc/sysconfig/network, the other is/etc/hosts, and modifying any one of these will cause the system to boot abnormally. First switch to root user. Vi/etc/sysconfig/network Open the file in any of your

CentOS Installation Tomcat8

First, Tomcat official website: Download the TOMCAT8 version of the installation, as shown in the figure: Second, through the Xshell rz command, upload to/usr/ Four, unzip Tomcat, as shown: Change

CentOS installation gcc--Solve dependency problems

First, the direct installation of GCC, the report relies on errors, the following figure: Second, the direct installation of Cloog, reported Reliance Error, as shown: Third, the direct installation of CPP, reported dependency error, as

CentOS Install high version git

Blog of the source self CentOS6.5 comes with a git version of 1.7.1 Uninstalling your own git # yum Remove gitDownload the latest version of Git # wget

Install Spark Standalone mode on CentOS

Reference: Http:// 1. Installing the JDK 2. Install Scala 2.9.3 Spark 0.7.2 relies on Scala 2.9.3

Hadoop Combat (i) build a CentOS virtual machine cluster on VMware

I. Download and installation of VMware Download VMware Install VMware: NextSecond, the download and installation of CentOS Download CentOS Installation of three CentOS 64-bit virtual machines (Master slave1 slave2) When you build Hadoop, Master will

The yum command on CentOS deletes the restore remediation method

Preface Because the server centos6.8 installed MySQL has been unable to connect the problem, and then see a method, accidentally put Yum to delete, all can not restore, is desperate, very uncomfortable. Then, without Yum, this centos would feel

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