CentOS installation Nodejs and express development framework

This article demonstrates installing the NODEJS and Express development Framework on Linux Software Environment:VMware 9 CentOS 6.5 Nodejs v0.10.24 installation process:Step 1, verify that the server has Nodejs compiled and dependent software,

CentOS Install VNC

introduceVNC (Virtual network Computer) is the abbreviation for a fictitious network computer. VNC is an excellent remote control tool software developed by the renowned at&t European Research Laboratory.         VNC is a free open source software

CentOS Mounted SSD

Original system installed on SSD, now ready on HDD on system, SSD used for Kafka storage data, increase Kafka data insert IO speed This step prepares workspace 1.1 for Kafka to find SSD Fdisk–l 1.2 mounted hard drive Fdisk/dev/sda N P 1

General solution for CentOS Yum error

Centos-yum Update Problem-103 When you install the software on the CentOS. Prompt for error information: Could not retrieve Mirrorlisthttp://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=6&arch=x86_64&repo=os error is 14:pycurl ERROR 6-"couldn ' t

Centos SUN JDK Installation

1. Remove the extra JDK Rpm-qa | grep ' JAVA|GCJ ' | Xargs-t-I {} rpm-e--nodeps {} RPM-E--nodeps * Rpm-qa|grep JDK RPM-E--nodeps * Rpm-qa |grep GCJ Rpm-qa |grep * 2. Download jdk-*.tar.gz from Oracle website 3. Extract tar.gz files, then

Network default configuration for Centos 6/redhat 6 true ~!

http://www.oschina.net/question/17_39276 The old version of the Redhat/centos defaults to install the system, will default to open the network card and set to boot. But this feature has changed in the latest version 6 ... The NIC will disconnect by

CentOS cannot run the dialog solution

Https://www.ezloo.com/2007/11/centos_dialog_installation.html I installed under the virtual machine CentOS system, the most recent to do a big shell experiment, but in the Run dialog Display command not found, I consulted the expert on the Forum,

CentOS 7 Use SYSTEMCTL to manage system services

The powerful Linux system service management tool that has recently come into contact with Systemctl, in addition to the 3 common instructions for System V, service, and Chkconfig, has a number of practical features that are commonly used

Centos SSH Password-free interoperability

Note: SSH password-free interoperability, should be for more than one server communication, I only use a server to do processing. 1, modify the host name. Vi/etc/sysconfig/network Networking=yes hostname=centos1 vi/etc/hosts #末尾添加 IP host name 192.

CentOS 6.5 system under iptables Firewall open 80 3306 22 ports

Recently in the construction of lamp environment, configure a variety of environments need to open the port, always in Baidu too troublesome, record Original address: http://m.blog.csdn.net/sherwin/article/details/49562667 --------------------------

Linux CentOS installs RZ and SZ commands lrzsz__linux

Lrzsz can be uploaded and downloaded in Linux instead of FTP. LRZSZ official website entrance: http://freecode.com/projects/lrzsz/Lrzsz is a x,y, and Zmodem file Transfer protocol provided by a UNIX communications suite Windows needs to upload

CentOS Install JDK and configure environment variables

1, before installing the JDK to detect the system with the JDK, and uninstall it, operation as shown belowInstrumentation: Rpm-qa|grep GCJ presence of JDK Uninstall: Uninstall allRpm-e–nodeps

CentOS 6.5 Configuration Ss5

wget http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/project/ss5/ss5/3.8.9-8/ss5-3.8.9-8.tar.gz Tar xvf ss5-3.8.9-8.tar.gz CD ss5-3.8.9-8.tar.gz Yum install gcc automake autoconf libtool make Yum Install OpenSSL Openssl-devel /configure–with-defaultport=10086

CentOS 6.4 Modify SSH default port 22 for additional ports exhaustive security tutorial (includes selinux,iptables settings) __linux

This tutorial is currently the safest tutorial, if you are novice please follow the steps of the tutorial strictly, if there is a certain basis for people can selectively skip certain paragraphs modify port configuration Run

CentOS 7 to build DHCP

statement AH: The first post, rookie one, forget Daniel more pointing twos ah. 1.1. Installation article # mkdir/mnt/cdrom/ # Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom # cd/mnt/cdrom/packages/ # ls

CentOS view CPU, disk, memory usage, and how to clean up memory

The system in the long run, the available memory will gradually become less, if there is no mechanism to do monitoring and regularly clean up the characters, the server will have a lot of hidden dangers, the following operations to manually check

CentOS GCC Upgrade 4.8 steps

Recently you need to use c++11, so you need to upgrade GCC from 4.4.7 to 4.8.1. First we need to download the GCC source wget http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcc/gcc-4.8.1/gcc-4.8.1.tar.gz Then unzip into the directory Tar-xvzf gcc-4.8.1.tar.gz-c/OPT/GCC

Centos (64-bit) installation and configuration

1. Installation times Wrong "This host supports Intel Vt-x, but Intelvt-x is in a disabled state";This error occurs because the virtualization setting is not turned on in the BIOS;Solution:Boot press f2/delete into the BIOS settings, select the

CentOS Installation Couchdb

1. The system has installed GCC, make, libtool and other tools 2, yum installation of ICU, Libcul Yum install libicu-devel-y yum install curl-devl-y 3, compile and install Erlang, SpiderMonkey JS Engine, CouchDB Installing Erlang You need to

CentOS Configure FTP entire process to resolve FTP user login denied

A morning time fiddling with the server's FTP problem, increased the user, FTP landing or was rejected, the beginning of the record as follows: Environment CentOS7, Firewall is iptables Run as administrator: Yum install vsftpd# install FTP

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