Install VMware Tools under the CentOS command line

First, install upgrade VMware tools in the ESXi client-side vsphere list-> virtual machine-> client-> installation, and then use the Mount Virtual CD drive after the following message is mounted:Mkdir/mnt/cdromMount-t Iso9660/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom

Using Supermin to make CentOS Docker mirrors

using Supermin to make CentOS Docker mirrors Install the supermin on the CentOS7 $ sudo yum install-y supermin* Create MIRROR (The following command needs to run with root) # supermin5-v--prepare bash coreutils-o supermin.d # supermin5-v--build--

System upgrade commands for Debian/ubuntu and CentOS

Prior to installing/configuring the system production environment, it is generally necessary to upgrade the existing system to ensure that the packages/components within the system are up to date, and that the upgrade commands for Debian/ubuntu and

The solution of CentOS system with another app is currently holding the Yum lock problem

Problem description "CentOS system using Yum installation software, there are the following error [Root@localhost ~]# yum install Gnuradio USRP Loaded Plugins:fastestmirror Existing lock/var/run/ copy is running as PID 15069. Another

ZABBIX Practice (ii) CentOS the agent-side deployment and installation __zabbix

First, repeat the previous plan. Server end: centos6.5 (virtual machine) Agent End: centos6.5 (virtual machine) below, we will install the Zabbix agent on agent end 155 to see how to install and monitor 1,

CentOS Configure Iptables Open FTP service __iptables

After installing VSFTPD, by default, CentOS Firewall is not open FTP service, need to add module and open 21 port to provide FTP access. 1. Add Ip_conntrack_ftp Module[root@hexuweb101 ~] Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables-configAdd the following lineIptables_

Comparative __ubuntu/centos Management of various Distributed file systems

It is suitable to do common file system with Moosefs,glusterfs,lustre. Moosefs Support Fuse, relatively lightweight, the master server has a single point of dependence, written in Perl, relatively poor performance, domestic use more people,

CentOS tar.gz tar.xz tar.bz2. Tar.lz File Decompression Method __centos


The most common source package downloaded from the network is the. tar.gz tar.bz2 package, and a part of the. tar.xz. Tar.lz package. Some people say. Tar.xz is the king of the compression rate, but from the bottom of the picture. Tar.lz has a

CentOS the different colors in the system file name represent what they mean

Turn from: In Linux, the color of a file is meaningful. In Linux, the file name is different in color, and it is not the same type. as follows: Light blue: Indicates a linked file; Gray: representing

CentOS VI does not display color processing

VI is no color, vim is a color.We can look through the Rpm-qa |grep vim to see if the system installed the following 3 rpm package, if there is a vim installed. [Root@betty ~]# Rpm-qa |grep

CentOS 6.9 under Twemproxy construction

twemproxy Download Https:// Installation Step 1, first view the current version $rpm-qf/usr/bin/autoconf 2. If the version is below 2.64, you need to uninstall the following 3. Download and install the new

Build HAWQ Data Warehouse based on "centos-7+ Ambari 2.7.0 + HDP 3.0"--MARIADB installation Configuration

First, install and use MARIADB as the storage database for Ambari, Hive, Hue.Yum Install mariadb-server mariadbStart, view status, check if MARIADB is installed successfullySystemctl Start Mariadbsystemctl Status mariadbSecond, the configuration

CentOS RPM Mode installation MySQL5.6

1. Enter the command to query the system for the installed MySQL2.. Uninstall MySQL individuallyYum Remove system displays the installed MySQLFor example: Yum remove mysql-client-5.6.33-1.linux_glibc2.5.x86_643. Use the Find command to find the

CentOS 7 Source code compilation MARIADB

Download the source Packageinstalling devtoolset-7 MariaDB compile the TOKUDB engine will use the C++11 standard, the system is the highest version of the GCC 4.8.5 support c++11 Standard, but even if the designation -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-std=c++11 is

Screen keeps the background process running on CentOS

Because when you deploy a project, it takes a long time to keep a process online, you need to use screen;Screen-s Name # Create a new session named nameScreen-ls # Viewing the existing work windowscreen-r xxxx # switch to the work window you want to

Xshell connecting CentOS

1. Configure the NICOpen Network and Sharing Center to find192.168.230.1 is the routing address and the gateway address is set to command vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0Press I to enter edit mode and add the following:

Four modes of Linux NIC configuration and four ways of firewall setup (CentOS 7.4) not completed

One, four modes of network card configuration 1, directly modify the configuration file vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33 Bootproto represents the way the address is assigned, with DHCP, static, noneOnboot

How to change the language of the operating system in CentOS, switch between Chinese and English

Operating system CentOS 7.5, installed when the choice of things Chinese, later want to change into English1. In the top left corner of the application----> click System Tools-----> Settings  2, point "regional language", then click on the right

Centos installation Python3

Installing Python3 Most cloud platforms do not have devel packages installed zlib and OpenSSL and need to be installed in advanceDownload Python source codeCd/home/cheatwget xzvf

Installing CentOS in Windows Vmware-workstation

Installing CentOS in Windows Vmware-workstation can be divided into two parts, installing virtual machines and installing CentOS virtual machines. The steps are as follows:First, install the virtual machine  1, installation vmware-workstation,

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