SVN permission management on the centos Platform

When the number of project teams is small, SVN adopts a fully open strategy, which has no impact on project security. However, when more and more people are involved, howSource codeManagement, how to control project security, especially how to

Solution to invalid centos DNS resolv restart

You cannot directly modify/etc/resolv. conf. You must add the DNS settings in/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. Otherwise, after the restart, you must use the eth0 settings without DNS information to restore/etc/resolv. conf to the original

Unable to enter gnome mode when centos is started

When the local system is centos6.4, the following error occurs: server configuration error./Usr/libexec/gconf-sanity-check-2 exit status 256 "The default configuration of gnome power manager is not correctly installed..." Solution: Use the super

Use Putty to remotely log on to centos

In the Vista environment, the local NIC address is (wired, and the gateway is, and DHCP is used wirelessly. After using virtualbox to install centos5.4, configure the network parameters so that Putty can simulate the steps

Construction of Samba File Sharing server in centos Linux

Preface When we use Windows as the client, we usually need to share files and print files. As one of Windows network functions, these requirements can usually be achieved between Windows clients through the features inherent in Windows network.

Centos sets Yum as a Netease Image


Netease has activated an image site for open-source software. The website is:Http:// provided images include:1. Linux and BSD released images: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, RedHat, archlinux, centos, Debian, fedora, Gentoo, trixbox, and

Mount NTFS hard drive to centos

Centos itself does not support NTFS format, in order to enable centos to support Windows NTFS. Use a ntfs-3g to make it support NTFS mounting. The procedure is as follows: 1. Install ntfs-3g 1. Download the stable version ntfs-3g from

Installing xdebug on centos

Installing xdebug on centos Here are exact steps to follow: 1. You need to install PHP's devel package for PHP commands executionyum install php-develMake sure you also have PHP-paer package installedyum install php-pear 2. Next install GCC and gcc

Install scrot in centos

Scrot is a tool used in the command line. It supports full screen, window, selection, multiple devices, thumbnails, latency, and even specifies a program to open the captured image. Installation Method on centos:#yum install giblib giblib-devel#wget

Common Yum commands in RedHat/centos Systems

I. Update and install 1. List all software updatesCommand: Yum check-Update 2. Install all Update SoftwareCommand: Yum update 3. Only install the specified SoftwareCommand: Yum install 4. Update only the specified SoftwareCommand: Yum update 5.

Configure the APR advanced mode and SSL Certificate of Tomcat 7 in centos

I use the free certificate provided by startssl here, startssl certificate application can refer to the following link: the application is completed, you will have three files: SSL. CRT

Centos dual-nic bond Test

Environment Description: Physical Machine: win7 flagship edition 64bit VMWare Version: vmwareworkstation 8 Virtual Machine System Version: centos5.5 Network Connection Mode: Host-only   Test Description: Ping the IP address of the

Install centos 5.8 dual system in win7

Last weekend, I saw that my machine was running slowly, and I didn't want to learn Linux from the virtual machine. So I wanted to install a dual system and saw that laruence's Private food was in centos 5. X for demonstration, simply install centos,

The NFS version in centos and Debian is incompatible.

Debian version View CAT/etc/debian_version Debian supports vers = 4 by default, but earlier centos versions support vers = 3 by default. Therefore, the following message is displayed when NFS is mounted: NFS: Bad mount option value specified:

MIPs 1004k processor build cross tool chain in CentOS-5.2 (RedHat performanise5.1) cross compile toolchains

We have recently established a cross-tool chain for the MIPs K processor: HOST: PC (32-bit) Virtual Machine: virtualbox Linux: CentOS-5.2 Target machine: Development Board with mips k Processor Linux version and package:

For centos remote login, you do not need to enter the account password

You can log on directly without entering the account password when switching to logon. SSH remote login without entering the account password 1 ssh-keygen-t rsa // host input on the terminal for creating a key2 ssh-copy-ID-I/root/.

Manually install gcc4.5.0 in centos 4.8


  The main body of the article is from the network the installation process of the article is slightly modified.   The latest GCC version is 4.5.0. I have manually installed centos (version 4.8) and encountered

Preliminary Study on memcache (1) -- install memcached in centos

Your website may encounter access bottlenecks. How to solve this problem has always been a dark cloud on the project team. Because I have no experience in creating too many websites, I collected a lot of information on the Internet, so I learned

Install the svn service in centos

Note: The originality here refers to the records that have been collected and tested successfully on the server. It's not something of your own. Think about it!   Installing Svn in centos is simple, and Yum can be used quickly. yum install

Install Nagios in centos

Nagios is an open-source free network monitoring tool that can effectively monitor the status of windows, Linux and UNIX hosts, network settings such as vswitches and routers, and printers. When the system or service status is abnormal, an email or

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