SSH password-less logon configuration under ubunt/centos

Recently configured CEpH distributed storage. You need to log on via SSH without a password. After checking some information, record it here (My centos system demonstration here ). First, enter the shell command on the system terminal:

Install kingsoft-office- on centos 6.3

Install kingsoft-office- on centos 6.31. Download the RPM installation package of WPSKingsoft-office- installation without dependencyRpm-IVH kingsoft-office- --

Centos 5 released

The following is an overview of centos from lupaworld. Http:// What is centos? Centos is one of the many Linux release kits. The centos developed by CAOs is fully compatible with RHEL after Red Hat charges its

Install memcached on yum in centos

Original post: memcached on yum in centos Author: keyboard life | Release Date: Sunday, 08/09/2009-The standard centos5 software Warehouse does not contain the corresponding memcache

Install lamp on centos

My version: centos5.2 This is because the customer specified to use centos. (I checked it online. It turns out to be the RedHat Enterprise Edition of the parallel version! I like water products! It's cheap and affordable. It's still a big brand !)

Set and modify centos System Time Zone

When we use the centos system, problems may occur frequently in the time zone, and sometimes errors may occur after the change. Next we will learn a way to change this situation. If you are not using centos, run the yum install NTP command. Then:

Centos folder opening mode: open a folder in the same window

The default behaviors of the system are many different from those of ubuntu. One of the most intolerable actions is that every time you double-click a folder, It will be opened in a new window, in addition, unlike windows, the opened Folder does not

Introduction to Yum tools in centos


YumWhat isYum = yellow dog Updater, modifiedMainFunctionIs more convenient to add/delete/update RPM packages.It automatically solves the dependency problem of the package.It facilitates management of a large number of system update Problems Yum

Compile and install xmms and mplayer in centos 5.4


Run this command to find the centos version: [Samzhang @ rat072 sandbox] $ CAT/etc/RedHat-release Centos release 5.4 (final)   The system permission settings are depressing. Many directories are read-only and can only be written under the sandbox

Install centos 5 on Dell 320

Install centos5 and windows on Dell 320 First install window or window already exists. To install Linux, see the following configuration.   Windows Installation is omitted here, starting from Linux installation. (Many of the following are from

Centos 5.5 hard disk partitioning Solution

Hard Disk partitioning scheme Installing Linux on a computer is an important step in partitioning a hard disk. The following describes several partitioning schemes. (1) solution 1/: The recommended size is 5 Gb or above.Swap: swap partition. the

Compile and install Tesseract-OCR in centos

Compile and install Tesseract-ocrposted on in centos 2012-01-30 York_gu It has been nearly three months since the previous blog titled automatic identification of simple verification Codes Using gocr. Recently, verification codes have been cracked

Centos 5.2 does not work on virtualbox2.0.2

Each time you open virtualbox, you will always be prompted to publish a new version. Click Connect and upgrade!   The new version 2.0.2 has a new feature: a network card can be virtualized without a bridge. This saves the trouble of adding a

Centos SVN client application

1. Install tortoisesvn on centosYum install-y Subversion   Ii. SVN client commands 1. Checkout the file to the local directory.SVN checkout path (path is the directory on the server) Example: SVN checkout SVN: //

Centos 5.5 compilation and installation of mysql5.5

Environment: [Root @ Linux ~] # Lsb_release- LSB version: core-3.1-ia32: core-3.1-noarch: graphics-3.1-ia32: graphics-3.1-noarchDistributor ID: centosDescription: centos release 5.5 (final)Release: 5.5Codename: Final   1. Download and install cmark:

Solution to snavigator compilation error in centos 4.8

Snavigator is installed on centos 4.8 in VMware today. An error occurred while compiling. Specific performance: /home/sourcenav-6.0/tk/generic/tk3d.h/home/sourcenav-6.0/tk/generic/tk3d.c Syntax error. Google found that the package should be

Centos uninstall OpenOffice

I downloaded the compressed package of Open Office 3.2 from the Internet to install the package. After decompression, double-click javasetup. jar to install it. It can be successfully installed. However, when I use soffice on the command line to

Relationship between centos and RHEL and upgrade files


  Do you know what centos and RHEL are? This very advanced application technology will be explained by me. Next I will introduce the infinite fields of centos and RHEL. Just a few days ago, replace the yum Source Address of rhel5.1 with centos, and

How to install centos 5 yum in rhel5

For those who often use centos, the yum that comes with it is very useful. Can their fellow brother rhel5 also install yum? I found a piece of information on the Internet and found that this is completely achievable. Let's take a look at his

How to install centos 5 yum in rhel5

For those who often use centos, the yum that comes with it is very useful. Can their fellow brother rhel5 also install yum? I found a piece of information on the Internet and found that this is completely achievable. Let's take a look at his

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