Install opencv library on centos

$ Cd ~ /Software $ Sudo wget $ Tar-zxvf cmake-2.8.6.tar.gz $ Cmake-2.8.6 CD $./Bootstrap $ Make   $ Sudo make install   $ Export Path =/bin: $ path $ Cmake -- version     Cd

Centos manual compilation and installation vsftpd

First download a vsftpd source package. I will download the latest version 2.1.2, decompress it, and go to the vsftpd directory. Open the install file and follow the instructions to install it step by step. Problem: Make: /Lib/libcap. so.1:

Install SVN on centos

# Su# Yum install httpd (if Apache is installed, it will not be used)# Yum install subversion mod_dav_svn# Vi/etc/httpd/CONF. d/subversion. confAdd to module LoadingLoadmodule dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_svn.soLoadmodule authz_svn_module

In VMware, The centos 6 Nic is not fixed, resulting in IP address changes

I have always encountered a problem recently. I have avoided it several times. Today I am making a decision to solve it. Problem: I want to fix the network adapter eth0 IP address, you can modify the

Install nginx in centos 5.6

Run the command in the/usr directory to download the latest nginxSource code: Wget After decompression you can see the nginx-1.2.0 directory: Tar zxvf nginx-1.2.0.tar.gz Install the PCRE

Centos installation and compilation environment

Centos installation and compilation environment [Linux] Use yumProgramInstall the required development kit (The following is the name of the standard RPM package)# Yum install GCC gcc-C ++ gcc-g77 flex bison Autoconf automake bzip2-devel

Install the GCC compiling environment in centos

 Today, I started centos on a virtual machine, but before I want to share files on a Windows Host in Linux, I need to install vmware-tools first. What is the location of GCC... So we started to install GCC. Installing GCC also requires a correct

Centos operating system installation tutorial

Centos is a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for the commercial version. It is an ideal Lamp Operating System with excellent stability. Unlike Ubuntu, centos is mainly used for servers rather than the desktop environment. Many large

Centos Yum source and RPM warehouse in China

Centos Yum source and RPM warehouse in China Yum search fastestmirrorYum install Yum-fastestmirror *-yYum update Yum * Yum update kernel *Yum update CentosUSTC mirror, University of Science and Technology of China (updated every

Centos simple installation and configuration of SVN Server

Centos simple installation and configuration of SVN Server The previous SVN repository was configured by the headers, and I used it directly. Basically, I used checkout, update, commit, and occasionally show log to retrieve previous versions, today,

The following uses centos as an example to describe how to configure Secure SSH access.

More and more webmasters begin to use independent hosts and VPs. In order to save costs or improve performance, many independent machines and vps are all unmanaged bare-metal machines, and everything needs to be DIY. At this time, the implementation

Install lksctp on centos

I want to write sctp code a few days ago and found that there is no relevant library on my centos. So I found it. For the next installation package, Ubuntu is used for a long time. The last trick is useful. ---- yum Download the latest

Common centos commands

1. Create a directory Mkdir No1. create a level-1 directory in the current path [root@rehat root]# mkdir test NO2. create a multi-level directory in the current path [root@rehat root]# mkdir -p mytest/test1/test1_1 NO3. grant permissions to the

Modify centos Yum Source

Solution to slow download from centos Yum Source Centos 5.5 has been installed under the virtual machine recently. When yum is used, it is found that the download speed is abnormal and slow. You can modify the yum configuration file and direct its

Essential for centos installation-Basic settings and missing files

It is mainly because centos is installed on virtual machines and some settings are always made every time. Purely Basic settings. For example, the local securecrt can connect to centos in the virtual machine. For complex non-basic settings, see

Cppcms Compilation Guide in centos

1. download the latest version of cppcmsSVN Co (cppcms)2. ExtractCD cppcmsTar-xjf cppcms_boost.tar.bz23. Create a build directory1. mkdir build2. CD build4. Install

[Centos] common Yum commands

Ref: 1. List all software updatesCommand: Yum check-Update 2. Install all Update SoftwareCommand: Yum update 3. Only install the specified SoftwareCommand: Yum install 4. Update only the specified

[Centos] install python2.75 and set it to the default version.

1 centos install python2.75 (centos6.3) 1 switch to root user 2 download tar package wget installation tar -zxvf Python-2.7.5.tgz cd Python-2.7.5

Centos 6.2 64-bit installation of CEpH 0.47.2

Centos 6.2 64-bit kernel version is 2.6.32-220. el6.i686 and CEpH clients have been integrated in Versions later than 2.6.34. Obviously, centos6.2 does not have a Client client. Since I have installed ceph0.47.2 in Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit, in addition,

Install Yozo office in centos 6.3)

RHEL Linux Oracle Linux Download yongzhong office youth edition: Install the 32-bit compatible library Yum

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