Configure IP addresses in centos and disable automatic standby sleep

A common problem I found was that it would automatically sleep. I found it only after I plugged in the monitor. I configured it in the desktop environment, but the result still happened, the solution is found only after the online search results are

Centos NTFS mounting

  After installing centos, there are still many file files in the NTFS partition of windows. I can't help but use it. How can I mount NTFS. A buddy said: Http:// but according to what he said, yum said Netease

Install a wireless NIC Driver in centos

After installing centos, we found that the wireless NIC Driver could not be used, while the lab was in a wireless environment. Therefore, we installed the driver!   My Nic is atheros ar5007eg and kernel version I found a method online

Linux centos enables ports 80, 22, and 3306

1. Set [Root @ localhost ~] #/Sbin/iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 80-J accept [Root @ localhost ~] #/Sbin/iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 22-J accept [Root @ localhost ~] #/Sbin/iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 3306-J accept 2. Save [Root @

Centos 5.5 installation Diagram

(1) Enable the boot from the disc in the bios, place the first disc, and go to the installation page, Press enter to enter the image installation mode: Generally not used: Enter text after "Boot:" And press enter to enter the text installation

Centos minimal installation notes

The latest centos version is 6.2, which provides the ISO image for minimal installation (32-bit 285 M, 64-bit 322 m), the previous 5. version X is not provided separately. It is a good news for us to develop these products. Whether it is download or

Hard Disk installation centos 5.5 DVD ISO

First, we installed centos in the virtual machine. It was not very good. So we wanted to install centos on the hard disk, but we didn't have a DVD. What should we do. How to install the disk. I searched the internet and finally solved the problem.  

(1) Linux? Ubuntu or centos? Linux Installation

Linux? First, let's explain what an operating system is. Simply put, an operating system is a set of system software that runs on top of hardware and provides various services for us. For example, the content displayed on the screen is controlled by

Win7 centos 6.0 cannot access the network. ifconfig is used to find that the eth0 Nic does not have IP address and other related configurations.

1. assign a static IP Address # Ifconfig eth0 netmask 2. Modify the Gateway Ping first to check whether the IP address above can be accessed. # Route add default GW 3. Restart the NIC #

Solution to unrecognized Nic addition in proxmox ve & post-processing of NIC physical address loss in centos

Deploy the server last night. There is a small network of virtual units in proxmox ve. If you encounter a problem with the VM Nic, remember The virtual machine requires two bridge cards, one Internet and one Intranet (yes, we have many public IP

Install and use the xmms music player in centos

Because centos is mainly used on servers, some software in desktop applications cannot be installed using yum.Now some third-party software warehouse provides this convenient's centos software warehouse contains

Notes on installing hadoop pseudo-distribution mode in centos Linux

  I. SummaryAfter several days of debugging, we finally successfully set up a hadoop test environment under Linux cent OS 5.0. This test builds a pseudo-distributed architecture on a server. The hadoop pseudo-distributed mode simulates hadoop

Install and configure varnish in centos 5.5

  #! /Bin/bash# By kerryhu# Mail: Blog: Please manual operation Yum of before operation .....#============================== Update the system time ========== ================================Yum install-

CentOS 6.4 boot unexpected inconsistency run fsck manually problem repair

CentOS 6.4 boot prompt: Unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck MANUALLY An error occurred during the filesystem check Propping you to shell the system will reboot When you leave the shell Give root password for mantennance Enter the password and enter

How does CentOS install the Flash plug-in for Firefox?

From: installation of flash in CentOS firefox is very tangled, but Lao Li found a solution. Click this address to download the Flash Player Plug-in source file

Centos 5.5 samba Configuration

[Global]Workgroup = MYGROUPServer string = vortex Version % vSecurity = SHAREPassdb backend = tdbsamGuest account = wangrrHosts allow = 127., 192.168.12., 192.168.13., 192.168.5.Cups options = raw [Homes]Comment = Home DirectoriesRead only =

Configure a fixed ip address for ip dns in centos

Because I always forget where the gateway is to be modified, a bunch of spam articles are generated by Google. Today I found this article is good. Back up it: Address:   1. Modify the IP address of

Enable Firewall in centos 5.6

Centos 5.6 can open the firewall normally through the interface, but it is often ineffective when you use commands to open the firewall. Currently, it is always possible that the parameters are incorrect. I reorganized the two methods and wrote down

Install a new hard disk on CentOS

1. view the current hard disk status  Fdisk-l2. Create a formatting hard disk and create a new partition  Fdisk/dev/sda Command (m for help ): N// Create a partitionCommand actionE extendedP primary partition (1-4) P// Create the original

CentOS modifies network settings and solves the problem that some commands do not exist.

1. Modify the IP address of CentOS Modify the configuration file of the corresponding Nic IP Address# Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Modify the following contentDEVICE = eth0 # describe the DEVICE alias for the NIC, for example, it is

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