Build and install mariadb under CentOS

Download cmake Unzip the filetar -zxvf cmake-3.6.0-rc3.tar.gz Installing GCCyum install gcc-c++ Switch to the CMake directorycd cmake-3.6.0-rc3 Execute Configure File./configure Installationmake && make install

Installing Mysql5.7 under CentOS

Upgrade, recommend restart after completionYum -y updateUninstall the installed MySQLYum -y remove Mysql-libsInstallation dependenciesYum Install Numactl-libsDownload the installation

CentOS 6 Installation binary format mariadb

1. Prepare the directory where the database files are stored mariadb. Mkdir/mydatacd/mydatamkdir datachown mysql:mysql Data #如本机没有mysql用户及组需新建系统用户, group example: Groupadd-r-G 306 Mysqluseradd-r-D/ Mydata/data-u 306-g 306 MySQLDatabase files occupy

Linux (CentOS 7) command line mode installation VMware Tools detailed

This article mainly describes how to install VMware Tools in the Linux (CentOS 7) command-line mode, which has a certain reference value, and can be consulted by interested partners.In this example, VMware Tools is installed in Linux (for example,

Installing Docker on CentOS Linux

Front-facing conditions 64-bit system Kernel 3.10+ 1. Check the kernel version and return a value greater than 3.10.uname -R2. Make sure Yum is up to dateYum Update3. Installing DockerYum Install -y Docker4. Start DockerSystemctl Start

Installation of the necessary common support libraries in Linux (CentOS)

In the CentOS installation software, there may be a lack of support library, and error. Here first installs the system common support library. Then the installation will reduce the number of errors that occurYum install-y gcc gdb strace gcc-c++

CentOS Networking under VMware fusion

1.VMware Fusion Settings Select "Network Adapter"650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_855447703.png "title=" screen snapshot 2017-09-19 pm 4.47.18.png "alt="

CentOS 6.X off SELinux

SELinux (security-enhanced Linux) is the United States National Security Agency (NSA) implementation of mandatory access control, is the most outstanding new security subsystem in the history of Linux. Under the restriction of this access control

CentOS 7.X off SELinux

1. View[root@dev-server ~]# getenforceDisabled[root@dev-server ~]# /usr/sbin/sestatus -vSELinux status: disabled2. Temporary closure##设置SELinux 成为permissive模式##setenforce 1 设置SELinux 成为enforcing模式setenforce 03. Permanently closedvi

1. Installing Python3 in CentOS 6.4

CentOS Installation python3.x1. System Environment Description1 [[email protected] ~]# uname-r2 2.6.32-431. el6.i686 3 [[ Email protected] ~]# uname-m4 i6862. Installation Software Description2.1 Python Package version Software

Windows and CentOS certificates

when you visit the site, you will always encounter some untrusted sites, such as 12306 sites. That's thinking about how to turn untrusted websites into trust. One, how to resolve the untrusted Web site that appears in Windows. ① Press F12 (the QQ

Win10 Installing the CentOS Build development environment in Hyper-V

Windows Environment Operating system: Windows 10 Development environment: VS2005 (Requires the. NET Framework 3.5 to be started for normal installation) Linux Environment Release version: CentOS 7_x64 Installation method: Win1

Solve some problems related to installing VMwareTools in CentOS.

Solve some problems related to installing VMwareTools in CentOS. Recently, I copied a CentOS6 system to a virtual machine and often jumped out of the prompt for installing VMwareTools. So I wanted to install VMwareTools. However, if you enter the

Solve Problems Related to centos compilation./configure

Solve Problems Related to centos compilation./configure My problem is: the following error occurs when you install nagios, compile nrpe, and nagios-plugin. [Root @ localhost nagios-plugins-2.1.2] #./configureChecking for a BSD-compatible install.../

What if Redhat/CentOS forgets the root password?

What if Redhat/CentOS forgets the root password?1. I forgot to install the redhat linux root Password on my vmvm. I just wanted to reinstall it. But I thought there was another single mode in linux. Using single, I could directly go to the character

Solution to installation of CentOS Wired connection failure in AR8161

Solution to installation of CentOS Wired connection failure in AR8161 If your computer is installed with CentOS and you cannot use any lines of Special Products in Nanjing to access the Internet, run the following command: lspci| grep -ieth Result

Solution: A centos disk cannot be attached larger than 2 TB

Solution: A centos disk cannot be attached larger than 2 TB The disk partition format MBR limits the size of a single disk to 2 TB. If you want to mount a disk larger than 2 TB, You need to replace it with another format, such as GPT. Because it

CentOS solves Device eth0 does not seem to be present

CentOS solves Device eth0 does not seem to be present Centos Linux cloned from VMware .. Ifconfig... the eth0 .. Then restart the NIC and report the following error. Fault symptom: Service network restartShutting down loopback insterface:

What should I do if the ifconfig command in Redhat/CentOS cannot be used?

What should I do if the ifconfig command in Redhat/CentOS cannot be used? Problem description: Enter ifconfig in the terminal and return "command not found "; Cause: the environment variable is not loaded. You can manually modify the environment

Build sftp in Centos 7

Build sftp in Centos 7 # Use ssh-V to check the openssh version. if the version is earlier than 4.8p1, you must upgrade and install openssh. 1. Create an sftp group # groupadd sftp 2. Create an sftp user, the home Directory of the user named

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